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“The illegal publishing of Donald Trump’s tax return encapsulates and validates the reason why an outsider absolutely must be elected president, if you ask me. This is an act of illegality. Donald Trump has followed the law. Nobody in this is even alleging he broke the law. He certainly hasn’t been accused of it by the IRS or anybody else.”

“Do you realize how much lawlessness is dominating the events every day in our country from illegal immigration to the Clintons’ illegal pay and play for their foundation, to the Clintons illegal accepting payoffs and front money in advance of her being elected president and while she was secretary of state.”      

“Do you realize all the lawbreaking, the real illegality that we are dealing with every day, the breakdown of the rule of law, and that’s not the story.”      

“Donald Trump has followed the law, the media has broken the law, and the illegal publishing of Trump’s tax return I think, again, illustrates, validates, if you will, the reasons why an outsider absolutely must be elected president.”

“Okay, so Trump’s business lost some money. We can see Trump’s business lost some money. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state lost four people in Benghazi, including our ambassador. Hillary Clinton loses people. Trump lost some money. His own, by the way, not yours.”

“There is an overwhelming acknowledgment now that never has the media so publicly abandoned what its job is. It isn’t media anymore. It is literally a Democrat Party campaign organization.”

“Democrats are seeking any evidence they can, seeking any advantage they can ’cause they don’t trust Hillary to win this on her own, obviously. So they willingly engage in illegality to do it, and now they’re being praised and high-fived, of course, by other media outlets and organizations for doing so.”

“Corruption is on the ballot, and it’s all found under that capital D.”

“Hillary Clinton lost some 30,000 incriminating emails. Imagine if there was a carryover, a carryover write-off for debt ambassadors and colleagues, for broken laws and destroyed evidence. The Clinton family wouldn’t pay taxes for the next five generations!”

 “We, on our side, simply cannot and do not unify to beat Democrats, to beat liberals. They, on the left, unify. They’ll forget any grudge they’ve got amongst themselves. They will unify to defeat us.”    

“Trump followed the law. The media broke the law. The media may have worked with IRS to break the law. The IRS and the media appear to have conspired to help a Democrat, who herself is the most corrupt person to ever run for president.” 

“The media, Barack Obama say Hillary’s the most prepared person ever to be president. Of what? A mafia family?” 

“Everybody’s known the media’s a bunch of leftists, but never before, people are saying, have they seen the media so publicly throw away every pretense of journalism, in public, with smiles on their faces and with pride, just abandon all concepts of journalism, integrity, fairness, objectivity, to throw in with the Democrat candidate.”

“I’m sick and tired of the corruption winning. I’m sick and tired of the fraudsters getting away with it because not enough of the American people know enough or care enough to react to it in the right way.” 

“Corruption is destroying every institution and every tradition that has defined this nation and its greatness.  And it sets out to destroy anybody who wants to maintain those traditions and institutions or strengthen them. And I’m like you, I’m fed up with these people prevailing. But this is what the left has wrought.”  

“If you don’t have a tax return that looks like the standard, ordinary, everyday politician with an income based on your congressional or Senate or whatever salary, then there are immediate red flags that are immediately held against you.” 

“You have Trump with a loss of $916 million and people say, ‘Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Scandal, scandal.’ Why is there no scandal with Hillary Clinton earning $22 million in two years doing 20-minute speeches primarily to banks, the transcripts for which she will not release? Why is that not the scandal?” 

“This whole business of politicians releasing their tax returns is a scam in and of itself, and it is designed to keep outsiders from running. It’s designed to keep nonpoliticians from running. I think having to reveal your tax returns is one of the primary reasons why people don’t run.”   

“Despite how many people say they don’t respect the media and despite how many people realize the media is as biased and committed to the Democrats as ever, how many people will choose to ignore them? That’s what we don’t know. But that also is the big factor in this campaign, because Trump is not of Washington, he’s not of the establishment, and he has attracted interest precisely because of that.” 

“The Democrats are always so eager for whoever the Republican candidate is to release his taxes, and one of the primary reasons why is it’s one of many techniques Democrats use to try to disqualify the Republicans on the basis that they’re rich or on the basis that they have more money than the average American.” 

“Hillary Clinton actually has more questions to answer about corruption and finances than Donald Trump could ever conceive of. But it isn’t gonna happen for all of the obvious reasons.”

“The Democrats are the New Party of rich, by the way.” 

“Something else that Mrs. Clinton just said is that Wall Street cannot threaten Main Street anymore. Now, this is a woman who has been bought lock, stock, and pantsuits by Wall Street. Wall Street owns her.” 

“Millennials don’t see much of a future, certainly not what they envisioned for themselves.” 

“How many people do you think do not know that Bill Clinton shtups the help?”

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