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“So how many of you watched the Donald Trump debate last night on taxes and nicknames for women?” 

“We were all insulted and unserved, disserved by two of the people in that debate last night. The moderator had no business moderating that debate. It was that inept. Every question was scripted from a playbook filled with irrelevant, meaningless statistics. The obvious interruptions that were permitted, the answers that were denied.” 

“The left simply cannot survive in a room where the light shines equally on them and us.”

“Last night’s debate was rank amateur. It was so beneath what this country deserves. It was so beneath what the people and the voters of this country deserve. And it was brought to us by the Democrat Party and their hacks disguised as journalists. It really was embarrassing. It didn’t even reach the level of high school grade intellect.”

“If elected, Hillary Clinton could be impeached based on what we already know, and there’s plenty more yet to be discovered. Emails and other documents that could be used in impeachment proceedings, are waiting to be found like Easter eggs laid out for three-year-olds. That’s why they destroyed the laptops.”

“There is a gradual decline in the overall intellect, in the seriousness of the things that we are dealing with, the issues, the challenges that we as Americans face.”

“The economic policies of the last eight years are why Millennials still live at home in their parents’ basement. The economic policies of the last eight years are why Millennial college graduates have 30-year debt to retire, along with their degrees that probably are not worth much in the grand marketplace of the American economy anyway.”

“The left is paranoid and fearful. They are terrified to let any right-leaning, mainstream conservative ideas enter the public arena. They simply will not permit it because they are afraid of it.” 

“I submit to you that the left knows how extreme and out of the mainstream of American life and dreams and American ambition they are. I think they know it. In fact, I think it governs and defines how they do everything. The reason they are lawless, the reason that they are politically corrupting as many institutions as possible is because they know they would not be preferred by a majority of people.”  

“We’re the American people. We’re American voters. We are the people that make the country work. We deserve better than Hillary Clinton. We deserve better than the entire technique the Democrat Party uses to deny alternative ideas, to rig games, to corrupt institutions. We deserve better.” 

“I still maintain that you can’t judge things happening in this political campaign the way you would judge them if both candidates were from the inside or from the establishment. There clearly is an outsider here, and, boy, are they threatened by that.”  

“These moderators, they want to be every bit as much of the show as the candidates.” 

Don’t spend any time talking about the greatness of Hillary Clinton ’cause you can’t. Don’t spend any time talking about the greatness of the last eight years because you can’t. All you can do is all you ever do, and that is impugn, besmirch, criticize, and character-assassinate anybody that doesn’t agree with you. The Democrats cannot have a debate. The Democrats cannot talk issues.”  

“The Democrats cannot talk about accountability because they are the ones who have created all of these messes that we find ourselves in that need desperate attention, and this is why it is imperative that the Democrats have party members disguised as journalists running blocks, downfield blocks, blocks being in the back, clipping, you name it.” 

“The media doesn’t act like they ever lose. If Trump wins, their attitude’s gonna be, ‘Well, it’s just gonna take us a little longer to destroy him.’  And they will continue to try to destroy Trump. And they’ll do it by finding Democrats who think that he deserves to be impeached.”  

“I didn’t think it was possible but Hillary managed to find a vice presidential candidate almost as unlikable as she is. If her strategy was to find a jerk to make her appear likable by comparison, she damn near pulled it off.” 

“The left simply cannot, in their minds, permit the things that you and I believe, which are mainstream from the founding days of this country. They can’t permit them in the public domain, untouched, unattacked, unfiltered. It’s really rather amazing when you think about it.”  

“Hillary Clinton is the most prepared to be impeached in advance of any presidential candidate this country has ever had!”

“The media is the Democrat Party. The media does not do news. The media is the Democrat Party hacks assigned to journalism positions.”

“Moving to Florida in 1997, it’s stunning how rapidly my attitude about hurricanes changed. When you have property right along potential paths of hurricanes, it changes your perspective on everything.” 


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