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RUSH:  So how many of you watched the Donald Trump debate last night on taxes and nicknames for women?  How many of you saw that debate?  Yeah.  I have to tell you, folks, I nearly turned it off I can’t tell you how many times.  I was embarrassed by the whole thing.  As a citizen, I was embarrassed for it. 

The critics of Donald Trump say that he’s a buffoon and he’s unserious and all this.  Tim Kaine last night was an embarrassment, just an abomination, and the moderator was an embarrassment last night.  So much became clear, so much became obvious.  One of the things, I’ll just tell you right off the bat, the left is paranoid and fearful.  They are terrified to let any right-leaning, mainstream conservative ideas enter the public arena.  They simply will not permit it because they are afraid of it. 

I submit to you that they know how extreme and out of the mainstream of American life and dreams and American ambition they are.  I think they know it.  In fact, I think it governs and defines how they do everything.  The reason they are lawless, the reason that they are politically corrupting as many institutions as possible is because they know they would not be preferred by a majority of people. 

They can’t leave it to the chance of democracy.  They just can’t.  They have to skew the game, rig the game, corrupt the institutions.  And it just gets frustrating to watch it take place.  It’s getting more and more frustrating to watch this happen.  And while it happens, we have to be treated to the arrogant conceit of these people that they represent the majority of thinking in this country.  I refuse to believe that they do. 

And proof positive, if this country were gone and if we were lost, this country should have been applauding Tim Kaine last night and he should have been proclaimed the knockdown winner.  But that’s not what happened.  Even the Drive-By Media is embarrassed of Tim Kaine and realizes that he blew it. So their cover story is, well, you know what, he intended to lose it. They made a calculation on the Clinton side, go ahead and lose the debate, but make sure they trash and tarnish Trump from the beginning to the end of the thing.  It’s worth losing the debate within the arena of ideas with all the judges, the American people, the media. 

And who knows, that could be true.  I maintain to you that these people are so terrified of what you and I believe. They are terrified of anybody who can explain it. They are terrified of anybody who can persuade.  They’re terrified of anybody who can sell it.  They simply cannot, in their minds, permit the things that you and I believe, which are mainstream from the founding days of this country.  They can’t permit them in the public domain, untouched, unattacked, unfiltered.  It’s really rather amazing when you think about it. 

They can’t allow anybody to talk about the real world.  They can’t allow anybody to describe real circumstances for real people.  They simply cannot allow it.  They have to spin the illusion that exists inside their collective elitist compound in Washington, Boston, and New York, what is called the Washington-Boston-New York corridor.  Don’t let anybody talk about, say, job creation.  No, no, we can’t talk about job creation.  The government does that already. The government’s doing great, like 15 million new jobs, the interrupter kept shouting last night, 15 million new jobs. 

What 15 million new jobs?  There are 94 million Americans not working, 15 million new jobs?  What are they?  They’re part-time jobs, people hired, so companies can escape Obamacare, which even Bill Clinton is out trashing now.  And don’t let’s talk about the results of illegal immigration.  No, no, no, we can’t talk about immigration honestly.  We can’t permit any honest characterization of what’s happening to this country because of illegal immigration, because there are too many potential Democrat votes tied up in it.  So we can’t allow anybody to actually discuss this in a truthful and honest manner. 

The left simply cannot survive in a room where the light shines equally on them and us.  And last night was clear and present evidence of this.  It was rank amateur.  It was so beneath what this country deserves.  It was so beneath what the people and the voters of this country deserve.  And it was brought to us by the Democrat Party and their hacks disguised as journalists.  It really was embarrassing.  It didn’t even reach the level of high school grade intellect.  I mean, it was a shame.  It was, to me, depressing that this kind of stuff has been triumphing, and the people who engage in this kind of stuff triumph and win. 

Let’s not talk about stopping terrorism, because you know Hillary Clinton killed bin Laden with her bare hands. Yep, yep, where were you, Pence, where were you, huh, huh?  Hillary Clinton, she killed bin Laden, did you miss that?  You want to talk about terrorism, where is any terrorism?  Hillary killed bin Laden. 

I’m sitting here, I’m sitting there watching this, and I’m praying that the low-information crowd is aware enough to see through this.  Let’s not talk about Social Security and how to actually pay for it.  No, no, no, no.  We gotta talk about how the Republicans want to take yours away. We gotta keep talking like the Democrats have been talking my whole life about how the Republicans want to cut your Social Security and kick you out of your house.  And we want to keep talking about how trickle-down didn’t work and how the economic policies of 10, 15, 20 years ago have not worked, as though the ones of the last eight years have? 

The economic policies of 20, 30 years ago did work — and that’s another thing the Democrats cannot permit to be admitted, seen, discussed, what have you.  The economics of the Reagan years led to a 20-year boom, until Bill Clinton’s policies finally began to take their toll on it.  The economic policies of the last eight years are why Millennials still live at home in their parents in the basement.  The economic policies of the last eight years are why Millennial college graduates have 30-year debt to retire, along with their degrees that probably are not worth much in the grand marketplace of the American economy anyway. 

The economy of the last eight years hasn’t grown more than 1.5% in any one quarter.  It is embarrassing.  And let’s not talk about how our tax code’s an ungodly mess created by Washington, DC!  No, no, no.  No, no, no.  We gotta scream about Donald Trump.  We have to scream how Donald Trump is cheating everybody, how Donald Trump is not doing his fair share, how Donald Trump is not making proper investments, how Donald Trump is not doing his proper contributions.  We must talk about how Donald Trump is cheating everybody.

The Donald Trump who has created more jobs than Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Harry Reid, or any of these others combined in their entire lives.  And let’s talk about how Donald Trump is unfit.  Let’s talk about calling Mexicans names!  Let’s take everything out of context. Let’s just keep reminding people.  None of that — not one instance of anything Tim Kaine was making a point about — has anything to do with the future of this country.  Now, some people say, “Well, Rush, I mean, it’s politics-as-usual.  It’s what we get.” 

No, it’s not.  It’s getting worse, folks.  Last night, I sent a couple people a note.  It looked to me like Kaine was trying to replicate Joe Biden’s treatment of Paul Ryan. It’s exactly what it looked like. Biden started out interrupting, being contemptuous, disrespectful.  It was the same playbook that they used that they think that they won the election back four years ago with, the Romney-Ryan ticket.  But this was worse.  I mean, there is a gradual decline in the overall intellect, in the seriousness of the things that we are dealing with, the issues, the challenges that we as Americans face.

And we were all insulted and unserved, disserved by two of the people in that debate last night.  The moderator, I’m not gonna embarrass her further by even mentioning her name.  But she had no more business moderating that debate… Well, I can’t think of an analogy.  It was that inept.  Every question was scripted from a playbook filled with irrelevant, meaningless statistics.  The obvious interruptions that were permitted, the answers that were denied. 

And any time Pence got anywhere near explaining and expressing what we believe, here comes the moderator to the rescue, shutting it all down.  “But, Rush! But, Rush! You shouldn’t be upset because even all the polls show that Tim Kaine didn’t win! Tim Kaine was thought to lose.”  I understand all that.  It doesn’t substitute for the fact that it was beneath us.  Folks, we deserve better. We’re the American people.  We’re American voters. We are the people that make the country work. We deserve better than that.

We deserve better than Hillary Clinton. 

We deserve better than the entire technique the Democrat Party uses to deny alternative ideas, to rig games, to corrupt institutions.  We deserve better.  “What are you saying? You didn’t think Pence did well?”  I’m not saying that at all.  Pence did as good as he could with what he had to work with.  They were trying to bait Pence into losing his temper.  They were trying to bait Pence into accepting all these faux so-called challenges from Kaine, and he did not fall for the traps, didn’t fall for the bait.

But as such… I mean, there were 70 interruptions because Pence was interrupted 70 times. I don’t care how you think he did, he was interrupted 70 times.  Is that the number that they concluded? Is that the total number or is that Kaine’s alone? (interruption) Whatever, it’s close to that.  Seventy different times a serious effort was made to silence Mike Pence.  We deserve better than this — and the moderator was worthless, totally over her head, not qualified.  It’s a classic example of somebody reads a teleprompter, needs a script. (interruption)

That’s what I thought 70 interruptions were just the Kaine interruption.  Well, for every Kaine interruption, you have to conclude 70 things Pence didn’t get to say, 70 times Pence didn’t get finished — 70 times Pence was prevented, is my point.  They were terrified of any right-leaning, mainstream American ideas entering the public arena.  Just shout out over and over that Trump loves Putin, that Mexicans are rapists, that women are pigs — and those tax returns, yeah! Just keep pounding those tax returns. 

Don’t spend any time talking about the greatness of Hillary Clinton ’cause you can’t.  Don’t spend any time talking about the greatness of the last eight years because you can’t.  Don’t spend any time talking about the promise of the next four years under your leadership, because you can’t.  All you can do is all you ever do, and that is impugn, besmirch, criticize, and character-assassinate anybody that doesn’t agree with you.  The Democrats cannot have a debate.  The Democrats cannot talk issues. 

The Democrats cannot talk about accountability because they are the ones who have created all of these messes that we find ourselves in that need desperate attention, and this is why it is imperative that the Democrats have party members disguised as journalists running blocks, downfield blocks, blocks being in the back, clipping, you name it. Illegal hands to the face. Whatever penalty is needed, the media does it for them, and you end up with an event like last night.  I know people think Pence was great.

He maintained his composure, and it was the first time we heard some serious criticisms of the Clinton Foundation.  It was all good.  But the whole thing just left a really sour taste in my mouth, as an American citizen.  And then to add injury to insult, to realize that all kinds of people are out celebrating what Kaine did last night, considering it a rousing success?  Anyway, that’s my brief overview.  We have audio sound bites we’re gonna get to.  I don’t know.  I just didn’t think it was possible but Hillary managed to find a vice presidential candidate almost as unlikable as she is.  If her strategy was to find a jerk to make her appear likable by comparison, she damn near pulled it off.

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