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Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff at the New York Times illegally published portions of Donald Trump’s tax returns. They show that big loss.  Hillary claims that Trump has contributed nothing to our nation because in her world taxes are contributions. She said that he made a business model out of corporate excess.

Hillary Clinton has made her career out of government excess. She’s gotten filthy wealthy doing what she calls public service, while accomplishing nothing but corruption. Her business model is to lie, cheat, and beg donors for money, who give it to her hoping she pays ’em back with policy. 

Hillary doesn’t get how the real economy works. Donald Trump has created more jobs, more taxpayers, and more economic growth than Hillary Clinton could even dream of.

Everybody already knew Trump had big business losses in the 1990s. He wrote about it in his book, The Art of the Comeback. The tax law that he used that allows losses to be carried forward is not some secret law for billionaires. It’s not a loophole. It’s how companies stay up and running and keep people working. Hillary Clinton and the New York Times used the same provision.

But since Hillary is screeching about those who contribute nothing to the economy, will she criticize those who come here illegally for government benefits? Will she castigate those born here who feed off the welfare state she and her Democrat Party created? Talk about contributing nothing, ha, I don’t think she’ll talk about that, will she?

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