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RUSH:  By the way, you know, back in April, April 6th, I went back, ’cause I thought I recalled it, CNN did a whole story warning Trump not to go after Bill Clinton.  I remember sharing that story with you when it came out, back in April on this program, and I pointed out, here they are already, CNN already trying to protect Hillary by warning Trump, don’t go there, and the last paragraph of this story is just delicious.  


RUSH: I have this story. I referenced this here moments ago, and I want to go back to it. I want to read to you this last paragraph, ’cause this is classic.  This is the CNN piece from April, and it was the piece that served as a warning to Trump and the Republicans: Don’t bring up the Clinton sex scandals.  The premise of the story is, you boobs tried this back in the nineties.  You idiot Republicans, you tried destroying us and the Clintons and the Democrats with it. Don’t make the same mistake again. 

‘Cause, see, they’re trying to help us!  The media and the Democrats, CNN, they’re trying to help us.  They don’t want us to make the same mistake again, right?  So they’re warning us: Do not try to go after Bill Clinton again! Here’s how the story begins: “Bill Clinton’s Nearly Forgotten 1992 Sex Scandal — Scandals are an integral part of the American political tradition.  … The lesson is that not all scandals are equal and sometimes the failure of an incident to uproot a candidate tells us a great deal about the changing political moment in which they’re running.

“This was the case in 1992 with Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton.” They go on to talk about all the women that came forward, and it didn’t harm Clinton, didn’t derail Clinton, the Republicans overplayed their hand.  And the warning here is: Don’t do it again.  And this first paragraph explains how the Clintons got away with it.  The translation of this paragraph is: The Clintons lied their head off, and they attacked the women who were telling the truth — and the Drive-By Media went along with the Clintons, and helped destroy the women. 

That’s what CNN admits happened here, and they’re warning: It’ll happen again.  If you, Trump, or any Republicans go after Hillary on the basis of going after Bill, we’re gonna lie again, and we’re gonna promote the Clintons again and we’re gonna make sure you don’t get away with it.  The last paragraph of this piece… I may need to read a sentence beforehand.  Yeah.  “The times, they were a-changin’. Bill Clinton never pretended to be some kind of cultural conservative who claimed that everyone should live by certain personal standards.

“Nor was he a politician who wanted some kinds of regulations on the ways in which other Americans lived their lives. The fact this did not bring him down revealed the zeitgeist had changed pretty dramatically.” Meaning the fact that Clinton could survive all those scandals, all those women saying that he had done this to them, the fact that he could survive it “revealed the zeitgeist had changed pretty dramatically.”  The definition of the “zeitgeist” is “spirit of the times.” 

So what this means is American cultural advancement had progressed to the point that a guy supposedly raping a woman and abusing others didn’t bother Americans anymore because they were culturally advanced.  And Republicans would pay the price for not seeing that.  “Republicans would pay the price for missing these lessons when they tried to impeach Clinton later in his presidency based on a sexual relationship with an intern, Monica Lewinsky.”

That’s not why he was impeached.  It’s because he lied under oath to a grand jury.  But that’s splitting hairs.  “What the Republicans learned, once again –” are you ready for this, now?  Remember, this is in a piece warning Trump not to go after Bill Clinton back in April. 

What the Republicans learned “was the public didn’t want these sorts of issues to dominate their politics and in the end, the backlash from the impeachment proceedings against Clinton went against the GOP, not against Clinton. In the 2016 election, we are seeing once again that the public is more interested in the need to fix the economy and Washington than they are with the personal lives of most of the candidates in this campaign, at least those who don’t claim any kind of special personal virtue.”

So, let me translate this in case you — this ought to be slapping you upside the head here.  In April, CNN warns us, don’t go after Bill Clinton.  You tried it once, it’s not gonna work, the American people don’t want to hear this kind of stuff about their candidates.  They want to hear about the issues.  So you leave Clinton alone.  It will only hurt you, Trump. 

Now, what’s been done to Trump?  The exact thing that they’re warning us not to do on Bill Clinton back in April, they’re telling us the American people don’t care about these kinds of things in a candidate.  We have the need to fix the economy.  We have to fix Washington.  People don’t care what Clinton did in ’92.  People don’t care what Trump said in 2000.  Except, except now that it doesn’t involve Bill Clinton, isn’t it interesting, the American people do care, and the American people care about it more than they care about the issues, because now it’s not about Clinton, it’s about Trump.  So, once again this hypocritical double standard rears its head, blatantly in such a way you can’t miss it if somebody like me catches it and points it out to you.

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