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RUSH:  I need to throw something out to you all, because I do not routinely have 6-year-olds running around in my house.  But I’m watching Angela Rye just now on CNN.  She’s the former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucasians — which is a very, very political organization, the Congressional Black Caucasians.  And she just said, “This election isn’t about right versus left.  It’s about right versus wrong!”  Then she said, “My 6-year-old hates Donald Trump, and, Brooke, we don’t talk politics at my house.” 

Right.  The executive director of the Congressional Black Caucasians doesn’t talk politics in her house.  So on his own, her 6-year — and she made the point. “My 6-year-old, Brooke! Even my 6-year-old knows what a horrible person Donald Trump is.  I’ve never said it! My son, on his own — 6 years old! — looks at Donald Trump and just hates him.”  See, now she says our country is in a debate over right versus wrong. 

Michelle Obama’s out there today saying — she almost started crying, too, when she started recounting — that she doesn’t know guys that talk this way. It’s so unacceptable; it’s so foreign.  She grew up in Chicago.  She group in Chicago.  She went to Reverend Wright’s church! (impression)  “Bill, he was riding dirty.”  She must not have been in church that day.  But, look, I just now… (sigh)

My instincts tell me that a 6-year-old could clearly hate somebody his parents hate, but this parent said they don’t talk about politics in her house, either in front of the kid or ever.  So the kid, the 6-year-old, on his own, is somehow finding Donald Trump on TV. When the parents don’t talk about politics, he’s finding Donald Trump on TV, and then instantly hates him.  So I would have to defer to those of you who either have or have had 6-year-olds.  I can’t…

I can remember when I was 6. When I was 6 I was petrified of turning seven because of the first grade and having to use paste.  I forget what it was, but I can’t remember if I hated anybody then.  I don’t know that I’ve hated anybody ever. It all seems strange to me. (impression) Well, that’s the point. (sigh)  A kid can pick up anything reflected.  I’m not denying that.  I have a tough time believing that this woman doesn’t talk politics in her house when she’s with the Congressional Black Caucus. 

Come on.  I think it’s all these people do.  I think every waking moment is political strategizing and ripping people to shreds and commenting on ’em.  She said, “No, we don’t do that.  My 6-year-old hates Donald Trump.”  And the TV audience was, “Oh, man! Oh, wow! Trump must be really bad guy if this woman’s 6-year-old hates him.”  That’s the impact this stuff’s supposed to have.  


RUSH:  Okay, so I just got an answer that makes sense.  I have mothers emailing me in droves saying their kids learn to hate people at school, kindergarten, pre-K, school, that it would be entirely possible for this 6-year-old to be hearing what a reprobate Trump is from teachers or other kids at school. It would be that easy.  “Remember, Rush, 6-year-olds are not like you are.  They’re not at home.  Their mothers are not raising them, especially ones that run the Congressional Black Caucasians.  They’re out at day care, pre-K, what have you.” 

That makes sense.  But this woman was trying to make it look like this kid was watching TV on his own without any outside influences — this was her point — hated Trump.  And that was proof of what a bad guy Trump is.  That was the point that she was trying to convey.  

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