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RUSH: Now, what they are trying to do with the comments of Mayor Giuliani, Rudy Giuliani, who commented on Trump and his tax returns and the carryover loss of $916 million. This, too, is classic. Folks, I have no feel for something. You and I know, and a lot of places that we spend time and read and consult, there is a consensus, a huge consensus that the media has reached a new low.

Even some members of our establishment, even some in the Republican establishment, in the conservative media who are standoffish to the media ’cause they consider themselves to be part of it and friends with other members are commenting on how the media today has reached a new low, literally the bottom of the barrel, literally so low that when they look up they see the gutter.

It’s countless professional people who are saying they have never, ever –everybody’s known the media’s biased. Everybody’s known the media’s a bunch of leftists, but never before, people are saying, have they seen the media so publicly throw away every pretense of journalism, in public, with smiles on their faces and with pride, just abandon all concepts of journalism, integrity, fairness, objectivity, to throw in with the Democrat candidate. They’ve never seen it like this before. It still remains to be seen, however, dot-dot-dot.


RUSH: Not only, ladies and gentlemen, did the New York Times not publish the hacked emails from University of East Anglia — it’s in the U.K. If you’re new to the program, those emails were emails between scientists and researchers, and the emails clearly demonstrated how they were faking data, doctoring data. When they produced data that damaged their premise that man was causing climate change, they discussed how to alter the data, either in the historical record or current results so as not to disrupt their premise that humanity and the advancement of life is causing climate change.

Somebody at East Anglia got fed up and sick and tired of reading about all this, ’cause they knew what was going on, they knew of the fakery, they knew of the fraud, they knew that this consensus of scientists — there’s no such thing as a consensus if science anyway, so they hacked the emails at East Anglia to prove — and there were scientists in the United States that were caught up in this. Anyway, the New York Times refused to publish any of them on the premise that they were illegally acquired via a hack, and that means we can’t touch them, we can’t publish, they’re illegal.

Instead, do you know what the New York Times did? The New York Times and the Washington Post began an investigative project to learn the identity of the hacker. The New York Times and the Washington Post wanted to track down the hacker who hacked the emails at the University of East Anglia so that he could be held up to public ridicule. They wanted to accuse him of lying. They wanted to accuse him of making it up. They could never find the guy, but that’s what they tried to do.

Now, imagine if things were similar here, the New York Times being presented with the three pages from the Trump tax return of 1995, if they were engaging in the principles, high principles, time-honored principles of journalism which nobody believes in anymore, then they would begin an investigation into who sent those pages to them. They would want to find out who put them in a manila envelope and mailed them to one of their reporters. And they wouldn’t stop until they found out who it was so that they could hold them up for public ridicule.

Except of course that’s not what’s happening. What’s happening is the Times wants more. Now, as I was saying before the break, folks, we have a bifurcated society. We have varying degrees of our population being informed. Some are rank amateur idiots; some are oblivious; others are greatly up to speed on things. We don’t know the numbers. We do know that for the first time in our lives there’s practically a unison of agreement on our side of the aisle, even among establishment media types that are Republican or conservative generally don’t attack the Drive-By Media because they don’t want to be ridiculed by them, they want to be considered part of the club, they’re going after them, too.

There is an overwhelming acknowledgment now that never has the media so publicly abandoned what its job is. It isn’t media anymore. It is literally a Democrat Party campaign organization. Now, the question is, I know where media ranks in these surveys we get of American people explaining and ascertaining how much of each industry they respect. And we know that in all of these surveys, the media ranks near the bottom when people express their support for or their disgust with or their respect for an institution. The media is at the bottom. Okay, fine.

You have the Trump story here. How many of you really think that our take on this is going to be the majority take versus how many of you believe, despite most people thinking the media is at the bottom of the barrel in respectability, how many of you think the majority of people are going to believe it, are going to think Trump has somehow engaged in a scandal here, are not going to know or not going to accept what the New York Times has done and how illegal this is. How many of them do you think will say, “It may be illegal, but I’m not looking past it, ’cause look, Trump, look at all the money he lost, I can’t ignore that.”

Yeah, but there isn’t a crime there. Doesn’t matter. My question, despite how many people say they don’t respect the media and despite how many people realize the media is as biased and committed to the Democrats as ever, how many people will choose to ignore them? That’s what we don’t know. But that also is the big factor in this campaign because Trump is not of Washington, he’s not of the establishment, and he has attracted interest precisely because of that.

And so what are the odds that a larger number of voters than ever before will realize what’s going on here and not fall for this? Because the people that support Trump already know and already despise what the Washington establishment and the media complex has become. This is the kind of thing that the Democrats do on every Republican candidate. Four years ago it was Harry Reid saying he had a friend who told him that Mitt Romney didn’t pay any taxes. He had no proof, he had no evidence, and the media didn’t care. They simply reported it as Harry Reid “alleges.” And then they went off and asked Romney about it.

It ended up hurting Romney, there’s no question in my mind it did, as did the idea that Romney didn’t care about animals ’cause the dog on the roof of the station wagon during the family vacation. They succeeded in destroying Mitt Romney despite every allegation they made being untrue. And they are repeating the process now with Trump. How many people are going to believe it now? Will Trump lose any support because of this? I don’t think that’s going to happen because I think people supporting Trump, in large measure, are doing so because they’ve reached their maximum disgust level with stuff like this.

Their sophistication is such that they are not going to abandon a candidate under attack like this. They’re not going to let this work. But as always, we don’t know how many of them there are. This Nigel Farage from Great Britain, the guy that ran the Brexit effort, is claiming that American polling is gonna duplicate British polling. British polling did not find all the opposition to the U.K. staying in the European Union. The media in the U.K. thought that the vote was going to resoundingly be to stay in the European Union. And on the day of the election, they were shocked and blown away when a majority of people voting wanted to get out of it.

The Brexit vote won and Nigel Farage is saying the same circumstance exists here and the same result is gonna happen. I don’t know how he knows. Well, he doesn’t know. It’s just his opinion. All I know is I’m sick and tired of this kind of phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller obvious character assassination work. I’m tired of it working. I’m sick and tired of it working. I’m sick and tired of the corruption winning. I’m sick and tired of the fraudsters getting away with it because not enough of the American people know enough or care enough to react to it in the right way, or for whatever reason.

Because this corruption is destroying every institution and every tradition that has defined this nation and its greatness. And it sets out to destroy anybody who wants to maintain those traditions and institutions or strengthen them. And I’m like you, I’m fed up with these people prevailing. But this is what the left has wrought.


RUSH: I’ll tell you what else to keep an eye on. With this hurricane coming, the media’s gonna shift to it 24/7. Now that they’ve got the story established that Trump’s got a scandal with the tax returns, they’ll shift to the hurricane, probably tonight or tomorrow. And very little else is gonna permeate. My guess, wild guess. Could be wrong, but we’ll see.

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