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RUSH: I actually think… I’ve been going through some of the emails, Hillary Clinton emails that WikiLeaks has done. You know there are some blockbusters in there?  There are some literal bombshells about Hillary Clinton that if her supporters learn of them and believe them, she’s going to have problems, particularly if they are some Bernie Sanders supporters that have signed on with her.

They’re not gonna like what has been released in emails to John Podesta and so forth.  I also have — and I want to get to these today, too. It may take a while. I just want to tell you up front because each of these pieces are quite long.  There are three brilliant pieces on all of this by women.  Denise McAllister at PJ Media:  “America, You Have No Right to Judge Donald Trump.”  Rebecca Teti at American Greatness:  “On the Lewdness of Donald Trump.” It is again oriented toward how much hypocrisy there is.

People acting righteously offended and indignant in the midst of our current culture is hypocritical to no end, particularly on the Democrat Party side.  Trump made a great illustration of this last night, and for the first time the Clintons were put on the defensive about it, and that is Bill Clinton.  All this time whenever Bill Clinton’s escapades, his real behavior was illustrated, we were told to forget it. “Ignore it! It’s business. It’s private. It has nothing to do with the way he led the country, nothing to do with the way he did his job.

“It’s nobody’s business! It’s his sex life. We’ve all got problems. Leave it alone.” Finally it was brought up. I tell you, I watched this debate and I had no idea what to expect last night.  I had no idea what to expect. I was very nervous when this thing started (I don’t know about you), ’cause I didn’t know how Trump was gonna deal with it.  I knew it was gonna be everybody in the room against Trump.  I knew that the purpose of last night was to destroy Trump forever, and not just in this campaign. 

The purpose of last night — and it’s a failure today — was to take Trump out forever, not just his political campaign.  Donald Trump the human being was to be humiliated and destroyed and rendered so humiliated and embarrassed he would never be seen in public again, and that’s the lesson any further, additional, future challenger to the establishment was to take from last night.  The message is, “Don’t mess with us.  Do not come after us.  We’ll take you out, and you’ll lose not just an election.  You’ll lose everything important to you.  We will destroy you!”

That’s what was on the agenda last night, and Trump triumphed unbelievably over this effort last night to the point that Hillary Clinton was on the defensive for clearly over half of that debate last night.  Now, stop and think of how this began; stop and think what everybody knew the elephant in the room was, and the elephant last night was gonna speak.  The elephant in the room was not gonna go unnoticed and unsaid.  It was going to have a voice — and it did.  And Trump beat it back. 

Now, I don’t know if he beat it back to the point his campaign survives.  We won’t know this probably until Election Day.  We’re not gonna have any idea.  But we know that Trump and his campaign survive and have new energy and are continuing to roll today.  In that context, this was a huge win.  And Hillary… Stop and think.  You know what the Hillary strategy was last night? Same strategy as debate one:  Shut up and let Trump go ahead and talk himself into defeat, led off with that rehash of the open-mic tape Access Hollywood back in 2005.

And Hillary was just gonna sit back and let it all implode around Trump and on Trump.  And that didn’t happen.  And she was accused of a number of things that she had no answer for.  Her husband was accused of a bunch of things she had no answer for.  Not only no answer, she did not refute. She didn’t even try, she didn’t make any effort to refute some of the serious allegations that the Republican Party has never itself made against her. 

Last night was the first time that serious allegations that everybody has known about regarding the Clintons for 20 years were actually prosecuted and for the first time we saw Hillary Clinton didn’t even have the guts to try to blame it on the vast right-wing conspiracy last night.  She didn’t have an answer for any of it, other than to say, “Fact-checkers! Fact-checkers! There he goes lying again! Everything you just heard is a lie,” and Trump even called her out on that. 

You have to understand, Trump today was supposed to be invisible. His campaign was supposed to be over. Mike Pence was supposed to leave the campaign last night. Trump was supposed to announce it was over today. The Republican Party and all of its people leaving Trump were right now, this very minute supposed to be in meetings to choose a replacement nominee.  That’s what today was supposed to be, and it isn’t what is. 

It was Hillary Clinton on defense all night, not Trump.  Who would have thought that?  This WikiLeaks dump that we have been privy to? It really, as I say, I think has got some bombshell things in it, such as public and private positions.  Did you hear her lame answer to that?  She quoted Abe Lincoln! (summarized) “You didn’t give the context! I was telling the bankers I was speaking to ub that speech that Honest Abe had challenges, and he had the public and private positons.”

That’s not what she was saying.  She told the Brazilian bank that she favors open borders! She told Wall Street bankers she wanted to be their champion.  She told Wall Street bankers that she wanted them involved in her administration because they were qualified to fix things that are are wrong.  Hillary Clinton has run on the basis that she’s gonna destroy Wall Street, that she thinks they’re the biggest enemy the average American has.  She’s got people thinking that Wall Street is gonna really pay if she’s elected. She’s in bed with ’em.

We’ve known it all along; the WikiLeaks email dumps demonstrates it.  This is precisely why she didn’t want any of the transcripts released from those speeches that she was being paid $250,000 for every 20 minute speech.  Not one transcript ever released!  We now know why.  Because it demonstrates that she’s in bed with Wall Street — and don’t forget, the Democrat Party makes big hay out of convincing their voters that they hate Wall Street and they’re gonna get even with Wall Street and they’re gonna destroy Wall Street and they’re gonna make Wall Street pay.

They’re gonna make Wall Street pay for the financial crisis.  They’re gonna make Wall Street pay for the bailout.  They’re gonna make Wall Street pay for this.  Gonna make Wall Street pay for that.  Then health care comes up last night, and Hillary Clinton believes in exactly what health care has been, and Trump is right: She wants single payer. She even admits that in these WikiLeak email dumps.  She wants a Canadian, single-payer health care system.  It’s just like Obama in his private meetings that we got tapes to prior to 2008 in that election.

He’s out promising to destroy the coal industry, and he has done it, and there’s Hillary last night trying to say that she’s got a plan that will employ displaced coal miners who are unfortunately rendered unemployed because of our advances in clean and renewable energy.  She and Obama and her party are targeting fossil fuel industries.  So there’s dynamite available here today because of the WikiLeaks dump.  

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