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RUSH: We’ll start on the phones with Alex in Redding, California. Alex, welcome, it’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Welcome, sir.

CALLER: Hey, it’s a pleasure to talk with you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’m a millennial. I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012 after the Republican convention, which I did go to, although I was young. I was disillusioned with the way Ron Paul was treated, and I respect him a lot. But this time around I am definitely going to be voting for Trump. I’m not sure what exactly happened with old Gary and everything’s going on with him this year. But, you know, there’s just no other option out there.

RUSH: When you voted for Gary Johnson back in 2012, what were you protesting?

CALLER: Basically just the way Ron Paul was treated overall, whether it was media coverage or the establishment itself. I felt like he didn’t get a fair shake out of the whole deal.

RUSH: Did you think that, what’s his name, this Johnson guy had a chance to win?

CALLER: Not at all. Not at all. Basically I threw my vote to the libertarians to get their numbers up in the votes. But I knew he didn’t stand a prayer. I voted that way because I was upset with everything going on. And Mitt Romney just wasn’t the guy for me.

RUSH: But Trump is?

CALLER: You know, a lot of what he says I like and at least he’s got some energy and it just feels like we kind of need some of that.

RUSH: Well, is Trump just a non-energetic choice for you because you don’t like Hillary and you’re disillusioned here with the libertarians, or do you have active reasons for supporting Trump, things he’s talking about that you actively like or support?

CALLER: Oh, yeah, absolutely. You know, the border, jobs, economy, that kind of stuff. I’m 26 and I’ve just seen this country change in my short life to where it just feels like we’re in this constant malaise. I think Trump brings some positive energy in areas —

RUSH: Does it bother you about what is being reported about Trump and his income tax return here?

CALLER: I’m not concerned with his income tax records or anything of that nature. It’s a nice attempt by the media to try to throw people off —

RUSH: Very good. You have come a long way since 2012. You are up to speed and good for you. This is again Alex in Redding, California. I’ve been to Redding, California, north of Sacramento out there. It’s a nice place to be from. Some people think a long way from, but still a great place. Hang on, Alex, in case Mr. Snerdley still needs your info. We’ll get a 7 Plus iPhone out to you.

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