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“This is what eight years of a feckless and incompetent foreign policy and weak diplomacy gets us. The so-called reset with the Russians? It never happened, and the problem is everybody’s attention is focused on our election and campaign.”

“There’s nothing about truth-in-reporting in the Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine is not an equal-time doctrine. It’s nothing of the sort.”

“The degree to which the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign is coordinating with the Department of Justice, the FBI and the White House in running Hillary’s campaign and protecting her from every investigation which has been looking into her? You want to talk corruption? We haven’t even seen this kind of corruption!”

“The left is constantly assaulting free speech. They want to limit what people can say because they do want a degree of tyranny. They want a degree of power over other people.”

“There is no question that in the case of campaign ads, political action committees, you name it, political campaigns and organizations find ways to communicate their ideas with voters for the obvious reasons, and it costs money. And the availability of money and the legality of spending the money on campaign ads is nothing more than expression of speech!”

“The definition now of morality is whatever you can get somebody to do with consent. You can do anything. If you could get the dog to consent with you, if you can get the horse to consent, we got no problem with it. And they don’t! So morality has been boiled down to consent, is my point, and it’s true.” 

“It’s getting insane out there now. It’s getting so insane that I’m questioning my own sanity now and then. Don’t worry about it; it’s in check.” 

“I don’t understand you Republicans who seem perfectly content with electing Hillary and then you come to us and tell us that you must get our support so that you can stop Hillary. Yet you don’t appear to have any desire to keep her out of the White House. So how in the world can it be important to elect you? To me, it’s a serious question.” 

“The Democrat objective is going to be the elimination of opposition. Not a level playing field, not a circumstance where free and open debate takes place, but the elimination of opposition.”   

“If you want to know where conservatism began in America, try Convention Hall, Philadelphia, in the mid-1700s.” 

“Yeah, my guess is if you want to see this Obama erection video, you better get there quick, ’cause they’re gonna try to get this taken down as fast as you know they can. Folks, it’s amazing. Obama’s flaunting an erection at all the women on his campaign plane.”  

“Christiane Amanpour — just desirous of getting the word ‘pussy’ on the air at CNN — has to ask this guy about something that’s totally unrelated: The name of a punk rock protest group named Pussy Riot… We try to maintain here a level of propriety and decency and the Drive-Bys on the left and their guests on those shows just suck us into this filth and take us right down wherever they’re headed with them.” 

“How come hypocrisy never attaches itself to the Democrats, yet when it comes to Republicans, it’s become a crime?”  

“Corruption is the Obama presidency, the Clinton presidency, the Clinton campaign. There isn’t any corruption in the Trump campaign. He’s not even in politics.”  

“The political corruption that is occurring today is occurring in what we call the Washington establishment. It is run by the Democrat Party. It has several Republicans that are eager members.” 

“Trump’s fingerprints aren’t on any single thing happening in our government today vis-a-vis policy. Trump is a total outsider. It is not possible for any government corruption to be traced to Trump.” 

“The Drive-By Media is studiously, purposely ignoring everything to do with WikiLeaks. They don’t think it’s a big deal. They don’t think you’re gonna care, and furthermore, they don’t think you’re gonna know, because they’re not talking about it.” 

“The left are a statist, slash, tyrannically oriented ideology, and they can’t survive amidst opposition. They’re not interested in winning debates, exchanges of ideas. They are interested in eliminating all opposition.”  

“This is incredible. The American people fear the government led by Barack Obama more than anything else and don’t know it. They claim that the government corruption is their number one fear. That’s the Obama administration!” 

“This show — right here — is the location of the primary opposition to the left and the Democrat Party, and they are not going to tolerate any opposition.” 

“60% of the American people claim corruption by government officials is their top fear. How does this make any sense? They are going to vote for the single greatest corrupt candidate that we have perhaps nominated to be president in this country, Hillary Clinton.”

“The left will promote and understand and tolerate anything as long as there is one element. Do you know what it is? Consent. If there is consent on both or all three or all four, however many are involved in the sex act, it’s perfectly fine, whatever it is. But if the left ever senses and smells that there’s no consent in part of the equation then here come the rape police.” 


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