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Bill Clinton: Trump Supporters are Rednecks

RUSH: Look at this.  “Bill Clinton:  Trump Base, Standard Rednecks.”  Now the media’s debating what rednecks mean so that Clinton doesn’t get tarred and feathered for use of the term.  If Mitt Romney had gone out and called people rednecks, oh, man, it would be a fireable offense. But Clinton calling them rednecks (Clinton impression), “Hey, those rednecks, that’s Trump’s base, that’s right.  You know the bitter clingers out there, the people that got their guns and religion, like Obama said, bunch of rednecks.”  And now the media is debating the definition of rednecks so that it doesn’t come back and bite Clinton.  

Tim Tebow Saves Man by Putting Hands on Him

RUSH: “Tim Tebow Saves Man’s Life After Putting Hands On –” I mean, (laughing) there’s no better time to be doing what I’m doing.  Don’t misunderstand.  I’m not complaining.  It’s just astounding, folks.

California Town Now Less Than 10% White

RUSH: “California Town Now Less Than 10% White.”  

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