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Trying to pander to Millennials, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigned together last week at the University of New Hampshire. Hillary called Bernie a “champion for equality and justice.” She talked about his connection with younger voters. The grumpy old guy told the crowd it was “imperative” for them to support her. In other words, forget all that “revolution” stuff and just play ball, like he’s doing.

Then Hillary told the audience we have to address the “massive wealth inequality in America.” Yup, the same woman who scored millions of dollars from her career in government without accomplishing anything. She vowed that if she is elected, college will be “debt-free.” Families who earn less than $125,000 a year will be able to send their kids to public college or university, tuition free. Clinton told the audience that going to college should be hard, but paying for it shouldn’t be.

I hope you Millennials are smarter than these two worn-out politicians think you are. The first rule of adulthood is that there is no “free” stuff. Somebody has to pay your commie-lib professors to spew all this anti-capitalist, anti-American BS that passes for education these days. These professors are the ultimate closet-capitalists, they’re not gonna work for free. Somebody has to pay for the light bill. Somebody has to pay for them to eat, and their transgender bathrooms. Somebody has to pay for that too. Taxing the rich will not pay for all the “free stuff” that Hillary promises. She lies, long time, big time. It is the way it is.

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