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RUSH: You know you get up every day and you start looking around, and everything’s unprecedented.  Never seen it before.  Never been through anything like this before, except that we all think we have.  This is topping anything. 

I think it’s establishing my point that we don’t have a media, folks.  There’s no media.  And we’re so far beyond bias to describe what’s going on here, that doesn’t even get close to touching it. 

Anyway, great to have you.  We’ll wade through the muck here, the agenda.  We’ll do it as often as necessary, trying to correct the record and do what we can here.  Telephone number, 800-282-2882.  The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us

You know, in the midst of all of this, we still get back to the thing about this, no matter what campaign, no matter what election, no matter what candidate, we know that things like this are gonna happen.  I predicted it was gonna happen and any number of other people did, too. 

We know that the Democrats are gonna be working with media and releasing stories disguised as news stories which are nothing more than opposition research. And they are designed to destroy Republican candidates for president, not just their campaigns, but destroy them as human beings.  We know it’s gonna happen.  Everybody in the country knows it’s gonna happen. 

The thing about this that continually, I don’t know, puzzles me, frustrates me, is how the American people seem to fall for it all the time.  These recent stories today from the New York Times, old stories, 30-year-old stories of women that claim Trump groped them on an airplane or outside an elevator at Trump Tower, they’re 30-year-old stories, three decades.  And the excuse that’s offered, “Well, we wouldn’t be doing the story if Anderson Cooper hadn’t asked a question at the debate and then Trump answered it.” 

You say, “Okay, what question?” 

“Well, Anderson Cooper kept pestering Trump, Trump was saying, ‘I didn’t do any of this stuff. It was just locker room talk.’  And Anderson Cooper says, ‘So you’ve never, you have never, ever, you have never treated a woman –‘” 

“No, I haven’t.”  That is what they claim gives them carte blanche to go back 30 years.  These women didn’t say a thing to anybody in 30 years except their friends.  They did call their friends the minute it happened.  This is the story, these women are saying, and the women whose friends supposedly were told were also contacted, and they back up the women’s stories.

So 30 years ago a woman gets groped supposedly by an octopus on an airplane named Donald Trump.  She gets off the airplane, she’s so upset about it, she calls a friend, she tells a friend what happened, then utter silence.  Anderson Cooper asks the question, and the media says, “A-ha, a-ha, we have a wide open road here.”  So they get hold of the women or the women come forward, one of the two, women say, “Yeah, yeah, the octopus groped me and I told my best friend about it.”  They get hold of the best friend, the best friend confirms it, and here we are. 

And, meanwhile, they tried to deflect the Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey stories by saying, “Hey, that’s about Bill Clinton, and Bill Clinton’s not on the ballot.”  It isn’t about Bill Clinton; it’s about Hillary Clinton.  It’s about Hillary Clinton and hypocrisy.  It’s about Hillary Clinton, the bully. Hillary Clinton led the effort to destroy those women.  If these women had come forward about Bill Clinton, the New York Times would not be running cover for ’em.  If these women had come forward about Bill Clinton, these women would be in the process of being destroyed.  Hillary Clinton would be leading the bimbo eruptions movement. 

You change the name from Trump to Clinton, and if these women say that an octopus named Bill Clinton groped ’em on an airplane 30 years ago, you would never have read about it. Or you may have had read about it, but you would be reading what a tramp the woman is, what an opportunist the woman is, and the whole effort to have her characterized as such would have been led by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign. 

That’s the story that they want to continue to ignore, and they hide under the cover, “Well, we had a special counsel. Ken Starr looked into all this. That’s been prosecuted, it’s an old story, and Bill Clinton’s not on the ballot.”  Well, Hillary Clinton is.  And her role in bullying women is what this is all about.  But clearly the timing of this alone, ladies and gentlemen, is amazing.  For 30 years there has been a woman who felt groped by an octopus on an airplane and didn’t say anything about it, for 30 years, other than to her close friends. 

You know, that website, FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver? Wait a minute.  Yeah, I think it’s Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight.  I get ’em all confused. They run together.  He’s done a breakdown.  Let me just cut to the chase.  If… How to express this?  If women did not vote in this campaign, Trump would win.  If men did not vote in this campaign, Hillary would win.  There are all kinds of divides in this country.  There are ideological divides or racial divides or tribal divides or postpartisan divides or health care divides. There’s also gender divides. 

What is it? Did I read this right? Thirty-one percent of American women are single or unmarried, and apparently, they fall for all of this.  They don’t care about the timing. They fall for it every election. They fall for it, and they’ve got it. They’ve been convinced that the Democrat Party are their protectors; the Democrat Party is looking out for ’em.  This is one of the reasons why the Drive-Bys have to sweep aside any of the Clinton history, ’cause a lot of these women are Millennial age and don’t know about it and the media’s doing its best to keep it hidden. 

So you can say what you want about the media, but the media is for Hillary. The media is Hillary.  I mean, the WikiLeaks emails clearly indicate that there is corruption and cooperation and coordination between practically all major media and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and whatever they’re into, be it a campaign for the White House, be it the Clinton Foundation, be it speeches, be it the Clinton Global Initiative, whatever.

There is coordination, there is cooperation, and there is protection, because the Drive-Bys have become defenders and protectors of the state.  That is precisely what goes way, way, way beyond bias and unfairness and all that.  It really cuts to the fact that we don’t have media.  We don’t really have it as people understand it: They get up and they turn on the news, or they go to the Web, their websites, and they think they’re learning things that happened while they were asleep or paying attention to other things. 

That’s not what they’re learning.  They are getting the propaganda of the Democrat Party and the Hillary campaign presented to them as news. And it still, for me, boils down to the fact that apparently enough Americans believe it to make a difference. There hasn’t been — in my lifetime or anybody else’s — anybody that has been able to successfully persuade a large swath of the American people to ignore the media or to see them for what they are.  And there have been numerous efforts, consistent ongoing efforts, one splotch at a time. 

I mean, people try everything — hidden videos — to expose Democrat crimes and hypocrisy.  They don’t make a difference.  Dinesh D’Souza’s movies, Hillary’s America and Obama whatever. All of these efforts have been made to counter the Drive-By Media.  And on the surface, it doesn’t appear that any of it matters.  I don’t know if it’s that there is this — and then you look at polling data, which shows that the media ranks near the bottom or at the bottom in terms of respected professions, in the eyes of the American people.

So maybe it is that we have a much more partisan country than we are led to believe.  Maybe there aren’t all that many undecideds.  Maybe larger swaths of the American people are politicized and they are already Democrats or leftists or liberals and therefore are not movable or persuadable.  But I still marvel at how all of this works.  This is clearly… I mean, the Trump tape from Access Hollywood. Don’t you think people by now would be aware that these kinds of late-in-the-campaign tricks that surface and would at least be suspicious of them? 

But it doesn’t seem to be the case because you looked at the polling data — and again, there we go: Polling data! Do we believe it or not?  I mean, what the hell hasn’t been corrupted anymore?  The polling data clearly indicates that Trump suffered massive losses in public perception and polling data after the Access Hollywood tape was released.  Which, for me is kind of curious.  For people committed to Trump, those kinds of things are irrelevant to why they’re supporting him.  They’re not supporting Trump because he’s the Moral Majority.

They’re not supporting Trump because of things like that.  So these things come along… I just… The whole thing — you know, all of these ingredients — they add up to a giant question mark to me.  


RUSH I mentioned moments ago that there is positive Trump news out there.  You have to dig for it.  You have to find it, and I have, and I just want to share some of it with you.  This is from CNBC.  A very, very confused CNBC.  And look, while I go through this, I want you all to realize I know what’s happening out there.  I know full well what they’re doing on CNN. 

CNN right now is trying to pressure any Republican, from Mike Pence on down, they’re trying to pressure any Republican to pledge to drop Trump, to abandon Trump if they find any more women who come forward and say Trump octopused ’em.  Well, that’s the allegation on the airplane, that Trump was like an octopus out there, so that’s become my popular term. 

Believe me, there are gonna be more women come forward.  We got three-and-a-half weeks to go, folks.  This is all they’ve got.  You have to understand something.  If you want to understand the Drive-Bys and what they’re doing — you know, they’re not even Drive-Bys anymore.  They don’t drive on.  They wreak havoc and they hang around.  They set something on fire and they keep the fire department from getting near to put out the flames.  They don’t Drive-By anymore.  They are agents of destruction.  They are Democrat campaign hacks. 

And here’s what they know.  They have to make Donald Trump more unlikable than Hillary Clinton is.  Do not forget, in all of this, her negatives are just as high as Trump’s.  There is no way.  The Drive-Bys know it.  They can’t get Hillary over the finish line by focusing on her.  They can’t make her likable because she isn’t.  Trump can.  Trump can make people like him. 

Here’s something else to keep in mind.  For all of you who say, “We can’t beat ’em, Rush, the media is –”  Trump has 27, what did I just hear, 27 million followers on Facebook and Twitter.  He can get out whatever he wants to get out.  He doesn’t need the media.  I’m not telling you the media’s irrelevant.  I’m trying to give you some positive ways to look at this, that Trump does not need the media to do a 180 and leave him alone to win this. 

What is happening, the media knows they cannot make Hillary likable.  Trump has the ability to make people like him.  People do.  They naturally gravitate to him.  They see him on TV at these rallies.  That’s why all this stuff is happening, to make people suspect their own instincts about Trump.  They need Trump to be hated and despised and suspected more than Hillary is.  They can’t build Hillary up. They can’t focus on issues and build up Hillary that way because Hillary’s just gonna continue what most people don’t want any more of. 

The Democrats are in the same position they’re always in:  They cannot be honest about what they’re gonna do.  This is why I think Trump needs to stay, as best he can, focused on these issues, because his focus has the chance of resonating with far many more people than Hillary.  Hillary stands for a status quo that nobody wants any more of.  Hillary is a flawed candidate in any number of ways, and the people on her side know it.  They can’t build her up. They can’t focus on the issues.  And by that I mean they can’t spend a lot of time saying how great Hillary’s gonna be for America.  And you’ll note they’re not doing that. 

All they’re doing is telling people how rotten Donald Trump is and how bad Donald Trump will be and how women will not be safe with Donald Trump in the Oval Office.  And we’re gonna get three-and-a-half more weeks of this.  So you had better prepare yourself for it.  Trump can combat it on his own social media with the 27 million people he reaches. Those people will amplify it themselves.  So all is not lost here by any stretch of the imagination.  Remember that polls are used to shape public opinion. 

We are not yet at the stage — keep this in mind — we are not yet — we’re close, but we are not yet at the stage where polling companies have to start getting it right for their reputations.  We’re getting close.  You get a week out and the polls that you see then have a chance of being more accurate than the polls you see today, because when the election is over, polling units want to be able to point to their work and say, “See?  You can trust us, we got it right.”  And they know you’re not gonna be looking at what they say now.  You’re gonna be looking at the polling one week before the election. 

So this is a coordinated, concerted effort designed to make you think it’s over, that Trump doesn’t have a chance.  It’s also a coordinated, concerted effort to make sure Trump continues to screw up.  They think they know how to bait Trump.  Keep him off of the issues, to keep him from contrasting how bad this country will continue to be with Hillary in charge of versus the changes he wants to make. 

So all of this I think remains very fluid and remains in play.  I think it’s also why so many Democrat strategists and analysts — we got sound bites coming up to show you — are on television now, “It’s over.  Trump’s cooked.  You can stick a fork in him.  It’s done.”  It isn’t yet.  And let me expand on something I said, limited time here before the break at the bottom of the hour.  I made mention this the other day.  The name is Mary Anne Marsh.  She lives in Boston.  She’s a regular Democrat apologist on TV, on the Fox News Channel. 

She was being peppered with all these questions.  “What do you mean, you guys trash the Catholic Church in these emails.” By the way, I’ve got a comprehensive list of 10 fundamentally important things that we’ve learned from these email leaks from WikiLeaks that I’ll remind you of here in a moment.  But whatever it is, their reaction is, “Well, this is the Russians.  You know, the Russians have leaked this, the Russians hacked. The Russians have hacked the servers, they hacked the DNC servers, they’ve obviously hacked Clinton servers. This is the Russians trying to affect the outcome of the presidency.” 

The Russians are not happy, and relations between the Obama administration and Russia are not good anyway, over ISIS and over Syria.  And Obama, not recently, but not too long ago, either, Obama has alluded to the fact that we would respond in a cyber warfare attack.  Well, here’s the Clinton campaign running around carelessly, irresponsibly, in order to cover-up what is true, they are not denying anything in these emails.  Their way of getting around it is to say, “Ah, it’s the Russians. The Russians hacked it. The Russians are trying to hurt us. The Russians are trying to influence the presidential election.”

Is it true or not true? 

“They’re the Russians.  These are stolen emails.  You shouldn’t be paying any attention, because these emails, they’re stolen from the Russians.”  The Russians are not a stable bunch and there’s no evidence the Russians did this.  In fact, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is saying the Russians didn’t do it.  You know, I’m hoping it’s an inside job. 

I have hoped — I always do — that there’s at least one Democrat who realizes the utter destruction his party is taking this country to and wants to do something about it, just like the climate change emails from East Anglia, University of East Anglia.  Somebody there leaked a series of emails that demonstrated the coordination in perpetuating the hoax that man is responsible for this.  This guy has still not been made public, but he couldn’t abide anymore what he was a part of. 

So whether the Russians did it or not, they’re still being accused of this, and we have tensions right now that are wound tight with Russia, ’cause Obama, folks, is an utter disaster in practically everything he touches, from Obamacare to foreign policy, Iraq, dealing with Islamic extremism and terrorism. The guy’s not even there.  And like Hillary and her campaign, he’s eager to blame other people for what he does and blaming Vladimir Putin, blaming the Russians seems to be the most convenient thing they can do, and they’re doing it. 

It makes me nervous. It just makes me nervous because these people will do anything to cover themselves.  They’ll do anything to shift blame away.  They’ll do anything rather than admit — which, in one sense, we understand here. But to blame it, you know, on the Russians? They ought to know better. That’s irresponsible to do that, especially when they don’t provide any evidence the Russians are doing it.  Plus this idea that the Russians might attempt to influence the outcome of a presidential election?

You know, this just rubs me raw because during the 2012 campaign it was Democrats traveling the world ripping in to Mitt Romney, ripping into George W. Bush in the 2004 campaign. We had Clinton, we had Gore all over the Middle East denouncing America, denouncing the war in Iraq, denouncing George W. Bush exactly as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran was doing.  And these people run around thinking, “It’s horrible foreign entities influence the outcome of the election!”

The Democrats will take help from wherever they can get it to win an election.  So the first bit of positive news, headline, CBS very confused: “Positive Opinions of Trump Grow After Second Debate.” This is an NBC/Survey Monkey poll.  Now, this is not NBC/Wall Street Journal.  This is another poll that NBC partners with, SurveyMonkey.  This is a telephone poll, a scientific telephone poll.  “More respondents in the NBC News/SurveyMonkey online poll changed their opinion of Donald Trump for the better after the second presidential debate on Sunday. This…”

Let me read this to you: “This despite his aggressive tone and body language toward Hillary Clinton and the release two days earlier of lewd remarks about women he made on tape in 2005.”  Have you ever heard that one?  That Trump invaded Hillary’s space, that he was swarming her and that he was looming over her?  Hell’s bells! I saw him get out of the way, for crying out loud.  I saw him back out and trying to get out of the screen when she was on.  But, anyway, this poll says more people changed their minds for Trump after the debate.  I’m sure you haven’t seen that anywhere. 

But it’s NBC/Survey Monkey. Despite the Access Hollywood tape that still was the end result.

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