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“I don’t want to get depressed, I don’t want to get down in the dumps, and I don’t want to get teased with the idea that everything’s rigged and everything’s fake.”

“Trump is so unusual and so outside the norm that having a perspective, a proper perspective report on Trump network-wide is gonna be difficult.”

“When they’re blue-collar, that means they’re in the Democrat camp and they’re pro-union and they’re the greatest guys on earth. But when they’re not gonna vote the Democrat, the media changes the description and calls them white working men without college degrees.”

“When you turn on CNN, MSNBC, when you read any newspaper, when you go to over half the websites out there, you are not reading the media; you are not reading the news. You are reading the Clinton campaign and a coordinated effort to distract you, to depress you, to dispirit you, and to suppress your interest in voting. The objective is to make you think you have no chance, that everybody else is aligned against you.”

“I don’t immerse myself in the media narrative every day. I establish my own media narrative on this program, and that’s what I live.”

“There isn’t anything positive about the Hillary campaign. Every aspect of the Hillary campaign is focused on destroying Trump. And this is what they always do.”

“For all this talk about what Trump’s not doing and what he ought to be focusing on instead of the porn star, whatever she is, the Hillary campaign’s not talking about what great stuff she’s got planned. The Hillary campaign is totally devoted to Trump. They’re not exactly running a big, positive campaign on all the great things that lie ahead of America if only Hillary Clinton is elected.” 

“The Obama strategy was to dispirit, to depress, to suppress vote turnout of ‘white’ Americans ‘without college degrees,’ primarily white men. And it’s the exact the same thing that they’re doing now — the exact the same thing they’re trying now — and you have to have a stiff upper lip and resist this!” 

“The real world is a common phrase the Drive-Bys use — the real world — and that’s not Trump’s world. The real world is not you people supporting and voting Trump. The real world is everybody supporting Hillary. The real world is everybody watching NBC, CBS, ABC, in terms of the way they speak and write in the Drive-By Media.” 

“I’m not part of the Trump campaign. I don’t talk to anybody in the Trump campaign. They don’t call me; I don’t call them.”  

“Democrats have so successfully cultivated hatred for me within the inner circle of deranged lunatic leftists, when they hear my name, they run for their checkbooks.” 

“Bill Clinton was convicted of lying before a grand jury, and one of the frustrating things to a lot of people is it has not hurt them at all. Bill Clinton is still the rock star in the Democrat Party.” 

“The Democrat Party is Santa Claus and they don’t care how much in debt the country is because they don’t see it hurting them.” 

“If you look at the number of people in this country who receive some kind of government check, they take it, they take it happily and if it’s increased they take that. They’ll take as much as they can get, and they’re not worried. They don’t see themselves as bearing any burden at all. All they see is a government check coming in.”

“We have a stagnant economy. We’ve reached the point where the government is so much of the economy and it doesn’t produce anything that we’ve become stagnant. And it’s slowing down, it’s not providing great career opportunities like it used to.”

“The only people that are just excruciatingly happy are for the most part liberal Democrats, and they’re happy because they’re enjoying the fruits of political power. But we don’t live in a country that is unified and has a sense of contentment or even joy. There’s angst everywhere.”

“Just two months ago, when Hillary was leading Trump in Ohio, the New York Times headline was, ‘Trump Finds Himself Playing Catch-up in All-Important Ohio.’  The New York Times headline yesterday, now that Trump has pulled ahead in Ohio? ‘Ohio, Long a Bellwether, Is Fading on the Electoral Map.'”



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