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RUSH: Here’s Margot in Charles City, Iowa.  Welcome to the program, Margot.  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  Good.  Good.  Thank you.

CALLER:  I am in panic mode.  You said don’t panic until you tell us when to panic.  And last night my husband and I watched Hillary’s America movie, which I could not find in a theater anywhere, so I advanced ordered a DVD. We sat down together and watched it last night, and, Rush, I am a longtime conservative, 64-year-old Catholic woman.  I am scared to death.  I don’t sleep. I’m an absolute basket case, and I want what’s good for my children, my grandchildren, my family.  It’s all going down the tubes because, after watching that movie last night, all I saw was what’s coming down, what’s next, what they have planned —

RUSH:  She is talking about the Dinesh D’Souza movie.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  Rush, they’ve been doing it for so many years. The Clintons were just these young people and the Saul Alinsky —

RUSH:  It’s not time to panic.

CALLER:  Oh it is, Rush.

RUSH:  You have to understand, this is the first time in my lifetime that the Democrats have been seriously opposed.  That’s what ought to tick you off.  But, look, I’m out of time.  You hang on, Margot, not on the phone, but just keep listening.


RUSH: Now, back to our caller Margot from Iowa. She said that she watched Hillary’s America, the Dinesh D’Souza movie. She had to go out and get it on DVD, and it confirmed what she already knew but it still had some stuff in it that was new. And she’s panicked now.  Look, folks, I understand the emotion.  I’m the same way.  I have emotions identical to yours and then some that I don’t want to share or express here because it would not be classy to do so. 

But I’m angry, I’m frustrated.  I’m not panicked, not in the sense of the word. I mean not to the point that I would tell you it’s time to panic.  It’s not time to panic.  It’s time to stay focused.  And it’s time to make sure that you do everything you can to be unaffected by the tripe that suffices as the so-called news every day.  We now have learned enough to know that our instincts have been confirmed, that it’s not the news.  It is a coordinated effort to coronate Hillary Clinton.  It’s a coordinated effort to get her elected and to suppress opposition, to depress opposition and turnout and all of these things. 

My frustration is boundless at many things.  You know, I’ve always tried not to be frustrated with the American people.  I’ve not wanted to join the fray of people that say the American people are dumb and stupid, but clearly there’s a lot of ignorance out there, meaning in the strict sense of the word, lack of knowledge.  But then they don’t know.  And I don’t know how many Americans it is that don’t know. 

We got this USA Today story today, a survey, 60%, maybe 61% of the American people, number one fear they have is corruption in government.  Well, that doesn’t jibe.  If they have fear of corruption in government, that cannot include Donald Trump.  He’s not in government.  He never has been. 

Whatever corruption is taking place in government, the one guy that has no fingerprints on it is Donald Trump.  And, by definition, the corruption that exists today is who’s been running the show for the last eight years and who’s been openly flaunting the Constitution, the disregard for it, and who’s been lying to people about their health care and what Obamacare is gonna be? 

My frustration is how does this never seem to attach itself?  How is it that these lies, public distortions and lies to our face, why does it never attach?  I don’t know that I’m ever gonna get that question answered.  And for me, that’s personal.  I have spent whatever number of years here trying to educate and inform people.  And for a majority of people still to not get it, and apparently they don’t? 

I’m not convinced that it’s just solely because the media doesn’t report it.  I think that the left has been so successful in damaging the brand — this is a means of expressing this — you just mention the word “Republican,” and it doesn’t matter to certain people, it’s just automatic yuk and they don’t even listen to what comes next no matter what they know about the Democrats.  And that leads to further frustration because then they realize that the Democrats unify around defeating us, and part of that effort is impugning us and destroying our reputation and our credibility. 

And our side doesn’t engage in any of that.  They shy away from it, in fact.  And we can’t even unify.  And then I get up and I look every day at all of the so-called conservatives who are beating their chests in happiness that Trump is losing in the polls because they get to say they were right.  Do they not share with us the absolute horror of what it means for this woman and her party to have another four years minimum?  With everything they believe starting with immigration and open borders and what they’re gonna do to the military and our national security, does it not matter to them?  Is being able to say they were right, they’re the smartest people in the room — And all of these Republicans publicly wanting accolades for abandoning the party nominee. 

From whom are they expecting these accolades?  And these accolades they get from whomever, how does that benefit them?  What do they think their future holds?  Do they think they’re gonna be more electable?  Do they think they’re gonna have more respect because they stood up and abandoned the nominee and helped Hillary Clinton get elected, and that means they stood up for, what, morality?  They stood up for conservative principle by allowing Hillary Clinton a cakewalk into the White House? 

And they think this benefits them how down the road?  I don’t understand it.  Except that I do.  It all has to do with the establishment.  Jeff Lord had a piece in the American Spectator about this, about these Republicans abandoning the party.  He made an interesting analogy that I should point out that many other conservative columnists and bloggers and journalists are just ripping to shreds, by the way, this piece that Jeff Lord wrote in the American Spectator

I don’t have it in front of me, but I’m gonna paraphrase it.  He said — remember, Ronald Reagan was everything to him.  He worked in the Reagan administration.  Reagan has the answer for everything conservative in Jeff’s life.  It’s how much he respects and reveres Reagan, and Thatcher.  He quotes Reagan defining what a political party is and makes the point that a political party is not a fraternity.  It’s not a fraternal order.  It’s not a club. 

It is a collection of all kinds of people, not just certain people who are qualified and permissible, all people of certain ideas and certain principles who believe in those things as the best for the country.  And it doesn’t matter if you’re from Mars, if you’re from California, Mississippi, or Arizona. It doesn’t matter what your race is, it doesn’t matter what your orientation or your gender, if you are a believer in these things then you are a conservative and you are a Republican. 

But today in his view the Republican Party’s abandoned all of that.  There’s no connection to principle or philosophy or ideology.  It’s just a club of like-minded people of the same class.  And that is what permits these people to just abandon the nominee of their party ’cause they don’t really look at the Republican Party as a party; they look at it as a club, and it’s a club they don’t want Trump in, and it’s a club they don’t want destroyed.  It’s a fraternal order, a fraternity of sorts, but there are no unifying principles. The things that get you membership are the way you think about other people in class oriented ways, but not in terms of conservatism versus liberalism, constitutionalism versus anarchy, none of that matters today. 

The Republican Party’s not organized that way.  And, as such, it’s not worth much.  And he laments this now.  I’m paraphrasing a lot of this.  As I say, I don’t have it in front of me.  But the comparison of the way Reagan defined a political party versus what the Republican Party today appears to be, fraternal order, and to look at the way some in the Republican Party, conservative media especially, they’re just saying Jeff Lord, this is the stupidest thing that this stupid guy has ever written.

So he must have hit home somehow.  But I’m serious.  I don’t understand — can you tell me — I mean, you talk to people who work for these Republicans.  Can you tell me, what do they expect to redound to their benefit from having openly denounced and abandoned Donald Trump?  It’s Trump.  In their minds, it’s not even that they’re abandoning the party nominee.  They think he’s illegitimate as a nominee, and so they’re abandoning him.  I’m trying to imagine to what benefit. 

And then some of them are running for reelection claiming, “We need to keep our majority so we can stop Hillary.”  And I really am dumbfounded by that.  Why is it important to elect you to stop Hillary but it’s not important for you to stop Hillary before she gets elected?  I don’t understand this.  Particularly when we haven’t seen much success in stopping Democrat presidents after they’re elected.  Well, that’s redundant.  Well, I know, because it’s the club and the establishment, there’s business to be done.  There are connections to be maintained.  There are donor dollars to get.  You can’t remove the donor aspect in any of this. 

I mean, if you run for office, you can’t do it without money, and if you have a bunch of donors promising you huge money, and all you’ve gotta do is trash Trump, publicly abandon Trump, then you think you’ve got your insurance policy.  Well, even if your voters turn against you, get mad, you still got the donor dollars after the fact to run your campaign for reelection. 

But still, to me it’s pointless, in a way.  It’s not important enough to stop Hillary now, but it’s gonna be really important to stop Hillary in January with a Republican majority in the House and Senate.  But we don’t want to go so far as to have somebody other than Hillary in the White.  I don’t know.  So all of these things, folks, panic, not yet, but real consternation, frustration, anger, real frustration over all of this.  It’s not hard to understand this, folks.  It must be hard to accept it for some, but it’s not hard to understand.  


RUSH: Marcia from Crystal Lake, Illinois.  Glad you waited.  Great to have you with us.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi.  It is an honor to be on your show today —

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  — and I am going to get right to the point.  From this day forward, Mr. Trump needs to reinforce, day in and day out, that the political elite and the career politicians are ruining this country.  And they are no longer considering the will of the people anymore.  A point that you brought up earlier in the show with Obamacare. More than 60% of the population did not want this.  And yet, what did they do?  They voted against the will of the people.  You know, it’s time for common sense and truth to trump political correctness.  (I think that would have been actually a great bumper sticker.) But, anyway, getting back to Margot, she should not be panicking and discouraged.  What happened this past weekend with that statement that was released added fuel to my fire —

largeRUSH:  You mean the..?

CALLER:  — and I am more likely now to put an X next to Trump’s name because of what the political elite are doing to this country.

RUSH:  Well, her… She’s not, I don’t think… Margot is not to the point of giving up.  She just really worried.  I know why she’s worried.  She’s primarily worried that enough — a majority — of our population doesn’t see how they’re being scammed.  That’s what panics… I think’s what panics everybody, that so many people seem to be ignorantly, blindly going along with all of this.  Anyway, I appreciate the call, Marcia, very much.  I really do. 

I’d like you to know that Trump today was really hitting on this point that you like that Washington has become nothing but a bunch of ruling elites with no interest whatsoever in actually helping the general population of the country.  He was really hammering that, which he does frequently.  But he was really, really, I mean, hitting the nail on the head with it today.  

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