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“That open-mic tape is in a microcosm what this entire election is about. You’re probably saying, ‘What?’ Yeah, it is. That whole thing is exactly what Trump winning the nomination is about… I hope there is going to be a giant backlash over it, because, ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that it does not matter who the Republican Party nominates, this is what’s gonna happen.”

“If you want to throw Trump overboard, you know what you ought to do? You ought to just concede the presidency to the Democrats and apologize for ever trying, and hope that they forgive you.”

“There is not a single person in this world — male, female, straight, gay, you name it — who could survive what Donald Trump has been subjected to, because everybody would be subjected to it and we all have committed quote/unquote ‘sins’ as defined by the political class.”

“The purpose of last night — and it’s a failure today — was to take Trump out forever, not just his political campaign. Donald Trump the human being was to be humiliated and destroyed and rendered so humiliated and embarrassed he would never be seen in public again, and that’s the lesson any further, additional, future challenger to the establishment was to take from last night. The message is, ‘Don’t mess with us. Do not come after us. We’ll take you out, and you’ll lose not just an election. You’ll lose everything important to you. We will destroy you!'”

“Trump may have said these things, but the Democrats have nominated and elected and celebrated people who do these things. And where is the outrage over it? 

“I find it ironic that the Democrat Party wants to throw down the morality card. The Democrat Party, which is responsible for the dissolution of morality in this country. The Democrat Party which is for all these progressive new attitudes in our culture, and now all of a sudden acting like a bunch of prudes.”

“There’s not a guy, particularly in the world of politics or media, who is going to say he is in any way familiar with what Donald Trump was saying.”

“If Trump were a Democrat, they’d be covering it up and privately inviting him to parties and yukking it up.” 

“This is what it looks like when you take on the establishment. It isn’t gonna be pretty. It isn’t gonna be clean. It isn’t gonna be pristine. The establishment, with everything they are invested in the establishment, remaining the establishment and in power, they’re just it is not gonna sit back and trust this to your votes.” 

“I can’t help it that the election manifested itself the way it did, but for me it’s always been about one thing:  defeating Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and the Obama agenda.”

“Heather Mac Donald writes, ‘The Left condemns the GOP candidate even as it celebrates crudity and sexual exhibitionism throughout the culture.’ That’s exactly right!”   

“There’s not a human being — there’s not a normal, red-blooded American man — who has not said something to somebody that, if exposed, would not be embarrassing, would not be humiliating, would not get them in trouble.”

“My guess is that a slew of Americans are fed up with all of this kind of rotgut determining electoral outcomes, particularly this year. And I am hoping there is a huge backlash over this entire tactic.” 

“The left and the media are not offended in the slightest by what Trump said! They’re capitalizing on it. They’re the ones that set up this permissive society! They’re the ones who have shred the boundaries. These are the people that take money from people in Hollywood that produce some of the most depraved content we’ve seen!” 

 “Last night was the first time that serious allegations that everybody has known about regarding the Clintons for 20 years were actually prosecuted and for the first time we saw Hillary Clinton didn’t even have the guts to try to blame it on the vast right-wing conspiracy last night.”

“It’s the hypocrisy that gets me. But it’s more than hypocrisy because the left have people who have actually lived in vulgarity, and they have promoted these people who have lived this vulgarity, and they have made fun of us for being a bunch of boring, no-fun moralists.”

“The left and the Democrat Party are trying to politicize  male-female relationships by inculcating into them things like feminism, proper political behavior.  And what they have done is screw up everybody’s human nature where the opposite sex is concerned. Now nobody knows who they’re supposed to be, where they’re supposed to be, what they can and can’t say, because who are the police in all of this? American leftists and liberals who have as their objective political agenda victory in every aspect of life.” 

“There’s nobody better to tell you who’s a man and who isn’t than a woman. Women will spot manliness, or lack of it, faster than any man will.”

“I am a radio guy. I’m a radio talk show host, and I talk about things above and beyond politics. I’m just so good at it that I come across as a political expert.”

“I think in the world of politics run by the left, men have been chickified.”

“I have always believed that in a civilized society, women really run it. Women have the power because it’s women who say ‘no.'”

“It’s a follow-me world, politics is, and the left runs it.”

“How crazy is that entire concept, that there is a political party conducting a War on Women because they hate them. And the fact that they can sell that to their voters and make political gain on that basis is damn amazing to me. And yet how many people do you know who really believe that there’s a War on Women, that Republicans/conservatives don’t like women?” 

“Women say yes or no. That’s what’s always been such a curious thing to me about feminism. They never lost any power.” 

“Something as beautiful and natural as male-female relationships have been perhaps inalterably politicized, and politicized from the standpoint that men are the predators and that men are brutes and that men are uncaring, what have you, all to get the female vote.” 

“Women are the ones that say ‘no.’ Women are the ones that refuse marriage proposals, say ‘no’ to going out on dates, say ‘no’ to sex, say ‘no’ whatever. And in a civilized society, that’s the last word. Women have always had this power. As a student of sociological behavior, it’s always fascinated me.” 

“Liberalism has become a special kind of stupid.”

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