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RUSH: I mentioned earlier in the program FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver has done all this research and analysis of the polling data out there.  You want to hear something that’s interesting?  If only men could vote, Donald Trump would win in a landslide.  If only women could vote, Hillary would win.  The gender divide is huge.  Carol Costello — former stalker, media stalker at the EIB Network. I mean, she reported on us all the time.  She just ran around examining us all the time.  She now infobabes/anchors CNN in the morning, and she was talking about this this morning on CNN’s Newsroom.

COSTELLO:  Allow me to vent for just a moment.  These maps that the FiveThirtyEight blog spawned… Okay, so, (snickers) these maps spawned a trending hashtag called #RepealThe19th. That gave women the right to vote, by the way.  Men are actually tweeting stuff like this, quote, “If women are the only thing stopping the greatest president this country has ever seen, why not #RepealThe19th?  #TrumpTrain.”  Really?  First, dudes? Dudes? You are delusional, and secondly: Dudes, who raised you?

RUSH:  She can’t believe it that there are men out there actually tweeting, #RepealThe19th to prevent women from voting so that Trump wins.  She is mortally offended by this. (interruption)  No! No sense of humor. No. (interruption) Are you kidding?  At CNN?  Sense of humor?  There’s no sense of humor on the left anyway.  It’s offensive to laugh!  Somebody’s offended when you laugh.  “Dudes? Dudes, who raised you?” (chuckling) “Dudes? Dudes, why aren’t you going to college?”  The answer is the same. 

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