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RUSH: USA Today has an interesting story today: “Survey Reveals What Americans Fear the Most.”  And you’re not gonna believe what USA Today says is at the top of this list.  There are three, four, five, six — 10 things on this list.  And you’re not gonna believe what’s number one. 

Corruption.  Corrupt government officials are the greatest fear, say 60% of Americans.  And yet that corruption is what’s leading in every presidential poll.  The political corruption that is occurring today is occurring in what we call the Washington establishment.  It is run by the Democrat Party.  It has several Republicans that are eager members. 

Corruption is the Obama presidency, the Clinton presidency, the Clinton campaign.  There isn’t any corruption in the Trump campaign.  He’s not even in politics.  Trump’s fingerprints aren’t on any single thing happening in our government today vis-a-vis policy.  Trump is a total outsider.  It is not possible for any government corruption to be traced to Trump.  And yet the number one thing most Americans fear, they are going to elect.


RUSH:  You know what I just heard during the break? I heard the media talking about the media.  You know, one of the WikiLeaks leaks is that the Boston Globe editorial department worked with Hillary Clinton during a trip to New England to help her “maximize her presence” during a campaign trip, and they’re not denying it.  In fact, they’re saying (summarized), “Well, yeah! We’ve long editorialized in favor of Hillary.  We’re a separate division from the rest of the paper.  We proudly helped Hillary! We proudly worked with her to” whatever they say. 

They’re not denying it.  The Boston Globe coordinated with Hillary Clinton to “maximize her presence.”  That could mean her presence, stage presence, visibility, coordinating, best places to go. They are New Englanders; they know where to go to make the most impact.  They were helping her.  Not denying it.  In fact, they’re saying it’s totally valid! It’s a totally valid thing for the editorial department of a newspaper to do, particularly a newspaper that’s endorsed Democrats since before Moses. 

Then Donna Brazile’s out there saying that she got hold of some questions and tipped Hillary off to what they were before a debate or town hall with Crazy Bernie.  She’s denying that it happened, and even if she had received the questions, she wouldn’t have passed them on.  And then they’re dealing with John Harwood, who is sharing with people his excitement in affecting the outcome of a Republican debate by virtue of his treatment of Trump.  So the media is not even… Folks, they’re not even bothered this stuff has been discovered.

They don’t think it’s any big deal.  They don’t think you’re gonna care, and furthermore, they don’t think you’re gonna know, because they’re not talking about it.  The Drive-By Media is studiously, purposely ignoring everything to do with WikiLeaks.  So if you’re one of these people asking, “Why don’t people care?  I can’t believe it! This is incredible.  You talk about corruption? Why the…?” They don’t know, folks. Specifically the low-information crowd, they don’t know, because ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, LA Times, USA Today are not talking about it. 

The New York Times, Washington Post are not talking about the leaks.  The Drive-By Media, mainstream media are not even talking about the whole WikiLeaks story.  So they don’t know.  


RUSH: Back to the USA Today story:  “Survey Reveals What Americans Fear the Most.” Ten items.  Number one on the list, 60% of the American people claim corruption by government officials is their top fear.  How does this make any sense?  They are going to vote for the single greatest corrupt candidate that we have perhaps nominated to be president in this country, Hillary Clinton.  The corruption that has gone on in her campaign, with the FBI, the Department of Justice. The corruption that has taken place in the whole Obama administration, the erasure of various laws and regulations vis-a-vis the Constitution.  The corruption is unmistakable, and yet people say they fear it the most. 

It can’t be Trump.  I want to emphasize again, corruption and Trump, not here.  Donald Trump’s fingerprints are not on one thing in government.  He’s not been in government.  He hasn’t had any government power.  He hasn’t had any government access to speak of other than as a donor.  No more than anybody else, no less.  So voters talking about government corruption, they might foolishly believe that Trump represents that because of what they’ve been told about him in the media, but the corruption lies exclusively on the Democrat side of the aisle. 

In order, those things the American said that they are most afraid of, terror attacks number two at 41%.  Not having enough money is three at 40%.  Being a victim of terror is at number four at 38.5%.  Government restrictions on guns and ammo, 38.5%, number five.  Number six, they’re afraid of people they love dying, 38%.  Number seven, economic or financial collapse.  Number eight, identity theft.  Hello, LifeLock.  That amazing?  In the top 10, number eight, identity theft, is one of the greatest things people fear.  Corruption being number one.  Number nine, people you love getting seriously sick is the ninth thing they fear most. 

And are you ready for number 10?  The tenth thing — number one is corruption.  Number 10, Obamacare.  Thirty-five and a half percent of the American people claim Obamacare is their greatest fear!  They’re going to reelect it!  Or, better stated, they’re gonna vote for the people that brought it.  They’re gonna vote for the people who are corrupt.  This is the kind of thing stuff that makes me do pretzel twists that I can’t get out of.  I just don’t understand it.  Frustrating. 


RUSH:  This is incredible.  It’s incredible.  The American people fear the government led by Barack Obama more than anything else and don’t know it.  They claim that the government corruption is their number one fear.  That’s the Obama administration.  Today, I mean, you talk about government corruption, who’s been running the government, folks?  Where is it? 

You’ve got the FBI and the investigation of Hillary that didn’t happen.  You’ve got Benghazi.  You’ve got the IRS.  You got the government targeting conservative IRS groups.  I mean, people know but they’re not blaming Obama for it.  They don’t blame the people responsible.  It’s the Limbaugh Theorem.  Somehow the Democrats escape all accountability for what they do.  And it’s because the media is the media.  The Democrats are running around talking about the need to fix all this as though some phantom group of people is doing it. 

Nobody’s happy, nobody thinks we’re heading in the right direction.  Look at this.  “U.S. Job Openings Fall to Lowest Level in Eight Months.”  Job openings.  I mean, that’s where unemployment goes to get fixed, and if there aren’t job openings, then unemployment’s going to remain unchanged or get worse.  

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