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There was a Harvard forum last week. The New York Times editor Dean Baquet was there and Bob Woodward of the Washington Post. They were asked, “If the Post or the Times were to get Donald Trump’s tax returns, would you publish them?”

Both Woodard and Baquet said that their newspapers’ lawyers would argue against it. They acknowledged it was illegal. But both said they would publish anyway. Baquet said that he was willing to risk going behind bars to do it.

This past weekend, the New York Times did indeed publish a partial 1995 tax return from Trump without his permission, knowing it was illegal.

Now the Drive-Bys are obsessing about whether Trump’s claimed losses allowed him to avoid paying taxes in the years that followed. They don’t give a rip about violating his legal right to privacy on his tax returns.

That’s because to liberals, the law doesn’t matter. All that counts is their political agenda. This belief runs deep. It’s the same mindset that drove Lois Lerner at the IRS to illegally persecute Tea Party groups. It’s the same mindset behind Obama’s bypassing Congress and the Constitution to try to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. It’s the mindset that created sanctuary cities. It’s why Hillary Clinton ignored laws about government records, why she set up a private server, and why she then deleted emails under federal investigation.

If this lawlessness isn’t stopped, we are no longer going have one nation under the rule of law.  There’s always going to be an America, but I shudder to think what it’s going to be if this keeps up.

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