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“I was very honored last night that Trump used my point a couple of times, that Hillary Clinton has been in public life 30 years, and what is there to show for it? She has been complaining and whining about the same things for 30 years.”

“You cannot look at this debate as you would look at Romney versus Obama or Bush versus Kerry or Bush versus Gore or Hillary versus Bernie or Hillary versus Obama. Trump changes all of that.”

“Hillary Clinton was totally programmed. She was programmed to wait for openings either provided by Trump or provided by Lester Holt. She was waiting for memorized zingers to be implemented and used.”

“Donald Trump’s supporters are not gonna abandon him because he didn’t mention Benghazi. They’re not gonna abandon him because he didn’t mention the email server. They’re not gonna abandon Trump because they’re disappointed that he didn’t mention the Clinton Foundation. That’s not how this works.”

“Law and order doesn’t seem to be a focus for the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party seems to be focused and aiming at law. The Democrat Party seems to be on the side of disorder. The Democrat Party seems to be compassionate, understanding, and tolerant of the people who are provoking law and order.”

“The people in the system running the country have no idea what’s really on the minds of American voters.”   

“Hillary Clinton was condescending. She was rolling her eyes at times. She was clearly insulting Trump by looking like she thought he was an idiot. People notice this stuff, like Algore sighing throughout the first debate he had with George W. Bush.  And every Drive-By Media inside-the-Beltway establishment member is gonna miss all of this because they judge these debates on words, rhetoric.”

“What the Drive-Bys and the people that create these narratives don’t understand is Trump… When they see Trump on defense, when they see Trump in a defensive posture, his supporters see Trump attacking. His supporters see Trump defending in ways the Republican Party hasn’t in a long time. They see Trump standing up for them.” 

“Donald Trump showed everybody and reminded many that he is not of the system. He is not a Washington insider, and he is not responsible for any of the mess or messes that exist today.”

“Hillary Clinton was exactly what people are fed up with. In terms of the insider nature of Washington politics, the professional politician aspect of Washington politics, insincere, say it because it sounds good. Don’t say who you really are, by all means, don’t announce what you’re really for, never get into any specifics.”  

“Lester Holt is a Democrat Party hack in disguise as a journalist. They all are. Everybody from Trump to his team to everybody should have known that Lester Holt was gonna make it tougher on Trump than he was gonna do on Hillary.” 

“The Drive-Bys conclude that Trump was embarrassingly defeated last night and it may have been the beginning of the end. And they couldn’t be more wrong. And they’re gonna be shocked and stunned more than likely when they find out the next series of polls come out that this did not hurt Trump and, in fact, did not stop his momentum.”

“The two main things that I think ordinary people saw, are Trump demonstrated his earned position as a major party nominee; he had every business, every right being up there.” 

“Trickle-down did work. Trickle-down is what everyday economic activity is anyway. Reaganomics did work, and it’s time that we headed back in that direction where the economy grew because it grew; not because the government was stimulating it in false, phony ways by just transferring money around. We don’t have any real economic growth now.” 

“Wall Street owns Hillary Clinton. Wall Street has bought Hillary Clinton and whatever policy considerations she can give them if she gets elected. They have bought her already. That’s what all the speech income is really all about.” 

“Donald Trump demonstrated to every one of his supporters and even detractors that he had every bit the business being on that stage that she does. Her primary attack item blew up in her face last night, and the Drive-Bys are not gonna see this. They’re not capable of seeing it. She is Queen Hillary on the way to being coronated.” 

“Hillary Clinton came off exactly as many people see her: A witch with a capital B.” 

“One of the amazing aspects of being a liberal — if you’re a liberal intellectual, if you’re a liberal magazine writer, if you’re a contributing editor, if you’re a blogger, if you are somebody that runs a left-wing website, if you’re an elected official, if you’re an elected Democrat, a liberal this or that — is they have this arrogance and this belief system that every one of their voters is a likewise highbrow intellectual of superior intelligence.”

“I’ve done radio all my life. The first time I did television, I was petrified. I was so self-conscious, ’cause I wasn’t experienced at it. It’s a whole different thing than radio, where I have literally no nervousness, qualms, self-consciousness. On TV it’s all different.”

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