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RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number four. Let me find it to show you how this works in a modified way. Yesterday when the Alicia Machado story took off on board a rocket booster and just occupied every news story for seemingly every hour of the day, I opened my program figuratively scratching my head. I said, “Is this right? Trump is a bully. Is that the story here?” We had this poor Miss Universe, who 20 years ago put on 60 pounds. She became unattractive, which is not really what you want for a Miss Universe pageant winner who’s wearing the crown for a year. And the story was that Trump bullied her and laughed at her and made fun of her and called her Miss Piggy and it was horrible, and see what a reprobate he is and see how he hates women.

I said, “How in the world can we ignore Mrs. Clinton? You want to talk about bullying women?” So I went on to make the comparison to Hillary Clinton protecting the Democrat Party and her husband with all these women that Clinton did have affairs with and some of these women who claim he sexually abused or raped them. Mrs. Clinton was the one that came up, along with James Carville, and had a policy of destroying, intimidating, and bullying these women.

And I asked the simple question: How in the world can you do a story on Trump the bully with one woman 20 years ago, Miss Universe, and ignore a genuine, actual, real bully who has been bullying and mistreating women for 20 years? Now, in my world, that was a good counter. It was an excellent way of putting things in perspective and trying to point out the phoniness of this campaign that Trump is a bully, because Mrs. Clinton beats him in that category every day of the week.

She doesn’t pay the women in her office the same thing the men make. Here is a woman who was irresponsible in her job as secretary of state, four Americans died. Here’s a woman that ran the bimbo operations for her president when her husband when he was president and so forth.

Let’s go to Fox News. This is Special Report with Bret Baier during the All-Star Panel. Columnist from the Washington Examiner Lisa Boothe about Trump bringing up President Clinton’s past at the next debate. Because if you’re gonna bring up Clinton’s past with Lewinsky, then you bring up Hillary and the bimbo eruptions unit that she ran. Bret Baier says, “What about bringing up the Clintons’ past and the possibility that that’s gonna happen at the next debate as we take this down to a different level of the election?”

BOOTHE: I do think that it is fair to an extent, not for Donald Trump. I don’t think Donald Trump should be a messenger. But to bring it up, I think, it’s fair to an extent, ’cause Hillary Clinton can’t say (sic) there and say that every victim deserves to be heard, deserves to be believed, uh, but then we know, it’s been widely reported that she went after these women, that she dragged their name through the mud. So I do not think that there’s hypocrisy there that should be addressed from the Trump campaign, but I don’t think that Donald Trump should be the messenger ’cause I think that diminishes him and his candidacy.

BAIER: And Rush Limbaugh talked extensively about that point all day today.

RUSH: I did. I did. So here’s Lisa Boothe on Fox News saying, “Yeah, yeah, it’s a good point, but Trump ought not be making.” Well, you know what Trump is? Trump obviously is somebody who’s not gonna rely on other people to make it for him. This standard operating procedure where a Republican under assault doesn’t return fire ’cause it’s not considered mature; it’s considered taking the bait?

Trump obviously doesn’t believe this, and Trump obviously thinks, “Look, if they’re hitting me like this, there isn’t gonna be anybody defend me. There isn’t anybody.” Outside of the people he’s paying, there aren’t gonna be people to defend him. Well, other than me, but I do it (sigh) for different reasons. But hasn’t a complaint, hasn’t a lament for many years on the part of many of you been that when any Republican is under assault by a Democrat or the media, that they don’t fight back and it ticks you off?

Bush never fighting back on Iraq. The Bush White House never fighting back on any assault they made on him, and he just hung in there. And yet his surrogates, talk radio and others trying to defend him but the media just drowned that out for four years, 24/7, harping on it. Here’s Trump actually fighting back on it, which a lot of people have wanted the Republican nominee to do for years. And when it happens, all of a sudden we hear now, “Oh, oh, oh! Trump shouldn’t be the one. Oh, no, that’s not good.” I’m sorry; Trump’s an alpha male. He’s not gonna sit there and let this kind of stuff go by and hope or count on other people. He’s not gonna oppose that, but I think his attitude is that it isn’t enough.


RUSH: And here’s a story, CBS News, the headline: “Trump: Clinton ‘Duped and Used’ by Former Miss Universe.” Sorry, Mr. Trump, no. The Miss Universe is being duped and used with her approval and acknowledgment. Hillary’s not being duped. Mr. Trump, it’s important you realize you were being duped. This is a scam that they’ve already run once or twice, and they’re running it again. This one’s on you.

Here’s Roger in Williamstown, Connecticut. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, thank you. It’s an honor, and thank you for your respect and appreciation for your viewers that you show every day. I am one that says we must push the issue and show the American people — talk about the discretions of the Clintons in the past and the way that Hillary has handled that, because nothing shows her naked quest for power, in the way that the Clintons, and particularly her, handled that.

And I think there’s evidence that they don’t want the Trump campaign to do it, because he hit them in the primaries when she was running against Bernie about this issue, and if you noticed, everything went real quiet over there on the Clinton campaign. And I think they just tried to get a sucker punch in the debates about this beauty queen, and I think that he needs to hit back in the voice of the victims of Bill Clinton.

RUSH: I think that’s a common view in Trump supporter land, folks.


Grab audio sound bite number five.  Okay, the last caller said that it’s important for Trump to bring up or the campaign to bring up the Clintons’ past indiscretions because it is a great illustration of their unfitness.  It is a great illustration of their weaknesses and of their moral turpitude, whatever you want to say.  And one thing. I just saw a little headline on Fox. It doesn’t matter where I look. When the subject of the Clintons’ past — be it Monica Lewinsky, be it one of the bimbo eruptions. 

It seems like everywhere you go in the Drive-By Media, every analyst out there is saying Trump should not bring this up.  Even Newt.  Newt is saying he was appalled that Trump has even gone there, that it’s not helpful; it’s not wise.  Some people say once you go after somebody in their personal life, you are bringing yours into play. You are exposing your personal life and all the vulnerabilities that might be uncovered there.  Well, they’re gonna go… They’re gonna hit Trump on that anyway.  They already have.  

I think it’s accurate to say, when you watch the Drive-By Media, and they suggest that Trump ought not go there, one of two things:  They’re either trying to bait him into going there, or they don’t really want him to.  Could be either/or in this instance.  I have to think that the Clintons… Tell me, Mr. Snerdley, if you think this has any credence.  The Clintons’ attitude on all this may be, “Go ahead and come at us.  We’ve survived this for 20 years.  You people have been trying to get us for 20 years on this, and you haven’t even gotten close.  You haven’t even nicked us. 

“So if you want to go after Bill sleeping around, do it again! It isn’t gonna hurt us. It’s never hurt us,” and you don’t blame ’em for thinking that.  There’s not a mark on ’em because of any of that.  They have openly lied! Bill Clinton has openly lied about it. They openly lied on 60 Minutes about it, about Gennifer Flowers.  They’ve openly lied. (Bill Clinton impression) “I’ve never had sex with that woman, not a single time, ever, and I never told anybody to lie.”  That’s a lie! They have been exposed.  

Bill Clinton was convicted of lying before a grand jury, and one of the frustrating things to a lot of people is it has not hurt them at all.  Bill Clinton is still the rock star in the Democrat Party.  Got this Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, and it seems like people all over the world cannot wait to send these people their money.  In fact, it’s worse than that.  If you want to know the truth, it’s worse than that.  It seems like the entire Democrat Party and all of its donors have circled the wagons around the Clintons and have done their best to say, “You know what?  We don’t see anything wrong with it. 

“It’s their business.  If Bill wants to cheat on her, can’t hardly blame him. If he wants to have affairs, it’s none of our business, and it didn’t affect the way he did his job, and you all should just shut up about it.”  But you have to admit, it hasn’t hurt them.  They haven’t been… I mean, yeah, within a certain segment of population, the reputations are dirt, but it hasn’t hurt. They’re wealthier than they’ve ever been. They have more prestige than they’ve ever had.  In fact, it’s one of the things that have so many people so upset about general moral circumstances in our country today.  So think of it how you will. 

Here’s Trump talking about it.  This was last night in Bedford, New Hampshire. 

TRUMP:  The American people have had it with years and decades of Clinton corruption and scandal. 

AUDIENCE: (applause) 

TRUMP: Impeachment for lying.  Remember that?  Impeach.  They’re tired of the lies.  They’re tired of the trivial politics.  They’re tired of being talked down to, looked down upon, and treated like second-class citizens.  

AUDIENCE: (applause) 

TRUMP: The Clintons are the sordid past.  We will be the very bright and clean future. 

RUSH:  Well, Newt Gingrich says, “Oh, no! Tell me he didn’t do it!” Yes, he did, Newt. “Oh, no, he shouldn’t have done it!”  Newt says he shouldn’t have done it.  A lot of other people say, “Don’t go there,” and I think one of the reasons that Newt and the boys are saying it is ’cause they did go there once and it didn’t work.  It hasn’t worked.  But then I guarantee you this.  There are… I don’t know what percentage, don’t know what the number is, obviously. But there are a lot of Trump people who are so fed up, they are happy he’s going after it. 

And a lot of them think that it hasn’t been done the right way, and it hasn’t been done seriously, that the House managers were never really into it, and the criticism has never been full-fledged and meaningful. It was more perfunctory, and there are a lot of people who think that it’s an area of great vulnerability for the Clintons, and it seems like the Republicans always pay a price when this kind of thing is exposed about one of them. So tit-for-tat.  So last night in New Hampshire on NH1’s news, the political director Paul Steinhauser interviewed Trump, and he said, “If it does come up in the next debate, do you think maybe your past marital history is also fair game?” 

TRUMP:  I guess. I mean, they can do. But lot different than his, that I can tell you.  I mean, we have a situation where we have a president when was a disaster and he was ultimately impeached over it in a sense for lying, and on is we’ll see whether or not we discuss it. 

STEINHAUSER:  You’re not worried about your past history at all? 

TRUMP:  No, not at all.  I have a very good history. 

RUSH: (impression) “Yeah, my history is the best! I have the best history of any history in the country.  My history is great.  Everybody’d love to have my history.  There’s no greater history in the world out there! I can show you my history. You see that golf course?  I can show you my history.  Nobody can out-history my history.”  

That’s the way Trump plays this.  “No.  Nothing to see. Nothing to worry about. I’m proud of what I am; I’m proud of what I’ve done.  I’m not ashamed of anything,” is his attitude.  In the air yesterday, aboard the Clinton campaign plane, Hillary sauntered back to the back of the plane where her campaign staff was sitting, disguised as journalists.  A little Q&A, and one of the campaign workers and Mrs. Clinton had this little back and forth… 

REPORTER:  Do you — as someone who presumably wants more women to run for and win office and high office — feel any obligation if Trump brings out your husband’s past, to speak out against spouses, uh, indiscretions or past brought into a campaign like this? 


RUSH:  Okay.  Again, you gotta understand what this is.  This is not an independent journalist asking Hillary a legitimate question.  This is a campaign worker — a journalist, by definition — asking Mrs. Clinton, “Do you as somebody…?” Note the question here, by the way: You “presumably [want] more women to run for and win office and high office.” You’re such a wonderful woman, Mrs. Clinton! You’re such a wonderful woman that we all know you want even more wonderful women like you in the public life. Therefore, Mrs. Clinton, “do you … feel any obligation if Trump brings out your husband’s past, to speak out against spouses, uh, indiscretions or past brought into a campaign like this?” Hillary: “No.” She does not feel any obligation to speak out against it.  Some might say she’s waving a red flag there to the Texas Longhorn Donald Trump, the bull.  We’ll see.  

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