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RUSH: You know, I have often imitated for you the way intellectuals speak, and I am told — I haven’t heard this, either, but Cookie tells me — it’s a perfect example of practiced and perfected intellectual stutter. All the genuine intellectuals know intellectuals stutter on purpose.

(intellectual stutter impression) “It is designed to convey thought; that … that … that … that I’m enmeshed in deep thought and doing everything I can, and … and … and … and … and … and … and while I work on how I want to express it, I occasionally will wait just in time before I actually say it to convey that I’m smarter than you are.” Well, this is the Leonard Lopate Show on NPR, and he’s speaking with Oxford University professor of European history Timothy Garton — Timothy Garton Ash, excuse me (I forgot the last name) — about his new book, Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World. And Leonard Lopate says, “People seek out other people who agree with them?”

ASH: Exactly. And reinforce their prejudices. I think one actually sees that in the current presidential election here. And that is very worrying, because the essential idea of free speech for democratic self-government is what you saw in ancient Athens. I think if you look at the way, for example, in this president election campaign Trump supporters and Clinton supporters are almost separating out into their separate echo chambers. We watch Fox News, look at Breitbart, listen to Rush Limbaugh. We read the New York Times, listen to MSNBC, and dare I say NPR, I would say there is almost a market failure in the marketplace of ideas. And what we’re seeing is the erosion of the public square. So I think we really have to think about how we get the public square back.

RUSH: (imitating Garten) “Yeah, how we get the public square. The public square is eroding much like did the Grand Canyon. We know what happened there. Very, very deep, deep gorge, and so failure, failures all around, and there’s marketplaces of ideas, and people segregating with one another rather than exchanging the wide, wide marketplace of ideas. And what we’re really worried about here is that hard-wired Neanderthal conservatives just can’t seem to find a way to agree with us, despite our obvious superiority, intellectual superiority and our just general all around better people than those Cretans and they still will not see it our way.”

(laughing) I’ve got these people down pat. So next up — we’re just taking a little tour here of the audio sound bite roster. Kelly File, Megyn Kelly last night on the Fox News speaking with Democrat strategist Robert Zimmerman about Trump’s campaign, and this was said by Zimmerman.

ZIMMERMAN: Donald Trump can run his campaign with Rush Limbaugh and the National Enquirer any way they want. The bottom line here is women are standing up in record numbers in support for Hillary Clinton. It’s not that she’s calling herself the champion of women, but women are recognizing her by 51 to 32, I believe, in a most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

RUSH: See who all of a sudden is to blame again. So Trump wanders off the reservation talking about Miss Universe, somehow it’s my fault. Look, this Zimmerman guy, he’s a Democrat power broker, and when they throw my name out there fundraising, that’s what they’re doing. They have so successfully cultivated hatred for me within the inner circle of deranged lunatic leftists, when they hear my name, they run for their checkbooks. They are so afraid that I, what I believe is going to win and become dominant. They throw my name out there, and Democrats run their checkbooks and send money to the Democrat Party.

I’m not part of the Trump campaign. I don’t talk to anybody in the Trump campaign. They don’t call me; I don’t call them. But now I all of a sudden am running Trump’s campaign, or Trump’s running his campaign with me and the National Enquirer.

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