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RUSH:  Somebody help me remember something.  What was the name of the TV show back in the fifties produced out of New York, the game show where they discovered cheating?  Was that The $64,000 question?  Some of you people may have heard about that in a movie that was made about it.  There was a Columbia University professor — and the guy looked like one — his last name was Van Doren. I think it was Charles Van Doren, and he was a guest on The $64,000 Question. It was an NBC show, I’m pretty sure, and they had some schlub from Queens on who was the guest. 

It turns out that Mr. Van Doren was provided the answers to the questions at the game show, The $64,000 Question. They found it out through a long and arduous process.  It was enough of a story that they made a two-hour movie out of it.  Back then when you provided a contestant or a participant with the answers, careers were ruined, reputations were ruined, jobs were lost, and nobody involved got promoted to the White House. 

But here we have in the Clinton WikiLeaks email dump clear evidence of Donna Brazile passing on questions that are going to be asked of Mrs. Clinton in a debate with Bernie Sanders. She’s a DNC — well, she wasn’t then.  She’s always a high-ranking DNC operative.  She was working at CNN as an analyst or commentator, what have you.  Now, she’s denying it.  “I never saw the questions, I never passed them on.”  But the WikiLeaks email has the question in it, and people checked the question that was asked, and they’re almost verbatim! 

And the Clintons and everybody that works for them are denying everything.  Well, they’re not.  That’s it, they’re not denying.  They’re just blaming the Russians for the hack.  And they’re claiming that, “This is outrageous, these are stolen emails and the Russians did it, and the Russians are trying to influence the outcome of an American election.  This is a despicable thing, and they’re doing it to try to help Trump.” 

The Russians, meanwhile, are not happy being accused of this kind of thing.  The KGB is an honorable organization, they will gladly take credit for whatever it is they disrupt, but they don’t like being falsely accused of stuff, and Putin — (interruption) well, in the sense, yeah, they’re honorable in the sense that you know who they are, they know who they are, and you know what’s gonna happen to you if you run afoul of them.  They make no pretense. They’re not hiding there as the Red Cross, you know, doing what they do. 

Not to say they’re not scary.  I mean, it’s the committee on state security, is what KGB is.  And, by the way, nobody ever leaves the KGB.  And the KGB didn’t go away.  They just changed the initials to the CRP or some such thing, and Putin is KGB.  Vitaly Churkin, all these guys that were routinely guests on ABC News, Nightline and so forth, these are all KGB types.  I mean, they went to school to learn the facets.  


RUSH: “Top 10 Hillary Clinton Scandals Exposed by WikiLeaks,” so far.  There’s another 2,000-page email dump that happened this morning that people are sifting through.  And not in any particular order, but numbered, number one: “Mrs. Clinton had cozy and improper relationship with the mainstream media.” This is the reference to Donna Brazile, Democrat National Committee member, “giving the Clinton campaign advanced notice of a CNN town hall question that she thought may give Mrs. Clinton pause.”

By the way, the emails indicate that there were subjects, issues that the Clinton campaign was very nervous about.  And they wanted to make sure that if the question came about those subjects, that Mrs. Clinton had the answer down pat and memorized.  I forget the specific area of policy associated with the question Donna Brazile is said to have passed on.  Was it the death penalty?  (interruption) It was a death penalty question.  Okay.  Yeah, that’s a tightrope question for the Democrats, given their position on incarceration.

Gun control’s a tough call for them.  I mean, they know the vast majority of — it was in 2000 when Algore was running against George W. Bush and I was eternally shocked when Algore came out for the Second Amendment, totally against gun control.  I said, “Wait a minute, what’s happening here?”  So they must have polling data, and that has remained consistent.  So they raise money off of wanting to do away with the Second Amendment but they’re not yet to the point where they can campaign on it.  Too many people don’t agree with them on it, and it was question about the death penalty, and that gets tied in always with policing and so forth.  So Brazile thought the question was gonna trip her up and that’s why she passed it on. 

According to the emails, “The State Department paid special attention to ‘Friends of Bill.'” This is the Haiti aide answer that I gave.  “After the massive 2010 Haiti earthquake, a senior aide to then-Secretary of State Clinton repeatedly gave special attention to those identified by the abbreviations ‘FOB’ (Friends of Bill) or ‘WJC VIPs’ (William Jefferson Clinton VIPs), referring to the former president. The emails show Mrs. Clinton’s State Department prioritized and benefited Mr. Clinton’s friends in the $10 billion recovery effort.”

And don’t forget Clinton himself was also named to some U.N. group that was supervising relief efforts in Haiti.  But, again, the way it worked — and it’s been done countless times; Haiti is just one example — the State Department allocates whatever the budget item is.  In the case of earthquake destruction in Haiti, there was $10 billion authorized for aid in Haiti.  So Hillary is in charge of who gets it as secretary of state, she’s in charge of where it goes.  Well, it goes to Haiti, but it doesn’t.  It goes to people that are gonna rebuild Haiti, rebuild roads, schools, buildings, what have you.  And the people that got those contracts were donors to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. 

That’s one of the reasons you donate.  You donate, here comes federal money, taxpayer dollars from the U.S. Treasury, Clinton disburses it to her donors to do the work in Haiti of rebuilding roads, schools, bridges, whatever the hell else.  And of course there’s a lot left over.  It’s Haiti.  You’re not building mansions down there, you’re rebuilding shanties and so forth.  You do that, and then some of the money of the 10 billion authorized for relief ends up back at the Clinton Foundation. 

The route is State Department to Hillary to donors doing rebuilding work, construction, supplies, whatever, in Haiti.  Those people expended as little as they can on the relief efforts, the rebuilding, and some of the money left they pocket; the other they donate back to the foundation.  You can’t walk over to the Treasury and write a check for $10 billion and have them give it to you, so the closest way of getting that done is allocating relief money and hiring your friends and donors to do the work that that money is going for, and they don’t use all of it and send some of it back to the foundation. 

And then your foundation, the way you run that, 7% goes to charity, 9% travel, entertainment, 5% salaries so forth.  It’s a scam, a giant scam.  And the emails in the WikiLeaks dump pretty much explain this. 

“Mrs. Clinton argued for ‘a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.'” A number of times to enough different banks in these speeches she made over two years that netted her 21 million dollars.  Well, gross.  She was paid $21 million over two years.  Minimum, $250,000 a speech.  Maximum, around $350,000.  The speech is anywhere from 15 to 20, 25 minutes. 

It was in some of these speeches that she told these bankers that her voters think she hates, and Bernie Sanders voters think, “Oh, these are Wall Street banks, they’re the problem in America.”  They think the Democrats are just gonna get even with these banks ’cause these banks got bailed out, TARP and all that, and they think the Clintons are gonna really take it to ’em. 

The Clintons are in bed with ’em.  And so Hillary’s telling these bankers what they want to hear.  Hemispheric common market, open, open trade wherever, and open borders.  I think one of the toughest sells that I think I have and that I think anybody has, here’s Mrs. Clinton and the Democrat Party at large openly advocating open borders.  They want specifically uneducated and low educated and poor people flocking to this country from all over the world.  And most people think that they are doing it because they’re compassionate.  The Democrats have very smartly secured ownership of that whole notion: big-hearted, compassion, concern for the little guy, big heart for the downtrodden.  And so letting them come into America, why, that’s the epitome of compassion.

The truth is that the modern Democrat Party is not the Democrat Party even JFK from the 1960s, not even the party of LBJ, not even George McGovern. So I mean, this Democrat Party today is an anti-American party in terms of the founding, anti-Constitution.  They don’t believe the government should be limited.  They don’t believe that people should have wanton freedom.  They want as many dependent people as possible. 

But this is about transforming the country, and the easiest way to do it is to flood this country with people who don’t speak the language and are not gonna learn it and can’t assimilate and are not gonna have jobs and are not gonna have careers and are gonna thus be totally dependent on government.  Taxes are gonna go way up.  Jobs and wages are gonna go way down.  And, as such, the Democrats are gonna become empowered and wealthier and richer and walled off from the America they are creating. 

Because none of what they’re importing and creating is gonna reside anywhere near Washington or Manhattan or the Hamptons or Vail or Beaver Creek or Lake Tahoe or Seattle or wherever the hell they hole up. Atherton, California, wherever they are, those places are not going to be subjected to the America that will result from all of this that Mrs. Clinton and Barack Obama want to do.  And convincing people that is one of the toughest sells.  S-e-l-l. 

It’s one of the toughest sales jobs, because people can’t get their arms around that. Why would anybody want to do that?  Why would anybody want to destroy America? “Rush, they’re not saying that.  They want America to be better.  They want America to be more fair.  They want it to be equal.”  No, no. That’s just how they’re getting you to not pay attention to what they’re doing or to actually agree with it and facilitate it. But if they get away with it, you’re not gonna recognize the country. 

There’s always gonna be an America. It’s just that it’s not gonna be the America that was founded.  They can’t coexist with the America that was founded.  The America that was founded has a Constitution which limits the power, limits the freedom, limits the role of government.  Their whole agenda is controlling government, expanding it.  It’s just the acquisition of more and more power.  It’s a tough thing to convince people of.  But that’s what this set of emails is about.

Promising the bankers a hemispheric common market and open trade and open borders means globalism, means shrinking America down to a size where it’s really no different than any other country in the world.  It’s just part of the global mix.  You get rid of nation states per se, get rid of boundaries and lines and so forth that define borders.  And you can’t… It’s a very tough job to convince people why there are people who want to do that and how they benefit from it.  But that is the objective, and that’s another one of the things that’s been exposed in this WikiLeaks email dump. 

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