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Last month, the Smithsonian opened the National Museum of African American History and Culture, on the Washington Mall. But there’s something missing. Or, rather, someone.

According to The Hill, Justice Clarence Thomas, now approaching his 25th year on the Supreme Court, is ignored. On purpose. There’s only one passing reference to him, and it’s negative. There’s no mention of Justice Thomas’s significant Court contributions, or his inspirational life story.

Liberals run the Smithsonian. And when it comes to matters of race, liberals’ words never match their deeds. Even beyond this petty display of intolerance and disrespect toward Justice Thomas.

Eight years into Obama’s term, unemployment is rampant in African-American communities. In liberal-run cities, cops and citizens are becoming enemies. Riots have engulfed Ferguson, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and most recently Charlotte. Kids are trapped in horrible schools.

The “hope” that was promised eight years ago turned into hopelessness. There has been “change” but it’s been for the worse. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton who once called African-American youth “super-predators” now panders to them, claiming she carries hot sauce in her bag.

Liberals always shift the blame. They called Romney a racist. Before that, it was Bush, the other Bush, and Dole. Now Hillary claims it’s Trump. But the real threat to African-Americans is the disrespectful “status quo” from liberal politicians. Hasn’t changed in fifty years.  Let’s see an exhibit about that in the new museum.

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