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NFL Still Puzzled by TV Ratings Drop

RUSH:  Yes siree. Here we are in Los Angeles for our final remaining big broadcast hour.  Everything looks good for being back to the EIB Southern Command on Monday. But again, it doesn’t matter ’cause as long as I’m here, it doesn’t matter where “here” is.  And Open Line Friday means whatever you want to talk about is fine.  Does not have to be… Like we don’t do “topics.”  I had somebody called, “Rush, what I have to say is a little off the topic of global warming.”  We don’t topics.  We do the news. 

Whatever’s hot, whatever’s happening, whatever I care about.  But on Friday, I don’t have to care about it.  You can call… Like if you want to speculate why the NFL — I mean, it’s serious — is losing audience. It’s big time.  They’re facing advertiser refunds. It’s major, and a lot of people think that they’re not honestly assessing what’s wrong.  You know what the most popular reason given is? Overexposure. The Thursday night game.  Yep, that’s it, folks! Tell me. 

You’re not watching football on Sunday and Monday night because they played Thursday night, too, right? (chuckles) Well, there are other factors.  I think it’s a cumulative coalition the things just happened at one time, and with the crossing of the T being Colin Kaepernick and the boys deciding to take the occasion of the NFL stage to let everybody know they’re not happy with the country in which the game is being played.  That’s got to be having some impact on people, but the NFL doesn’t want to admit that.  

This BLM Tweet on the Hurricane Says It All

RUSH: I was just sent a tweet.  I have no idea if this is true.  It looks like a real tweet, and I’m prone to believe this because it’s insane out there. This is from a Black Lives Matter member.  I’m not gonna embarrass her by mentioning her name, but it’s in a thread about Hurricane Matthew and how the racist the hurricane is.  I’m not making this up.  The Hurricane is racist because it only killed black people in Haiti.

The Black Lives Matter tweet is, “The death toll in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew is 339.  That’s what environmental racism looks like.”  Now, folks, that is entirely believable that somebody thinks that way at Black Lives Matter.  Whether this is a real tweet or not, I don’t know, but this is how they think. Environmental racism.  So the hurricane is a product of the environment.  Like I said at the top, they love Mother Nature, normally.

Except Mother Nature is now a victim of us because we cause hurricanes, global warming. So Mother Nature’s a victim, and because we are racist, we have now turned a hurricane racist.  And that’s what this dimwit believes!  This how they talk to each other.  “The death toll in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew is 339.  That’s what environmental racism looks like,” and there’s a bunch of people are making fun of it, too. So that’s why I think it’s real.  

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