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RUSH: Audio sound bites. I’ll take you back to December 5th, 2014, me on this very program.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  You wait until these Millennials find out how she enabled her husband to sexually whatever, abuse whatever, all of these women.  They weren’t alive when that happened.  They weren’t alive during Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, and Kathleen Willey.  They weren’t old enough to remember it, Lewinsky and all that.  Wait ’til they find out.  Let me put it to you this way.  Today’s Millennials, if, if, if — don’t misquote quote me on this — if they found out that Obama was running around serially involved in adulterous relationships and Michelle Obama was in charge of ruining the reputations of the women involved, you think the Millennials would put up with it?  Well, wait ’til they find out that Hillary ran the bimbo eruptions.  This generation of young people, gay marriage, all of this stuff, fine and dandy, feminism totally runs their show, you wait ’til they find out Hillary’s role in what she did to other women.  I’m telling you.

RUSH:  Now, for those of you who have listened to this program for years, what Trump did yesterday is he pulled another trick on the media.  He called a predebate press conference. (laughing)  So they showed up!  I don’t know if they thought he was gonna announce that he was getting out of the race. Who knows what they tell themselves? But when they showed up to his press conference, there they were: Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, the then 12-year-old girl raped by a guy that Hillary defended got off on the charge of raping the then 12-year-old.  And Trump let them tell their story. 

The media was fit to be tied! They’d been roped into, tricked into — and what Trump did is, for the first time in 20 years, get those women’s stories on CNN.  Now, 90% of the Drive-By Media did nothing more with it.  They’re still obscuring it, not covering it.  But for the first time, those women’s stories reached mass media, and that means for the first time a bunch of Millennial-aged women found out about this from the sources. Not from media that they may have a problem with or not trust or believe, but from the women themselves. 

Hillary claims that the Millennial vote is very important to her, very crucial.  They always say this. And the Millennial vote’s probably gonna be what it usually is, not nearly as big a turnout as everybody predicts that it’s gonna be.  But this is one of these things that might not be showing up right now in polling data.  The polling data right now looks horrible for Trump.  I saw moments ago on Fox that Hillary’s up 11.  I guess it’s their poll; I don’t know.  The poll was not… It’s the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, and Hillary’s up 11 in four-way race. 

They’re concluding that that’s it; it’s over and so forth.  You can probably expect, folks, that there’s gonna be more Trump audio or video.  I’m sure the people that have been collecting this. “Yeah, but why didn’t they do this back in August?”  They’ve had this Billy Bush audio.  They’ve had this for months.  Why didn’t they use it in September?  Why didn’t they use it to affect the Republican nomination?  They have been waiting for just the right time, and I think what’s going on now is, they’re letting all of this be reacted to by Trump and when it settles down, which always does.

There will be even more, and the cycle here is going to continue, and they’ll find things in Trump’s past where he will probably be accused — maybe even sided with — the Clintons or with Bill Clinton a couple things.  They’re gonna do whatever they can to point out what they think is Trump hypocrisy and so forth.  So this stuff will continue.  There’ll be more of this before the next debate, mark my words.  But I do want to play you a sound bite here from Kayleigh McEnany.

She is a Trump supporter, and she is one of… I think she’s a spokeswoman for Trump.  She’s on TV occasionally.  This is last night on CNN, Debate Night in America, predebate coverage, Jake Tapper speaking with Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany about Trump’s press conference with Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones.  Jake Tapper said, “How many voters does this add to Donald Trump’s voters?” He means this little trick that Trump pulled here. How many votes is it gonna get him?  “I believe that all the people who know these stories … are already solidly in Donald Trump’s camp.” So what does he expect to get out of all of this?

MCENANY:  You know who doesn’t know these stories?  It’s Millennials.  It’s Millennial women.  One in five women on a college campus are the victims of sexual assault, and Hillary Clinton tweeted out a year ago, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.”  For her to put out a statement right now calling it a “stunt,” when three women have the courage to take the national stage — and before all of this country —

TAPPER: (sputtering)

MCENANY: — share their stories of sexual assault? That is sick, Hillary Clinton.  Did they not think through this? This isn’t a “stunt”!

TAPPER: (sputtering)

MCENANY: Ask Juanita Broaddrick if this is a stunt. 

TAPPER: Here’s the thing.

MCENANY: Ask these women if this is a stunt. 

TAPPER: Here’s the thing on —

MCENANY: It is courage.

TAPPER: Shhhh…

MCENANY: These women are courageous, and we need to recognize that.

RUSH:  That was Kayleigh McEnany claiming that Millennial women are gonna find out about this, one and five don’t know about it, and there might be some bad news for Hillary in it.  Later on, on CNN, as we’re staying in order here on the audio sound bites, CNN’s special predebate edition of Erin Burnett OutFront, she had on Jeffrey Lord from the American Spectator talking about Trump’s press conference with Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones. 

Erin Burnett said, “You now have them sitting in the audience of the debate. They went from the predebate press conference to the audience.  You have Bill Clinton sitting in the same room that they are sittings in.  How does that play out, Jeff?”

LORD:  What they’ve just done here is get this out into the conservative media stream, whether it’s picked up, and obviously it is picked up right here on CNN, and to get this everywhere. You can be guaranteed that tomorrow morning, or tomorrow noon when Rush Limbaugh hits the airwaves, that this will be topic A. (multiple crosstalk)

RUSH:  Did you hear what happened at the mention of my name?  They all started talking.  Every damn one of them on the panel.  You know who that was?  That was Paul Begala, David Axelrod, Gloria Borger, and Van Jones. Here, play it again.  The very mention of my name and they all go bonkers trying to stop Lord from what he is saying and making sure that no further communication happens. 

LORD:  What they’ve just done here is get this out into the conservative media stream, whether it’s picked up, and obviously it is picked up right here on CNN, and to get this everywhere. You can be guaranteed that tomorrow morning, or tomorrow noon when Rush Limbaugh hits the airwaves, that this will be topic A. (multiple crosstalk)

RUSH:  Is that not hilarious?  He-he-he-he-he!  That’s hilarious.  The mention of my name is a trigger and they all just go nuts.  The Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, Clinton 52, Trump 38, 446 respondent, margin of error 4.46%.  I don’t care how you slice it, that doesn’t look good, 52-38, that’s not 11 points, that’s 12.  No, that’s 14 points.  I saw a poll that had 11.  This is worse than the one I saw.  And I don’t know, are these predebate polls?  Oh, postaudio but predebate.

Did you hear Frank Luntz did a focus group last night on Fox with Megyn Kelly.  Well, here, I’ve got those bites.  Frank Luntz was shocked.  The Luntz focus group on Fox loved Trump last night and they didn’t want to, and they didn’t expect to.  So Luntz says, “I want a word or phrase to describe Donald Trump’s performance.”

MAN:  I feel he’s much improved.

WOMAN:  Calm and strong.

MAN:  He had practice.

WOMAN:  He seemed more presidential.

MAN:  Much improved.

MAN:  Sure of himself.

WOMAN:  Much improved.

MAN:  The bar set so low for him.

WOMAN:  More researched.

RUSH:  So after asking the group what they thought after the debate Luntz then offered this bit of analysis.

LUNTZ:  This is the first time of the three debates that there has been any genuine movement.  I have to acknowledge something here.  I thought that it was all over for Donald Trump, and when these people walked in here I was pretty sure of it.  Based on their response, and I hope to bring some more of it to you later on in the show, I have to change my mind.  I actually think that tonight was so significant that he is back in this race.

RUSH:  Frank Luntz in his focus group last night.  It kind of goes against these polls that the Drive-Bys are presenting out there to whatever extent you want to apply credence to any of this.  But that debate last night, I don’t want to be repetitive.  I spent the first half hour of the program today on this.  But it was remarkable because the purpose of last night was to finish Trump off, and not just this campaign. 

Last night was about totally destroying Donald Trump in his business, his character, his reputation, everything, as a warning to the next person that might try it:  Remember what happened to Trump.  It is classic establishment.  The media and the Democrats working together.

And Trump, if you want to say the debate was a draw, no matter how you slice this, when you realize what the objective was, this was a huge win for Trump.  Whether he wins the election or not, last night was huge personally for Trump, that he pulled it off, that he was able to pull it off, that he pulled it off so decisively.  It was a big, big moment for him personally, because this was, in addition to all the political noise, an effort to destroy the man as well for daring to even try this.

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