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RUSH: There’s a third piece on this whole Access Hollywood, open-mic audio that the Drive-Bys just could not let go of for two days over the weekday. 

It’s by Heather Mac Donald.  It’s entitled, “Trumped-Up Outrage — The Left condemns the GOP candidate even as it celebrates crudity and sexual exhibitionism throughout the culture.”  That’s exactly right!  That is exactly right!  These are the people who celebrate sexual depravity in the name of a progressive, advancing culture.  Do you think they’re worried by the P-word? (laughing) Do you think they’re worried by a bunch of locker room talk?  Look at what they bring us in the form of entertainment! 

Do you remember Christopher Dodd, ladies and gentlemen, the senator from Connecticut?  He was a good friend of Senator Kennedy, Senator Ted Kennedy.  Do you know what they were known for in Washington?  They were drinking buddies, and they would go to… I’m having a mental block on the name of the restaurant.  It’s no longer open, I don’t believe.  La Brassiere! La Brassiere.  When Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd would go in there, the waitresses weren’t safe.  They were caught making a “waitress sandwich” in a private room.

You know what a waitress sandwich is?  It’s very simple.  If you can’t… Use your imagination.  It’s either Chris Dodd or Ted Kennedy on the bottom, the waitress in the middle, and either Chris Dodd or Ted Kennedy on top.  Mayonnaise extra. “It was a fun time!” This kind of thing was written about and acknowledged as, “What a great couple of guys.  I mean, these guys are just so hip and so cool.” I mean, they were known for this. Sinatra and the Rat Pack is known for this kind of stuff.  They were heralded for it. 

“They were real guys.  They were real men.”  Back in the Sinatra era, you called women “broads,” and the broads didn’t mind.  If Sinatra called you a broad, you were flattered. When Sinatra walked in, and you know what you did?  You ran up and you tried to kiss him.  Who hasn’t seen women throwing their underwear at the Beatles and this kind of thing? You know, all of this is just… This phony outrage in the form of an October Surprise as a primary determining fact in who wins and loses elections?

I just sense that a growing number of Americans are fed up with it and are willing — would be happy — to participate in a backlash brought on by all this. Because this has nothing to do with the issues that face this country that many people consider to be crucial if we are to hang on to this country as founded.  … But, man, folks, these three pieces I have by these women that I have found — women writing about this — are classic.  I can’t read ’em all to you.  I’ll link to ’em at RushLimbaugh.com so you can easily find ’em. 


RUSH: We’re gonna start on the phones in San Antonio, Texas, with Andrew.  Andrew, thank you for waiting.  Great to have you on the program.  You’re first today.  How are you doing?

CALLER:  Hey, I’m doing good, Rush.  How are you doing?

RUSH:  Good.  Good.  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  Mega dittos to you from San Antonio from a U.S. Army disabled veteran, Rush Baby here.  I’ve been listening to you basically since I was alive so —

RUSH:  God bless —

CALLER:  — I really appreciate everything you have to say.

RUSH:  God bless you, sir.

CALLER:  Yes, sir.  Well, listen, you set it up like you always do, you teed this baby up in your opening monologue exactly what has been going through my head.  I was talking to my wife last night about this whole tape that came out with Trump, and, you know, the backlash that needs to happen in this country against Hillary Clinton and liberal Democrats in general just ought to be ginormous because it’s just absolute fake indignation that is going on here.  I mean, we’re talking about a culture and group of people who have dumbed down and vulgarized the culture of the United States to where we are today —

RUSH:  Amen.  Vulgar, that’s exactly the right word, and they are the ones who have done it, and if you have stood in opposition to it, they’ve called you an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy, they’ve accused you of wanting to go back to the days of Ward and Beaver Cleaver, and they have mocked you if you have stood for any version of morality whatsoever.  They are the vulgarians.  Exactly right.

CALLER:  Yes, sir.  And that’s exactly the case.  In fact, I believe it was Hillary Clinton that said, back when she was running for office — it might have been last election cycle — but she was talking about abortion and women’s reproductive rights.  And her basic conversation was that if we were going to allow women to continue to have access, that we need to change the deep-seated cultural codes and the religious beliefs and the structural biases in the country be needed to be changed.

So these are the people who have taken morality and the upper hand and the things that matter to those of us on the right and good-hearted Christian, hardworking American people and they’ve taken it and said it’s not worthwhile. Not only is it not worthwhile, but you’re blocking everything that real people care about, which is just a bunch of nonsense.  And it’s all for political expediency.  I mean, to think that Joe Biden and Barack Obama and Teddy Kennedy and all of these people haven’t sat around and said the exact same things is nonsense.  The only difference is, they were career politicians who knew not to say it, I guess, maybe back then on an open hot mic or something to that effect.

RUSH:  Wait, now, wait, wait just — I don’t know about Biden and Obama.  All I know is the Democrats have guys that have done it in addition to talked about it.  And they have been celebrated, and they have been elected president and we have been told that we’re full of it if it bothers us.  They have practitioners.  They have people that do this kind of thing.  But you know?  Another good point you’re making.  They have attacked religious morality. 

If anybody’s morality is rooted in religion, it has been targeted and mocked and they’ve tried to destroy it.  And now to act like they are so deeply offended by the things that Trump and Billy Bush said, when that’s the kind of thing they have promoted as progress, tearing down the walls of restrictiveness in our culture and opening things up to free this and free that and let people be who they are. 

It’s the hypocrisy that gets me. But it’s more than hypocrisy because they have people who have actually lived in vulgarity, and they have promoted these people who have lived this vulgarity, and they have told us that we’re a bunch of stodgy old fogies if we’re bothered by it.  And they’ve told us it’s none of our business.  And they’ve told us to leave it alone and then made fun of us for being a bunch of boring, no-fun moralists. 

And then when somebody comes along, behaves exactly in the manner, speaking exactly in a manner that their politics has promoted, we get this fake moral outrage that is just a bit much to take.  That’s bad enough, but when it’s used to win an election, that’s where I’m hoping that there is the biggest backlash brewing.


RUSH:  I got an email.  I’m glad I got this email.  I just checked it.  “So you agree with Trump?  You don’t have any problem?”  I know you, whoever sent me that, you don’t mean that.  You’re just trying to trip me up, but I’m glad you did, because it’s given me an opportunity.  I’m gonna explain that.  That is exactly what’s wrong with all of this.


RUSH:  All right, let me take the first of these three quite lengthy pieces that I have mentioned by women.  And, by the way, I just sent the links of them all up to Koko so you’ll be able to link to them easily at RushLimbaugh.com.  The one I’m gonna start with is: “America, You Have No Right to Judge Donald Trump.”  It’s by Denise McAllister, PJ Media.  And then there is, “On the Lewdness of Donald Trump,” by Rebecca Teti, and she might pronounce it Tee-tee, I’m not sure. T-e-t-i.  That’s at American Greatness. 

And then, Heather Mac Donald and the City Journal: “Trumped-Up Outrage.” Now, these print out to six, seven pages. Two of them do.  I can’t read each word, don’t intend to.  But I have some highlights and pull quotes.  First from Denise McAllister. The opening paragraph:  “The wizards of smarts in the political arena are telling us Donald Trump’s campaign is over because of recently leaked tapes of a private conversation from 2005 that was disparaging to women. The comments are so offensive, they say, he’s not fit for office.

“From the moment the tapes were made public, the drumbeat to Trump’s personal walk of shame began. Politicians who formerly endorsed him fled in terror, not wanting the soiled stain of sexual stigma attached to them. NeverTrumpers descended in holier-than-thou glee as they declared how noble and right they’ve always been not to support such a despicable man. And the left has been howling like puritanical wolves, condemning him for his immorality and sexist treatment of women. I find this reaction to Trump’s private conversation rather ironic.

“It’s ironic coming from a secular culture that long ago declared objective morality dead. It’s ironic coming from politicos and media bottom-feeders who defended the abusive and disgusting behavior of Bill Clinton, not when he was a private citizen but when he was a sitting president. It’s ironic coming from a Republican political elite that has told its religious base that social and moral issues don’t matter in politics. ‘It’s all about the economy, stupid. Leave your morals in the church but don’t voice them in the public square.'”

That last is a brilliant point.  How many of you have encountered such people on the Republican side of the aisle say for the last 15 or 20 years? Every presidential election year, what do you hear from these holier-than-thou Republican moderates?  “We gotta get them damn Christians out of the party! We gotta get these social issues out of the party.  Abortion is killing us! It’s killing us! We gotta get rid of these damn Christians and the Christian majority, the Moral Majority ’cause they’re destroying us! We’re never gonna win! We hate it! I don’t want to go to convention with ’em.”

I’ve heard it. You’ve heard it. I’ve told you stories about how I was challenged with do away with the religious right on the basis that they listen to me.  It was at a fundraiser dinner at the Hamptons where I was approached by one of these elites jabbing his finger into my chest, “What are you gonna do about the Christians?”  It’s exactly right, by the way.  The Moral Majority, the religious right, what have you, were considered to be the reason the Republican Party was losing.  We need to dispatch them.  We need to get rid of them!

We need to stop being concerned about morality and the social issues.  We gotta focus on the economy. (So they said.)  “The fact of the matter is that Judeo-Christian ethics have been driven from our culture and declared a dinosaur from an ancient past. Right and wrong, virtue, morality, goodness — these have been rejected in pop culture, our education system, the media, and politics. We have been told repeatedly that character doesn’t matter because everyone’s values are different,” and you don’t get to define morality for anyone but yourself.

“All that matters is an ideological agenda and the power that goes with it. That’s all that matters, and you better have the right ideology, and you better have the right agenda or we’re gonna destroy you. “This started years ago when the Republican Party suddenly became enlightened and decided that social and moral issues don’t matter. ‘It’s the economy, stupid! Don’t talk about the evils of abortion. Don’t talk about the Ten Commandments or prayer in schools.

“Don’t talk about the immorality of same-sex marriage or transgendering or even homosexuality. Don’t talk about Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse or anything that touches on issues of character.'” We can’t win if you do! Don’t talk about it.  Their message to salt-of-the-earth types who believe in right and wrong and principles and the Bible has been, “For God’s sake, just shut up. Their message to the salt-of the-earth types … who believe in right and wrong, principles, and the Bible has been ‘For God’s sake, just shut up!’

“For years, the religious right was attacked and maligned from within the Republican Party. They were accused of being backward, stupid, moralistic boobs. Political elites were ashamed to share the same space with them on the public stage. They just wanted them to go away. Well, they didn’t go away, but they did listen. If morality doesn’t matter in politics, then just elect someone who will at least stop the leftist juggernaut (or slow it down) even though he’s immoral, unprincipled, egotistical, and not really much of a conservative.”

In other words, the Republican elites told people that believe in right and wrong and morality and may be Christians, “Forget it!  Don’t concern yourself with that.  Don’t concern yourself with vulgarity! Don’t concern yourself with character. Don’t concern yourself with things like abortion.  We’ve got a bigger thing to fry.  We have got to stop the left.  We have got to stop the Democrats and we can’t do it if you people are gonna be running around worried morality every day.”

So what did those people do?  They said, “Okay.  Here’s Donald Trump.”  The Republican base went out and nominated Donald Trump, and have you noticed that a whole lot of evangelical groups have not run away from him?  Franklin Graham and others have stood right with him while other Republicans are running for the tall grass.  Well? And the point here by Denise McAllister is: You Republican elites, this is what you said you wanted!  You wanted somebody hip, you wanted somebody cool, you wanted somebody who wasn’t a prisoner to religious values. 

You wanted somebody who wasn’t a stiff moralist, judgmental, demanding everybody be of perfect character, have “the right attitudes” on guns and gays and marriage and what have you.  And the Republican Party said, “We can’t win with you people.”  So Republican base voters — whether they intended to or not, whether they were responding to the Republican elite or not — ended up nominating somebody who clearly is not a disciple of the religious right or the Moral Majority — and never claimed to be, by the way. 

The Republican elites ought to be happy!  The Republican elites ought to be saying, “This is the way we do it! This is the kind of people the Democrats like! This is the kind of people Democrats nominate! This is the kind of people the Democrats vote for. This is the kind of people Democrats put on television,” and they did put Trump on television.  They gave you his own show at NBC called The Apprentice.  So Ms. McAllister’s point is, “What the hell are you doing now? 

“Why are you Republicans who wanted to get rid of all this, now piping up as though you’re the religious prudes and there’s no place in our party for people who don’t kowtow to morality and virtue anymore?”  That’s why she says, you have no right to judge Donald Trump.  You got no right to judge anybody.  You have been condemning the antithesis to Trump for years.  Here comes what you get when you do that.  You want to kick character out of the equation? You want to kick morality of the equation.

Meaning the equation for proper and good candidates. You want to kick virtue out of the equation, you want to kick all these great moral and cultural virtues out of the equation? Fine! Go ahead.  Well, this is some people view what the result is gonna be.  Now all of a sudden you act righteously indignant, like your sensibilities have been offended, like we now can’t win because we don’t have somebody of the proper morality and virtue and character? 

Is it any wonder that Republican base voters’ heads are spinning and swimming and are fit to be tied?  And the same reaction to Democrats, because all of this is trumped-up phony.  Most men love women.  Most men are intrigued and bedeviled by them.  Most men spend their lives dreaming about women.  It’s the most natural, normal thing in the world to do, but here comes the left and the Democrat Party trying to politicize even male-female relationships by inculcating into them things like feminism, proper political behavior. 

And what they have done is screw up everybody’s human nature where the opposite sex is concerned.  Now nobody knows who they’re supposed to be, where they’re supposed to be, what they can and can’t say, because who are the police in all of this?  American leftists and liberals who have as their objective political agenda victory in every aspect of life. 

I haven’t heard of Donald Trump behaving like Bill Clinton has and maybe still does behave.  I don’t think Trump hates women like they’re trying to say.  It’s absurd on its face to say that Trump or people like Trump hate women, but that’s what the left has done.  So now it’s gotten to the point where women on college campus imagine they’re gonna be raped, imagine they have been raped, write fake stories about being rape when it hasn’t happened.  Men don’t want to get anywhere near these places anymore. 

Something as beautiful and natural as male-female relationships have been perhaps inalterably politicized, and politicized from the standpoint that men are the predators and that men are brutes and that men are uncaring, what have you, all to get the female vote. 

And I just sense people are getting fed up with it entirely.  They may not even know specifically why.  But it’s just one of the seeming gazillion things that just are not right in this country and out of whack.  And everybody is now getting afraid to do things, say things, think things, ’cause somebody that you can see or can’t see may someday surface and allege that you have been a reprobate. 

Like I say, folks, in the first hour, for those of you who think the Republicans have to get rid of Trump, go ahead.  But I’m just gonna tell you, if they can do to Mitt Romney what they did to him, they can do it to anybody.  It isn’t gonna help getting rid of Trump.  At some point if people don’t stand up and make this kind of tactic not work for the Democrats, it’s going to continue. For years Christians in particular have been attacked and silenced as they tried to challenge the immorality pervasive in today’s society.  When they tell people casual sex is wrong, they get the inevitable, “You got no right to tell me what I can or can’t do.  You don’t get to define morality for me.  It’s none of your business what I do.  Shut up.” 

If they oppose sexual immorality in any form including adultery, they are maligned as sanctimonious Puritans who have not gotten with it in the twenty-first century.  It’s a long piece; it’s well thought out.  But the point is, in the midst of all of this, the very people promoting the dissolution of morality and virtue now claim to have their morality and virtue offended to the point that they can barely get out of bed every day unless we get rid of Donald Trump.  It’s because somebody stood up on ’em and that’s what Trump’s doing and that’s why he’s alive and breathing in his campaign today.  Not these other things.  


RUSH: Brownsville, California.  Michael, glad you called, sir.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello, Rush.  Mega dittos from Northern California.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  Thank you.  You know, you’re right on point today exactly with pointing out the hypocrisy on both sides of this issue.  My question for you is, what about the supposedly conservative male pundits, oh, Stirewalt or Krauthammer, these guys, who are so disingenuous to act like this is such a big deal?  Why doesn’t anyone just say this is how men are, it’s testosterone, it’s what we do.

RUSH:  You kidding?  There’s not a man alive today who’s gonna say, “Hey, I’ve done it. Hey, I have friends who’ve done it.”  There’s not a guy, particularly in the world of politics or media, who is going to say he is in any way familiar with what Donald Trump was saying.

CALLER:  It’s really disappointing, Rush, because conservatives like us tune in to you three hours a day for some guidance, and when you’re not on the air we look other places and, you know, maybe there are some conservative pundits on Fox News, and to see them be so disingenuous on this issue, it’s very disappointing.

RUSH:  Well, wait a minute. Here’s the difference.  They actually live and function in the world of politics. They’re happy to, and they admit so.  I mean, they’re media people, but they cover and analyze politics. 


RUSH:  I do not.  I am a radio guy.  I’m a radio talk show host, and I talk about things above and beyond politics.  I’m just so good at it that I come across as a political expert. 

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: But I’m not afraid to sound like I’m not of the political apparatus.  Those guys can’t afford to.  They’ve got to condemn it.  They have to condemn it.  It’s expected in that business.  It’s in the unwritten rules of conventional wisdom.  The conventional wisdom here is Trump’s a reprobate, he better not defend that, it’s indefensible. It’s indefensible based on where the establishment has taken politics and culture in public today. If you get even close to explaining that or if people think you’re defending it, then you’re gonna get the same the treatment Trump is getting.

CALLER:  But isn’t it ironic that more women are coming to Trump’s against on this issue, like the articles that you pointed out?

RUSH:  No, it doesn’t surprise me at all.  I think in the world of politics run by the left, men have been chickified.

CALLER:  Yeah, well, you’re right about that. 

RUSH:  And, by the way, I’m not saying they’ve become wimpized, although they may be.  They’ve become chickified.  I have always believed that in a civilized society, women really run it.  Women have the power because it’s women who say “no.”

CALLER:  That is very true.

RUSH:  Women who say yes or no.  That’s what’s always been such a curious thing to me about feminism.  They never lost any power.  However, when you start talking about this particular area of our population, you’re talking about the politicized nature of our country where feminism dominates and all heterosexual men want women.  And all men realize you’ve got to do certain things. If you want to get a woman who happens to be a feminist, then you better do and say, be certain things.  Men have gone crazy trying to be what they think women want them to be, and that’s men in Washington, gone crazy.


RUSH: Our previous caller made a good point, an illustration.  He found it curious that it was women on the conservative side of the aisle, who seemed to be more able to spot what really is going on here.  Therefore, it is women who are the least offended by what Trump’s doing.  I’ll tell you this, folks.  There’s nobody better to tell you who’s a man and who isn’t than a woman.  Women will spot manliness, or lack of it, faster than any man will.  If you really want to know… It’s just the way it is. 

Now, looking for strong men to if not defend Trump, to at least try to put this perspective in conservative media? Folks, it isn’t gonna happen.  Everybody there is in the world of politics.  Politics has got its own rules and boundaries, and the daily narrative and the conventions.  And if everybody in it concludes that Trump equals reprobate, Trump is a sleaze, Trump’s… If you don’t flow with it — if you don’t at least admit to the premise first and then try to, you know, qualify yourself — you’re dead in that world.  It’s a follow-me world, politics is, and the left runs it, and there are just certain things that you have to accept. 

And in that world, the definition of a real man is different from, I would say, outside Washington or outside the establishment.  I don’t think that’s even arguable.  But human nature is what it is, and men (straight men) want women.  And it’s always a challenge.  It’s never a piece of cake.  You’re rejected.  You know Woody Allen? One funny thing he really said. Somebody said, “Woody, what has success meant?”  He said, “It means being rejected by a higher class of woman.”  Life is filled with rejection.  Men — nobody — women, they don’t like rejection. 

It hurts.  It’s painful.  But women do it.  Women are the ones that say “no.”  Women are the ones that refuse marriage proposals, say “no” to going out on dates, say “no” to sex, say “no” whatever.  And in a civilized society, that’s the last word.  Women have always had this power.  As a student of sociological behavior, it’s always fascinated me.  Men will do whatever it takes. If they spot somebody they really like, they’ll do whatever it takes. If it means read a Susan Brownmiller book to be conversant on what feminists think of rape, they’ll do it, when they otherwise wouldn’t. 

If it means treating women as victims of reprobate men, if it means thinking that conservative men are a bunch of predators and wife beaters, then you do it.  You think it!  Whatever’s required.  Because most men end up being P-whipped.  It’s the state of things.  It’s why there are babies.  That… I guarantee, saying that is going to tick off so many you cannot… I’m just… I referred to nature.  Nature.  What is the purpose of life? What is the primary objective of life?  To live. To sustain itself. 

Life goes on.

Wherever it is, its main objective is to keep going, and it always wins. Life always wins.  And nature? It’s all built into nature.  Survivability, life perpetuating.  And that means there have to be babies. Baby everything! Baby birds, baby human beings, baby ants. You name it. There have to be babies, and what has to happen for there to be babies?  Okay, birds and bees.  What has to happen for that to happen?  It’s all intertwined, and it’s all nature, and the left has come along and tried to monkey with it by politicizing as much of it as they can for whatever just really convoluted reasons. 

They’ve taken a really beautiful thing, male-female relationships, and turned them into a battle, a political battle, an ideological war.  And if you doubt me, what is the War on Women?  What the hell is it?  How crazy is that entire concept, that there is a political party conducting a War on Women because they hate them.  And the fact that they can sell that to their voters and make political gain on that basis is damn amazing to me.  And yet how many people do you know who really believe that there’s a War on Women, that Republicans/conservatives don’t like women?

It’s the most stupid, it’s a… I’ll tell you what it is: Liberalism has become a special kind of stupid.  


RUSH: Christine in San Clemente, California.  Welcome.  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  Oh, thank you, Rush.  You are such an inspiration to so many of us who need to be comforted and uplifted after the news media hits us with all of these issues.  Greetings from sunny San Clemente in Orange County, California.

RUSH:  It’s beautiful there.  It’s beautiful.  It’s great to have people in the audience from there.  It’s a beautiful place.  I thank you very much for what you said.

CALLER:  Oh, you are very welcome, Rush, because every ever every morning I’m depressed about what I hear, and I turn you on, and you just explain everything.

RUSH:  These three hours of this program are the only three hours anymore where life seems normal.

CALLER:  You’re right.  Rush.

RUSH:  Yes?

CALLER:  You know what, I’m proud to say that I am an evangelical Christian, and I’m proud of it.  I’m a Trumpster, completely, all the way, through and through, and plus I’m a woman.  Rush, I don’t fit into this mold.  I don’t have the outrage.  And I’m not a hypocrite. 

RUSH:  Wait, wait, wait.  What mold do you not fit into?  Are you telling me you’re not upset with what Trump said?

CALLER:  I am not an outraged woman over what Trump said.

RUSH:  Oh.  Okay.

CALLER:  And I’m not embarrassed to tell people that.  “Oh, well, you’re a Christian.”  Yes!  I’m a Christian, but I’m not a hypocrite.  You know, there’s only one person who was sinless, Rush, and we know who that was.

RUSH:  Yes, we do.

CALLER:  Rush, do you know that Saturday Night Live said the P-word on Saturday night?

RUSH:  Are you kidding?  That’s the least of what — it’s everywhere.  The P-word — in fact, Cookie said, “Look, it’s in so many sound bites today.”  She said, “Do you want me to let it go or should I edit it out, bleep it,” and I said, “This program has standards, we’re gonna bleep it out.” 

CALLER:  Rush, why aren’t we hearing about that?  The very people who are attacking Trump for his words are saying the same thing.  Hollywood has been saying this for years and years.

RUSH:  I know.  I did a whole monologue on it, because they are allowed to.  The important thing of what you’re saying here is that you’re a Christian and you’re not bothered by it.  The Republican Party —

CALLER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  — thinks people like you are petrified, angry, and ready to leave the party over this.

CALLER:  That’s why I was so encouraged by your words today, because you identify the hypocrisy.  And it’s not true.  We are not outraged.  You know, this happened 11 years ago.  He’s given an apology, I’ve accepted it, and, you know, anyone else who doesn’t want to accept it, then so be it.

RUSH:  Can I ask a question?


RUSH:  Can I ask a question of everybody?  I know I’m running a risk, I’m walking along a narrow precipice here when I ask this, but to how many women is language like this coming from any man a surprise?  Now, I mean, I just asking. I’m trying to imagine this.  The tape is released on Friday and all the cable networks are playing the tape, and I’m trying to imagine millions of women in front of the TV standing up in outrage in shock and saying, “Well, I never.  Is that what he thinks?  I have never, I don’t know a single guy who talks that way.” 

How many women like that are there?  How many women are stunned and shocked by this?  “Well, Rush, I mean, we’re talking about a presidential candidate.”  Again, I point you to Bill Clinton and the Democrats.  I’m sorry, but you’ve already elected a guy.

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