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RUSH: I don’t know when it was, but I am going to stake claim to being the first to refer to Hillary Clinton as Nurse Ratched, the nurse, the evil, bullying, mean-spirited nurse from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. 

And it was about the same time as we concocted the whole notion of the Hillary Clinton testicle lockbox to indicate that men were rendered powerless, afraid, and cowering squishes of human mass when Hillary got mad at them.  Well, it turns out that Hillary has a new ad that is running on her website and Twitter feed.  It’s entitled “America’s Bully” where she compares Trump to various movie bullies.  Here’s a portion of it.

SCUT FARKUS: What, are you going to cry now?

BIFF TANNEN: (Biff slaps McFly, his friends laugh and McFly says “Ah!”) Don’t be so gullible, McFly.

NURSE RATCHED: You sit down!

DONALD TRUMP: Sit down. Sit down.  


RUSH: They are talking to Trump, and the woman that says, “You sit down,” that’s Nurse Ratched.  So Hillary is comparing Trump to Nurse Ratched, when everybody knows Hillary is Nurse Ratched, I did that. I was the first to do it, way, way, way back in the nineties during the first Clinton administration. 

So last night they were discussing this ad on CNN, Erin Burnett OutFront.  Jeffrey Lord was on from the American Spectator, and the former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucasians, Angela Rye, and they are talking about Hillary’s new campaign ad. So Erin Burnett plays the ad, and then she says, “Does that help Hillary Clinton, Jeff, or does that actually reinforce what Trump wants, which is, ‘Yeah, I can be a nasty guy, but I’m a strong guy’?”

LORD:  You notice the reference in there to Nurse Ratched.  Rush Limbaugh, back in the nineties, started referring to Hillary Clinton as Nurse Ratched.  This has been around out there for decades, and I think correctly that he said — and I checked with him tonight, he believes he’s the first person to have gone there with this.  For her to try to bring this up in the context of Donald Trump, I mean, this isn’t gonna fly.  I mean, you’ve got Juanita Broaddrick out there saying she’s the bully.  So, man, I just would stay away from this entirely.

RYE:  I think that probably only Rush Limbaugh listeners know that.  I certainly didn’t know it.

LORD:  Twenty million of us, though.

RYE:  Well, that’s pretty good.  You better hope all of you turn out.

RUSH:  You better hope all of you turn out. So Angela Rye, the director of Congressional Black Caucasians, had no idea that I had said this and she didn’t know anybody else knew it because she doesn’t listen to the program.  So Jeff said, “Well, there’s 20 million of us out there.”  “Well, okay, cool.  You better hope they all turn out.”  There you are.  I just wanted to share it with you ’cause it’s somewhat funny.  

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