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RUSH: Another classic example of what you’re up against, what we are up against. Grab audio sound bite 22. Listen to this. Wolf Blitzer this afternoon on CNN. He’s reading a statement that has been released on Instagram today by Alicia Machado. Ready for this? This is the kind of stuff that gets you down. This is the kind of stuff that dispirits you. This is the kind of stuff that makes you think we have no hope. This is the kind of stuff we can’t overcome, oh, my God, is horrible. This is the kind of stuff that makes you want to give up. Tell me if I’m wrong.

BLITZER: Alicia Machado, the Miss Universe, she released a statement this morning on Instagram. Let me read it to you. “The Republican candidate and his campaign team are again generating attacks, insults, and trying to bring back slanders and false accusations about my life, all of these in order to intimidate me, humiliate me, and destabilize me once more. Through his hate campaign, the Republican candidate insists on discrediting and demoralizing a woman, which is definitely one of his most terrifying traits.”

RUSH: Those of you who have heard this woman speak know that she didn’t write this and she may never have even seen it. It’s been written by the Clinton campaign, but that’s not the point. The point is that Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the Drive-Bys, they are ecstatic. To them this is big news. This is a grand update to an ongoing news story.

Have they ever, ever read verbatim an Instagram or Facebook post from Kathleen Willey about Bill Clinton? Have they ever read verbatim and heralded and made a big news story out of anything Juanita Broaddrick has said about Bill Clinton and her allegation that he raped her? Have you ever heard the Democrats and the media — let’s stick with the media — have you ever heard Wolf Blitzer or anybody else in the Drive-Bys read anything any opponent of Bill or Hillary Clinton has ever posted in the campaign on Instagram, anywhere, and read it verbatim? You haven’t.

So you see something like this if you’re watching CNN, and you’re gonna hear about it, you’ve heard about it now because I’ve informed you. It’s supposed to dispirit you. It’s supposed to make you mad. It’s supposed to just make you feel like you live in utter futility. And it is as clear a bit of evidence of the rigged nature of the campaign. That’s Wolf Blitzer reading a statement from the Hillary campaign, is what that really is, disguised as an outraged, offended statement from a terrorized former Miss Universe by a hateful Republican.RUSH: Hillary Clinton just tweeted — well, not just — she tweeted: “What kind of man stays up all night thinking of insults against a poor, defenseless woman?” Now we’ve got the Machado statement, comes from the Hillary campaign, no doubt. (interruption) Well, that is what I am thinking. Her husband’s up all night, except she doesn’t know it because he’s not home. What kind of a man stays up all night at some other woman’s place?

All right. Well, let’s just play tit-for-tat here. Grab audio sound bite number eight, August 24th, just a little over a month ago, on a blog website and YouTube channel, Josh Sigurdson interviewed former nursing home administrator, Juanita Broaddrick. Sigurdson says: “Do you ever fear for your life or your safety?”

BROADDRICK: Yes, I do. You know, in fact, I have my home up for sale now, because I live alone in a huge home on 23 acres. It’s an absolutely gorgeous place, and I’ve loved it all these years, but I just don’t feel safe anymore, especially if she does become president, I’ll fear even more for the retribution that I might suffer.

RUSH: Why does Wolf Blitzer not find this? I mean, I’m asking this stuff rhetorically. Why isn’t this news to somebody like Wolf Blitzer? Here’s a woman who claims that Bill Clinton raped her, and there has not been a rock solid refutation of that. It continues to survive out there. And she’s explaining that she’s afraid of the retribution that the Clintons are known for. Do you think this would be news to anybody in the Drive-By Media? Of course not.

To them Juanita Broaddrick is an outlier. She may not even be right, you know, she could be little off center, a little touched, and that’s not it at all. It’s just they’re gonna circle the wagons, they’re gonna defend and protect the Clintons on this no matter what. Here’s Hillary Clinton back on January 30th, 1992, prime time live, Sam Donaldson interviewed her, and here’s what she said about Gennifer Flowers.

HILLARY: If somebody’s willing to pay you 130 or $170,000 to say something, and you get your 15 minutes of fame and get your picture on the front page of every newspaper. And you’re some failed cabaret singer who doesn’t even have much of a resume to fall back on and what’s there she’s lied about. You know, that’s the daughter of Willie Horton, as far as I’m concerned. It’s the same kind of attempt to keep the — keep the real issues of this country out of the mainstream debate where they need to be.

RUSH: January 30, 1992, but we all know now it was the Clintons lying about Gennifer Flowers, but Gennifer Flowers was verboten today, too. I mean, Wolf Blitzer wouldn’t be moved at all by anything she had to say, nor would he be moved by Juanita Broaddrick’s open expression of fear of retribution because she knows about the bimbo eruptions. She knows what has happened to the women came forward and alleged things about Clinton.

Here’s Kathleen Willey, September 22, 2000. Hillary Clinton and her minions tried to destroy Kathleen Willey’s life. Kathleen Willey, just to remind you, at some point during the Clinton campaign, it might have been the campaign in ’92, might have been the campaign in ’96, it might have been when he was president, I don’t remember exactly when, but I’ll never forget the incident.

Clinton had landed wherever it was, at the airport, wherever it was that Kathleen Willey lived, and she was there for some reason, and Clinton called some guy over (imitating Clinton), “Hey, hey, who’s that babe? You gotta introduce me to that babe,” and it was Kathleen Willey. And one thing led to another and her husband ended up committing suicide, right? Yeah, that’s right, she was a volunteer for his campaign, made trips to the Oval Office and so forth. She has been trying to sound the warning bells about Bill and Hillary for years, and it falls on deaf ears at the Drive-By Media. She held a press conference in September of 2000 to announce her lawsuit against Clinton, who was at the time president and Hillary.

WILLEY: Today I am suing the president, the first lady, and the White House aides because of their efforts to intimidate and harass me. Before I testified in the Paula Jones case, a stranger approached me, mentioned my 13-year-old cat, who had disappeared, my tires, which had been vandalized and asked how my children by name were, and said, “You’re just not getting the message.” After my testimony before Judge Starr’s grand jury and my appearance on 60 Minutes, White House aide Sidney Blumenthal boasted that my reputation would be ruined in a matter of days.

RUSH: Now, why is this not news? Why this has never been of any interest whatsoever to Wolf Blitzer or F. Chuck Todd or anybody else at ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post. Never been any interest. And here comes Alicia Machado that nobody — she was last on the stage 20 years ago as a Miss Universe who did gain a whole lot of weight, which is not good, and Trump wrote about it in his book The Art of the Comeback, and he expressed, when nobody was paying any attention, expressed how he’d tried to help her.

He went to the gym with her. He brought her down to Mar-a-Lago, did everything he could to help, and he described working with her was really a pain. And so Hillary brings her up, and look at how she is the story of the campaign. How does this happen? It happens because of collusion between the Drive-By Media and the Clinton campaign. It’s the media-Clinton complex. They’re inseparable. It is one and the same. That’s why.

We now jump forward to this morning on CNN’s Newsroom with the infobabe Carol Costello. She found a former Miss Wisconsin, Melissa Young, and she spoke to her about Trump. Costello said, “Specifically, how did Mr. Trump help you and your son?”

YOUNG: I was in the hospital really fighting for my life. That day I was actually given my last rites, and a delivery man came to the door of the hospital and said, “Here, I have an envelope for you.” And handwritten by Mr. Trump, it said: “Must be delivered by eight a.m.” And I opened it and there was a message from him saying: “To the bravest woman I know,” and in that moment it lifted my spirits, where I knew that God was not done with me yet.

And he continued to do that, to reach out to check on me, to check on my son, personally calling me on the phone in his busy life. My son is a Mexican-American, and he has treated us with nothing but just generosity, utmost respect and dignity, and he has never spoken about it or tooted his own horn about it. He really has been just such a wonderful support system for me and my son.

RUSH: So do you think Carol Costello at CNN was touched by that, moved by that? She wasn’t moved by that at all. Carol Costello, if anything, was a little irritated by this.

COSTELLO: Well, Melissa, you’ve heard all that is going on right now, and the other women who participated in Trump sponsored beauty pageants, they tell a much different story. Are there two Mr. Trumps, are we just not knowing him? Where do these other things come from, these insults about women’s weights in these pageants and his continued attack on, especially, Alicia Machado’s character?

RUSH: And Melissa Young does not back down.

YOUNG: Yes, ma’am. I don’t know that there’s two sides to Mr. Trump because I don’t know that side of him. I only know him as being a gentleman. He has supported me in my life as a woman, as a mother, and I’ve seen it also with my fellow Miss USA contestants that they were treated with the utmost respect during our time competing at Miss USA. He has done nothing but — he is the greatest man I know and until my last breath I will say that. I want people to know I know a man that has a heart of gold and I just — I think he’s a tremendous human being.

RUSH: Okay, we can’t use that, throw her out, don’t get her back. That’s not what we wanted, is the attitude among the producers at CNN. Okay, get rid of that, that’s not what we thought it was gonna be. Okay, cut it, we couldn’t turn her, couldn’t turn her. That’s not useful, not helpful. I don’t know who booked this babe, but whoever it is is gonna get a talking-to. This is an absolute disaster. Who brought her in here? That’s the reaction to this interview at CNN. Now, I’m guessing that it’s something like that. I’m making the point here that that did not move anybody at CNN. That’s not gonna make them question what they hear from Alicia Machado at all because they’re not in the media, my friends.

I mentioned earlier in the program that F. Chuck Todd, the host of the program Meet the Press on NBC is very, very, very upset that despite the almost total unanimity of focus by the Drive-By Media to destroy Trump, that they haven’t been able to do it. Well, here we go. It was the Today show today, the cohost Matt Lauer, the disgraced Matt Lauer, has F. Chuck Todd on there, and Matt Lauer said, “What about this USA Today thing? How big a deal is it?”

The USA Today thing is they editorialize for the first time in 34 years. They never editorialize in favor of any presidential candidate. USA Today came out today and said: We gotta stop Trump. Trump is a disaster. We gotta stop Trump.

Which is what the Drive-Bys have been saying, so that’s a setup for Matt Lauer asking F. Chuck Todd, “What about this USA Today thing? How big a deal is it? It’s bad news for Trump, but they said there was no consensus to endorse Hillary Clinton, either.” USA Today, yeah, we hate Trump, but they didn’t endorse Hillary. Well, big deal, what else are they doing? They might not say so. Anyway, here is what the Chucker said.

TODD: What’s amazing here, Matt, is the… It’s more of the collection of first times. First time USA Today has ever done this. We have the Arizona Republic, the Dallas Morning News, the Cincinnati Enquirer — first time they ever endorsed a Democrat instead of the Republican. There is this collective. The American intelligentsia. Right now, not a single Fortune 100 CEO is for Trump, you have all these people that are collectively saying, “You cannot support Trump.” What’s amazing is how little impact all of this is happening. It’s not as if he’s collapsing right now.

RUSH: See, they can’t understand it. “My God, we’ve fixed it so that everybody who we think matters is coming out against Trump, and he won’t collapse! It doesn’t matter. It’s not… It’s not working!” So they are frustrated.


RUSH: I want to tell you something.

You know, we had the sound bites here from a former Miss USA (Trump owned that pageant, too), Melissa Young. I will never forget this. I just got a reminder about this, ’cause this happened while this program… I think we were in show prep. Do you remember the name Tara Conner? Tara Conner was either a ranking contestant or she had been crowned Miss USA. No, she was crowned Miss USA, and after she had been crowned she was discovered to… Well, she was alleged to have used drugs and consumed adult beverages and had sexual indiscretions while underage, before she was the beauty pageant queen.

Tara Conner faced allegations of drug use, underage drinking, and sexual indiscretions. And that happened late in the afternoon on a particular day. Trump said that he would have an announcement the next morning after having thought about it and deciding what to do. And the crowd that gathered at Trump Tower was much like the crowd that gathered on the day last July that Trump came down the escalator and announced his candidacy. And I will never forget this.

Trump walks to the microphone, and he says, “I talked to Tara. I had a long talk with Tara.” Anyway, he gave her a second chance. He did not broom her. He did not fire her. She said, “Walking in this morning, in no way did I think it would be possible for a second chance. I’ve had a very big blessing bestowed upon me.” This is what she said. “You’ll never know how much I appreciate Mr. Trump for saving me on this one. He could have said, ‘You’re fired.’ He’s a very, very compassionate person.”

Trump said, after he had “talked to Tara” that she had made some very, very bad choices. She left a small town in Kansas, she got caught up in the whirlwind of New York, and she just let it all hang out, and it was brought to bear after she’d been crowned. He could have thrown her overboard, and he stuck by her and gave her a second chance. I doubt… You’re not gonna see this in the Drive-By Media, but they were all there. Their cameras were all there. Their microphones were all there. Trump Tower.

RUSH: Donald Trump just tweeted. “For those few people knocking me for tweeting at three o’clock in the morning, at least you know I will be there awake to answer the call.” This in reaction, in response to Hillary tweeting, “What kind of man is it that tweets out insults to an innocent woman at three o’clock in the morning?” or stays up late at night or whatever. Trump’s answer was, “For those few people knocking me for tweeting at three o’clock in the morning, at least you know I will be there awake to answer the call.” Trump fans, applaud.


RUSH: Let’s see if this ends up being noteworthy in the Drive-By Media. Take the music down. “The Commission on Presidential Debates revealed in a one-sentence statement Friday that Donald Trump’s audio was impacted” in the first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton. “Regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding Donald Trump’s audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall.” Remember, he said he couldn’t hear himself half the time, and the sniffles and everything we discussed compression and how that can bring all those surface noises up? Now they’re admitting that there was a flaw in Trump’s audio during the debate.

Let’s see if Wolf Blitzer makes note of this later.

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