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RUSH: Trump did his appearance in West Palm Beach yesterday, which we played part of live as it was going on, and he went to Cincinnati. Did you see this rally in Cincinnati Trump had last night?  There were 20,000 people in the arena.

There were 7,000 people that wanted to get in that couldn’t, that were standing outside.  It was streamed. Facebook had… Yeah, 240,000 people were watching it online various ways, and whatever implications are on that.  I mean, it was huge last night, and Trump was on message 100%, and I had somebody send me a note that was watching it last night who said, “If the Drive-By Media would cover this, Trump would win by 10 points.  If this speech Trump’s giving…” This rally that Trump had in Cincinnati last night.” If these were being seen by the people in this country, he’d win by 10 points.”

That’s how excited people were about this, who were watching it. He was really on message, and now the Trump people and Pence are saying that evidence will soon be forthcoming to refute all of the allegations here that these various women are making.  One of the ways to put this in perspective… Folks, I just want to remind you again. I saw Power Line picked this up, and I’m glad they did.  John Hinderaker made a point of echoing something I’ve been saying here for a while.  All of you people demanding, “This shows we shouldn’t have nominated Trump!

“Trump was a sitting duck for this kind of stuff.”  You’ve got to remember, you’ve got to understand that they do this to every Republican nominee.  They did it to John McCain.  The New York Times ran a story about how he had an affair with somebody way back. I don’t even remember the details.  They did it to Newt Gingrich in the 2012 primaries.  They went out and claimed that Newt’s ex-wife claimed that he did this to his third ex-wife and the second ex-wife was mad, and the first ex-wife wanted to get…

It was so bad that Newt, if you remember in the South Carolina primary, John King of CNN opened the debate asking Newt to explain all this philandering and stuff, and his ex-wifes.  And Newt just destroyed the guy on the basis that how dare you denigrate what we are doing here by bringing it up anonymously like this.  Newt got three standing ovations in three-minute answer.  And then John King tried to say, “Hey, the story is out there. They reported over there.”

“Don’t do that, John.  You chose to open this debate with this filth.  You chose to do it.  Don’t try to blame this on other people.”  My point is, they did it to Mitt Romney, and I’m gonna keep saying this until some of you lug heads get the picture. Mitt Romney? You will not find a finer human being no matter how you define “fine human being” — morality, virtue, manners, nice guy, harmless — than Mitt Romney.  And look what they did to him!

They had people believing that he was cruel to animals. They had people believing that Mitt Romney didn’t care when the wives of people who worked for him got cancer, that he didn’t run in to help. He didn’t increase their health benefits. He had no compassion for the families of people that worked for him whatsoever.  Then they ran a story how he bullied some kid and pulled his hair or whatever in prep school, for crying out loud, if you remember that. 

They are going to do what they’re doing to Trump to every Republican nominee, particularly now, when they have nothing to promote Hillary Clinton on.  They can’t promote her on the basis that people love her, that people love her ideas and her policies.  This is a campaign that the media has to make Trump more disliked than Hillary is.  That’s why this looks like a race to the bottom, and that’s because the media, the best way that they know to get Hillary elected is to make Trump a bigger negative that she than she is because there aren’t any positives. 

I watched Obama this morning before the program. He’s out there in Cleveland, and he’s doing a rally trying to get everybody all focused on Hillary. But instead of doing that, he’s running down Trump.  He’s denigrating Trump.  Trump doesn’t know anything, this nationalism!”  He said, “Trump would put the brakes on all the progress that I’m making,” and I’m looking. I said, “What progress?”  Have you seen the latest with Obamacare?  The smartest thing I ever did was not buy it.  The smartest thing I ever did is pay the fine. 

You will not believe what the cost increases are.  There are families who run farms whose premiums upcoming for next year premiums are gonna be $40,000, and their deductible is $13,000.  This isn’t health insurance; this is a scam: $40,000 premium cost! But they’re never gonna get their insurance covered because the deductible is 13 grand.  So they have to pay the first $13,000 if any health treatment that they get.  They can’t afford it.  Nobody can afford it.  There’s nothing affordable in the Affordable Care Act. 

Now, this is all by design.  This is what people don’t understand.  It’s designed to fail.  It’s designed to implode so that people will demand that the government fix it and “fixing” it will just be putting everybody on Medicare or single-payer. But there’s Obama saying, “And Trump will bring end to all the progress, all the progress!”  What progress?  We don’t have any progress!  That’s the problem!  We’re not making any progress in this country. 

The only people making progress are the leftists in their attempt to transform and cut this country down to size or two.  There’s no progress for anybody that is occurring.  We have a guy, Donald Trump: A-list celebrity, rich and famous, who’s been surrounded by beautiful women all over the world for 30 years.  Women surrounded this guy, some throwing themselves at him for 30 years.  Not once, folks — and all you progressives and leftists know. Not once in 30 years has any of these women claimed he assaulted ’em.  Yeah, that only happened three weeks before a presidential election in which he is running.  Same thing with Trump and racism. For 30 years in public life, nobody’s ever called him a racist until he ran for president.  


RUSH:  Okay.  So Donald Trump, 30 years an A-list celebrity, 30-years, wildly rich, wildly famous, he’s owned the Miss Universe pageant, he’s been surrounded by beautiful women all over the world, 30 years.  And not once in those 30 years has any of them ever claimed that he octopused ’em and he assaulted ’em, not once.  Nope, not until three weeks ago before the presidential election. 

For 30 years Donald Trump’s been all over the world, all over the country, he’s hosted TV shows.  Not once did anybody say he was a racist pig, until he began to run for president on the Republican ticket and then here came the catcalls.  You know what some conservative media are now saying?  Conservative media, folks. This is why we can’t win.  Our own side doesn’t even realize what they’re doing.  So we have some conservative media out there who hate Trump.  You know who they are; I know who they are. 

So here come these allegations by these women on Trump, and these certain areas of conservative media don’t even question it, they accept it. And now you know what the narrative from conservative media is?  Damn that Trump, damn it, now he’s just revived this whole idea that conservatives conduct a War on Women. 

Now, what’s wrong with that thinking?  That thinking is exactly the way the left thinks.  So here we have elements of conservative media — this is very problematic — thinking the same way liberals think, looking to make the same points liberals make. 

There is no War on Women and Donald Trump is not an officer, commanding general, or grunt private in said nonexistent war.  But here comes conservative media reviving this whole narrative, thinking the way the left does and advancing the premise.  Sometimes I think conservative media’s a circular firing squad.  I don’t think there’s any question about it. 

I mentioned Newt Gingrich.  I want to go back just to try to illustrate this point.  This was January 19th, 2012, in Charleston, South Carolina.  It was a Republican primary debate.  John King the moderator for CNN.

KING:  Mr. Speaker, I want to start with that this evening.  As you know your ex-wife gave an interview to ABC News and another interview at the Washington Post and this story has now gone viral on the internet.  In it she says that you came to her in 1999 at a time when you were having an affair.  She says you asked her, sir, to enter into an open marriage.  Would you like to take some time to respond to that?

GINGRICH:  No, but I will.

CROWD: (cheers)

GINGRICH:  I think — I think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office, and I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that.

CROWD: (cheers)

RUSH:  This is a standing ovation.  They came out of their seats.  This is how the debate began.  Newt is standing right next to Mitt Romney and Ron Paul is in there.  You remember the field.  But it wasn’t through.  John King, he was gonna continue to bear in on this.

KING:  Is that all you want to say, sir? 

GINGRICH:  Let me finish. Every person in here knows personal pain.  Every person in here has had someone close to them go through painful things.  To take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary a significant question in a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything I can imagine.

CROWD: (cheers)

GINGRICH:  My two daughters, my two daughters wrote the head of ABC and made the point that it was wrong, that they should pull it, and I am, frankly, astounded that CNN would take trash like that and use it to open a presidential debate. 

CROWD: (cheers)

RUSH:  Another standing O.  Now, when this was over, the standing ovations were not over.  When that applause ended, John King then said (paraphrasing), “Hey, Mr. Speaker, we didn’t do it. Somebody else brought this up, but it’s out there now, it’s gone viral on the internet, and I just thought –” and Newt stopped him.  “No, no, John.  You and your producers chose to lead with this question.  Don’t try to blame it on others.  Don’t try to slough it off as not your responsibility.  You chose to do it.” 

And another standing ovation erupted.  I’m sure now that those of you who watched it remember it.  And I play this just to remind you that it doesn’t matter who the nominee is, folks, at some point everybody on our side is gonna have to recognize this for what it is.  And it is about time there became a national backlash over this entire tactic.  It is never applied to the Democrat candidate.  It is never, ever.  It is never even used as a journalistic tool even after they win, and to hold them accountable.  

Here we have a president for eight years who actually did all of these horrible things, and his wife was his enabler.  And we still can’t get any acknowledgment of that in the media, and we can’t get any further investigation.  The women who to this day, I mean, they have just as much credibility if not more than this Leeds babe that says Trump octopused her.  You know, CNN, NBC, they’ve got this Leeds babe all over the place, and they’re taking her statement as though it’s testimony under oath. 

They will not talk to Kathleen Willey.  They will not talk to Juanita Broaddrick. They will not talk to Paula Jones, but you let any woman who we’ve never heard of for 30 years bop up and say Trump octopused her or bop up and say Trump did this to her, did this or tried to do that, bammo, they’re media stars. They have instant credibility.  The media acts as though they’re telling the gospel.  And they’re all over the place and they get to condemn Trump. 

And, meanwhile, where it actually happened in the White House and home, by the way, of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton — and for those of you saying, “Come on, Rush, this misses the point. Trump’s going after Bill Clinton and Bill Clinton is not on the ballot.”  Hillary is, and Hillary was part of it.  Hillary was the enabler.  Hillary ran the operation to sully, demean, impugn, and destroy the women who came forward to accuse her husband. 

That’s why she’s relevant.  She’s running around out there as somebody who’s devoted her life to fixing things for women and children.  She has spent her entire 30-year — you can’t find any evidence of it, by the way.  I mean, if Hillary’s done all this great work for women, how come women are still complaining about everything?  If Hillary’s done all this great work for children, why are children in such need?  What is it that Hillary Clinton’s done?  Hillary Clinton hasn’t done anything!  And the proof of that is they can’t cite anything. 

Her campaign doesn’t even cite her progress, doesn’t cite her achievements, other than in generic form.  “Hillary Clinton came out of school and did whatever and went to the Children’s Defense Fund working with Marian Wright Edelman to defend and protect children.”  Well, fine.  But what is the difference that was made.  Hillary says she wanted to make a difference.  What is it?  Seems to me that everything Hillary Clinton complains about to this day are things Hillary Clinton’s been trying to fix for 30 years. 

And we’re told that there’s nobody more qualified than Hillary Clinton to fix these things and yet none of ’em are fixed, from the economy to foreign policy to relations with women to whatever it is, they can’t cite very much when they start listing Hillary’s achievements.  So the Hillary campaign is nothing but a destruction of Trump campaign.  That’s all it is, because that’s all they’ve got. 

Do you know she’s gone into hibernation again?  The next debate’s not ’til Wednesday.  Barack Obama’s out there for her, her daughter is out there for her, her husband is out there for her — and, by the way, these WikiLeaks emails, apparently a bunch of people in the Hillary campaign have been worried about Bill being all there for quite a while.  He did a couple things at a couple campaigns and there were emails going back and forth, they’re worried, is he losing it? 

But she’s not out there.  She’s gone into hibernation.  Supposedly she is prepping for the next debate.  I don’t think so.  I mean, she may be doing that.  The reason she goes into hiding is because the effort to destroy Trump is now proceeding at 150 percent and she doesn’t want to distract from it by being out there, because she’s a negative, too.  The less she is heard from the better she seems to poll.  Put the other way, the more she speaks and the more present she is, the greater damage potentially is done to her campaign.  So she’s hiding as a positive. 

Hillary Clinton has to go hibernate.  She has to go underneath, whatever she does to stay invisible because that’s the best thing she can do for herself.  While everybody else is out there talking to us about how nobody’s ever been more qualified while they cannot cite for us anything she’s done for anybody other than care a lot. 

And, meanwhile, all these rabid, continuing insults and assaults on Trump with women nobody ever heard of and now all of a sudden they are gospel.  But the women who were actually raped and assaulted and abused and mistreated by Bill Clinton can’t get the time of day on the same networks that the Trump women have been made heroines.  It’s about time the American people saw this for what it is, and it’s about time that there was a huge backlash against the media and the Democrat Party because, for all this talk of what Trump is and Trump’s that and doing this, it’s the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media, the mainstream media that’s taken this country to the sewer. 

They are the ones focusing everybody on this stuff, not Donald Trump, not talk radio, not conservatism.  The Democrat Party and their buddies in the Drive-By Media are the ones focusing everybody’s attention on what they’re trying to tell everybody is smut, smut that we’re told has gone on for 30 years but nobody ever knew about it because nobody ever accused anybody of it because nobody ever saw it for 30 years. 

Now three weeks out from a presidential election we’re learning all this stuff that Donald Trump’s been doing that nobody’s ever seen before and nobody’s ever testified to before?  This stuff — you know, the Democrats and the media used to tell us that the politics of personal destruction needed to come to a screeching halt. That all these negative ads and negative stuff, it was horrible, it was ruining our politics, voter turnout was being suppressed.  We need to raise ourselves up, they said. 

We need to stick to the issues, they said, the very same people who live and take everybody down to the gutter with them in this campaign.  And it’s about time there was a backlash against it.  It’s about time the American people woke up and understood what’s going on here, that they’re being lied to, manipulated, and being set up for a woman to be elected president who is going to continue the decline of this country at a rate more rapid than anybody has ever seen or expects.  

Obama’s out there saying (impression), “My God, this Trump guy, why, he doesn’t know anything and just wants to end the progress.”  There isn’t any progress!  That’s the whole point!  The only progress out there is the advancement of “progressive liberalism,” which is not progress.  


RUSH:  Well, I just saw the videotape of the Washington Post babe, and Washington Post has found a woman that claimed that Trump… Well, I don’t even want to say it. He touched her through her underwear, and the Washington Post is all breathless on CNN. Meanwhile, the Washington Post, NBC, none of ’em are discussing any of the revelations about the Hillary Clinton campaign and the whole email controversy via the WikiLeaks dump.

(interruption) No, there’s nothing surprising about this. I think — and I’m not the only one.  It was easy to predict that there was gonna be an onslaught of women coming forward now since the dam has broken, so to speak.  You know, I just… Let me ask a series of questions, and I’ve mentioned during the program today. This is something anybody can figure out if it hits them. Donald Trump has been a public figure for 30 years, and in that 30-year span of time he’s been surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women frequently. 

He the owner of the Miss Universe pageant, but even before that, I mean, his lifestyle was such a publicly lived social life, and there were women constantly around.  And during that 30-year period of time, we never heard from any women whatsoever that Donald Trump had misbehaved toward them or with them or had misbehaved with a woman they had seen take place. For 30 years.  Likewise, in that 30-year span we never heard that Donald Trump was a racist.  Nobody came forward and said he was mean-spirited.

But yet, every presidential campaign this kind of stuff surfaces about whoever the Republican nominee is.  Now, it’s a little different in Mitt Romney’s case.  As more and more… I don’t think that the Democrats thought that he went out and found a bunch of women to come forward and claim that Romney had groped them.  I don’t think they thought that would sell.  So they went after Romney as hating animals, and they went after Romney as having no sympathy for the families of his employees. 

They went after Romney as a bully in prep school.  They went after Romney as a tax cheat.  They went after McCain as having an affair with a woman, a secretary or some such thing.  They have routinely done it. In every presidential campaign, when you get down to the one-month period, there is always something about these Republican candidates that nobody ever knew before, that surfaces on the eve of the election.  And every one of these Republican candidates ends up being seen as a subhuman reprobate. 

Meanwhile, at no time previous in their lives have any such allegations ever been made.  Such allegations are never made about Democrats, and when the Democrats actually behave in the manner that they are now accusing Trump, the media and the Democrats cover it up and tell everybody, “It’s nobody’s business.  It’s just sex.  And it didn’t change the way the Democrat did his job.  It didn’t change the way Clinton was behaving as president, so it’s none of your business.” They tell us that when it involves a Democrat. 

Teddy Kennedy can take a woman out of Chappaquiddick and kill her, driving off a bridge while drunk.  JFK can be literally bedding an endless parade of women of various character throughout the so-called Camelot days of the Kennedy administration, and they not only don’t report it, they cover it up later on when it comes out.  And then they romanticize it in the case of JFK.  And they make it look like every woman in the world wanted in the White House, even female reporters. 

So it must have been cool ’cause it was Camelot.  Never fails!  Every presidential campaign, something that nobody has ever heard of before surfaces about the Republican nominee.  And then the full-court press begins, and other — in this case — women begin to surface.  And the media treats it all as deadly serious and supremely disqualifying.  All the while, they have celebrated a man who actually did all of these things and more, Bill Clinton — and his wife who made it all possible for Bill Clinton to do it. 

Hillary Clinton was Bill Clinton’s enabler.  Hillary Clinton helped Bill Clinton live that life by seeking to destroy the women that came forward.  If the Republicans were like the Clintons, Melania Trump right now would be leading the effort to discredit every one of these women. And somebody on the Trump campaign team, like a James Carville, would be running around saying, “Well, you know, this is what happens! Your big TV star and you run into all these low-class women that you never see anywhere but trailer parks!

“Hell’s bells, these kind of trash? They’re always gonna be around powerful men.”  That’s how the Democrats did it with Bill Clinton, by going after the women.  And the media helped them destroy Bill Clinton’s accusers.  But when it comes to the Republican nominee, it’s a full-court-press effort to make every one of these women appear to be truthful and credible.  People need to ask themselves: If Trump was actually Bill Cosby, why hasn’t all this surfaced prior to now?  Remember, the women that have been accusing Cosby have been doing so all of his life. 

Bill Cosby didn’t wake up one day and 30 women were accusing him.  Cosby’s had to deal with this for a good number of years.  Trump’s been dealing with it now for a week?  One week.  And look at the process underway.  And you go on CNN, and these infobabes and the anchorettes talk to the reporters who find these women and there’s just pain and suffering on their faces and in their eyes. “Oh, how terrible. Oh, how horrible.” And yet not a single woman in 30 years ever tried to go public with details of what Trump did. 

It all was made possible because of an Anderson Cooper question at the debate last week?  That’s what makes all this possible?  That’s right.  Anderson Cooper, Drive-By journalist extraordinaire asked the magic question: “Mr. Trump, have you ever done what you said in that video?” “No, I’ve never done it!” That opened the floodgates?  All of these women for 30 years have been harboring this pain — suffering it, holding it in, just dealing with it — and then Anderson Cooper unlocked the jail cell in which all of these women have been with that magic question.

“Have you ever done it, Mr. Trump?” 

“No, I haven’t.” 

That alone made these women motivated to go public and get in gear and call Washington Post and call the New York Times and call CNN, however it’s happening.  And I’m telling you, folks: The only way this is gonna stop is if the American people refuse to fall prey to it.  The only way this is gonna stop is if there is a giant backlash against those in the Democrat Party and the media who use this tactic every four years. Every four years! 

Even after Ronald Reagan was out of office, the media wrote books about how Nancy Reagan was having affairs with people like Frank Sinatra in the White House residence.  It never ends.  They even ran in the George H. W. Bush campaign in 1992 that he was having an affair with his secretary in the White House.  Do you remember? They even tried it with him, with Bush 41!  John McCain.  Every Republican candidate! 

Let me ask you, the American people: Is it not time you grew suspicious of this?  Is it about time you automatically rejected it and recognized it for what it is: Direct manipulation of you, trying to influence the way you vote on subject matter that is irrelevant to the challenges this country faces!  None of this is relevant to any of the things that have you interested in this presidential campaign.  None of this has anything to do with economic policy.  None of it has to do with national security.  None of it has to do with illegal immigration. 

None of it has to do with rebuilding the military.  None of it has to do with our serious law and order crime problem.  Not one aspect of the stuff that really matters has anything to do with any of this so-called sleaze that has attached itself to Donald Trump.  You need to seriously start asking yourselves why you haven’t heard this in the 30 years Donald Trump’s been a public figure.  You have to begin asking yourself, why is it that every four-year presidential election you do hear it, but only about Republicans. 

And you need to ask yourself, why is it that when Democrat presidents and candidates literally act this way, it’s covered up, it’s romanticized, even, it is promoted, it’s laughed about, and it’s discarded as irrelevant.  Because this tactic and technique is so obvious by now, they ought never get away with this anymore.  It’s about time you all rose up. 

For all of you who are tired of politics in America, for all of you who think that you can’t trust anybody in it, for all of you who believe that nothing ever gets done, that the parties can’t work together, ask yourselves who is it that is promoting the continuing division between people in this country. Who is it that is continuing to manipulate you and trying to get you emotionally piqued and focused on things that don’t matter, probably didn’t happen, and certainly have no bearing whatsoever on the future of this country? 

And if you want to believe that Trump did this stuff, and if you want to believe that that disqualifies Trump, ask yourself why you love JFK.  Ask yourself why you don’t find any problem with Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton has been accused of rape.  The women who have accused Bill Clinton of abuse cannot get noticed.  A woman nobody ever heard of yesterday owns CNN right now.  Women that nobody ever heard of yesterday, the day before, last week, last year, are all over the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC. 

Women who have been desperately trying to get themselves to be heard about Bill Clinton, have been shouting since the 1990s.  And they are mocked and laughed at and discarded as a bunch of lying, mean-spirited, jealous women.  You can say about Clinton’s accusers anything you want.  You can denigrate them, you can impugn them, you can call them gold diggers, you can call them celebrity screwers, you can say whatever you want and it’s perfectly fine. 

It’s about time.  Even those of you who are Republicans and this is bothering you and maybe turning you away from Trump if it is, I, it’s about time you get a grip and realize what’s being done here.  Look, probably for many of us, it’s easy to believe.  Why would they lie?  I know the thought process.  Why would they lie about this?  Why would these women lie?  Why would these women subject themselves to lying?  People that ask that question still do not understand the nature of liberalism.  They do not understand the inherent lie and dishonesty that liberalism is.  They do not understand at all the tactics, both strategic and otherwise, political, that the Democrat and the left uses. 

If you find yourself being sucked in, “Why would these women say this?”  Well, why would they say that Mitt Romney hates animals?  Why would they say that Mitt Romney didn’t care that the wife of an employee died of cancer?  Why would they say that Romney didn’t pay his taxes?  By the way, we know that that wasn’t true ’cause Harry Reid, who leveled the charge that Romney hadn’t paid his taxes, was asked about it (imitating Reid), “Yeah, I made it up.”  The press said, “You did?”  “Yeah, I made it up, but we won.” 

No, I don’t know whether any of this stuff is true.  My red flags and doubt are sky-high.  You don’t have a public figure like this go through public life for 30 years and none of this ever surfaced.  I mean, Trump’s been deep pockets for decades.  I mean, if you’re gonna sue Trump for money he’s capable of big payoffs, settlements, whatever.  “But Trump doesn’t settle, Rush.”  I know.  He’s probably intimidated a lot of people into not suing him, but there are reasons for that, too. 

But regardless, this is gonna keep happening, and it only happens to the Republican nominee until there is a really angry backlash against it.  I don’t know when that’s gonna be.  I hope we see it in this election.  I hope we see that backlash in turnout and votes.  


RUSH:  What do you think, if the next time Trump is asked about this, what do you think if he said, “you know, I can’t recall.”  That’s what Hillary says.  Do you realize Hillary said in a deposition on her emails, “I can’t recall” 21 times.  Okay, she can’t recall.  You think it might have something to do with her concussion, avoiding sniper fire, or whatever it happened? 

Can you imagine, “Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, what about this latest woman that Washington Post said you weren’t even stopped by her underwear, what are you?”  “I’m sorry, I can’t recall.”  Of course it wouldn’t fly.  Of course.  That stuff only works when Democrats use it.  “Oh, Mrs. Clinton’s trying.  She just can’t recall. She’s working so hard in the campaign, happened so long ago, there have been so many questions, so many emails, she can’t possibly, she doesn’t want to lie.  She just can’t recall.”  That’s perfectly fine.  


RUSH:  By the way, the woman that got octopused on the airplane? The woman that says that she got octopused on the airplane says it took 15 minutes. It took 15 minutes, and that there were witnesses who didn’t do anything about it, and that she didn’t do anything about it until Trump made the move to go up the skirt. He was trying to get into her seat with her. He was trying to turn her toward him.  I don’t… Folks, first class, I don’t care what…

It’s kind of a small environment.  It’s not the kind of thing that people are just gonna sit there.  There’s gonna be some reaction to it.  At any rate, another woman is claiming that Trump mauled her, and that she went out and played golf with him the next day! Now Gloria Allred has found one that was a contestant on The Apprentice.  I’m just telling you, there’s got to be a backlash to this.  This never happens to the Democrats.  It always happens to Republicans, and it’s always in the last month before the election.  

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