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RUSH: What has happened basically is this.  The Clinton campaign has sent marching orders to its Drive-By Media buddies to plaster, which they have done, since yesterday, story after story after story about Trump a liar.  I mean, that’s the basic premise.  Donald Trump is a liar and Lester Holt needs to fact check him in the middle of the debate.  Lester Holt needs to challenge Donald Trump on every lie he utters, and that’s practically every time he opens his mouth. 

They are demanding this, and they’re putting all kinds of pressure on Lester ’cause if Lester doesn’t do this he knows what happened to Matt Lauer.  If he does do this, don’t for a moment believe Trump isn’t gonna be prepared for this, for crying out loud.  I have never seen something so transparent.  And from a supposed front-runner, Hillary Clinton, this reeks of some of the greatest fear that I have ever seen.  She can’t beat this guy without stacking the deck?  She can’t beat this guy without rigging it with the referee?  She can’t beat this guy without the entire worldwide media piling on her opponent?  I mean, that’s the message this is sending. 

Now, I will also point out, I don’t know how many people are aware of the fact that Hillary is behind all these stories.  You know, folks, I’ll tell you something here that I can’t believe I’m gonna pass on to you.  As you know, Apple — stick with me on this.  This is related.  Apple’s new iPhones were released on September 16th, and one of the — well, it’s not a feature.  I guess it’s a feature.  One of the things about the new phones is they eliminated the headphone jack.

They needed the space inside the phone for something else, a larger Taptic Engine and they’re forward thinking, so they had to get rid of the headphone jack.  So the old headphones that you used to use with the three and a half — 3.5 centimeter little plug don’t work on iPhones anymore unless you use an adapter. 

So I found out today that a guy on YouTube has made a parody video for people who are concerned that the headphone jack is not on the phone.  The premise is that Apple forgot to put the hole in the phone.  And what this guy does, he attaches the phone to a vise, and the display on the phone starts flickering and going nuts, and the guy says this is perfectly normal, if this happens, you should know you’re on the right track.

Then he grabs a drill, and he drills a three-and-a-half whatever it is centimeter, millimeter, hole in the bottom of the phone, saying Apple forgot to do this, this is what you have to do if you want to use your headphones with the new iPhone.  Okay, fine and dandy.  Until you find out people are doing it!  People are doing it and obliterating their phones, and they’re mad as they can be, and they’re demanding whatever. 

I’m looking at this, and, for crying out loud, if people can fall — ’cause, hey, it’s on TV, hey, there’s a video, a guy on YouTube with a video.  If it’s video, it’s fact.  Here’s a guy out there that says the phone, they forgot to put the hole in there for the headphone jack and you have to drill your own, and people are actually doing it.  It reminds me, I got an email from my cousin once removed, the son of my cousin, Stephen Limbaugh III, he’s out there in California writing music for movies and so forth, and he sent me a Facebook post of the same thing. 

When he read this he said, “I’m getting off social media.  Obviously it’s the home of dingbats.”  What this video shows, supposedly a guy in a Mohawk haircut and an SUV or truck, claims that he’s got a miracle device to get you 56 percent more gas mileage, and he headlines it with something along the lines of “what the oil companies and General Motors don’t want you to know.”  And essentially what this guy’s contraption does is add two bottles of water and baking soda to your gasoline tank. (laughing) And people are doing it!  Because they see it on a video. 

So what the hell else are people believing, and how many fall for this stuff?  Now, I know good parody and good satire are works of art when it comes to comedy, but at some point you have to realize basic intelligence is gonna take over and realize that, hey, it’s a parody, it’s satire, and they’re yanking your chain, and don’t do it.  People are drilling holes in the bottom of their new iPhones. (interruption) Well, no, the headphone jack’s at the bottom. 

The broadcast engineer said, “Well, no wonder, the headphone jack’s at the top.”  No, they shouldn’t be drilling at the top.  They shouldn’t be drilling period.  What do you mean they shouldn’t be drilling at the top?  They changed the headphone jack to the bottom, that’s before they eliminated it.  The headphone jack is gone.  It’s just a speaker grill now. For crying out loud, my own broadcaster engineer just told me they should be drilling at the top. He’s making a joke, I know.

Anyway, if people are going to believe things like this, to what degree can we be confident that people understand that all of these news stories today and yesterday that Trump is a lying sack of you-know-what have been orchestrated and planted by the Hillary campaign, and it’s provable.  If you go to the Hillary website, she’s got a post on her website listing the top 10 or whatever it is, Trump lies. 

Number one is the biggest lie they think they’ve got Trump on — and this tells me a lot, too — they think the biggest lie Trump tells is that he opposed the Iraq war.  They claim that he didn’t oppose the Iraq war at first.  But stop and think of it.  The Iraq war is still, in these people’s heads, living rent free, George W. Bush is still in their heads living rent free, and it tells me that they think that Iraq and the Republican Party association with it and lying about it is still one of the biggest pieces of ammunition they’ve got.  The Iraq war happened in 2003 to 2008, basically, it was eight years ago.  And the Democrats still are pushing the Iraq war as one of the biggest weapons that they have. 

But here’s the truth of the matter.  Hillary’s got this website, and on this website is a list of all the Trump “lies,” and there are countless stories — New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today — which essentially rewrite every claim Hillary makes, and then those stories are coupled with demands on Lester Holt that he fact check Trump during the debate, that Trump is so bad, that Trump lies so much that it’s too crucial for the country and the future to leave it up to Hillary to call out Trump’s lies.

Because if it was left up to Hillary, she wouldn’t have time to say anything positive.  Because the criticism is that, “Hey, moderators shouldn’t do this. It’s up to the debate opponents here to fact check each other and argue with each other.  It’s what a debate is, and the moderator ought have no role in it.”  The left is saying, “Yeah, normally that’s true, but in this case it’s so bad — Trump is such a liar, he’s such an egregious liar — that if Mrs. Clinton focused on that that’s all she would have time for.”

So they have established a narrative here that Donald Trump never tells the truth, that everything Trump says is a lie and that it is mandatory for Lester Holt to correct him and to play fact checker.  Bloomberg has announced that they’re gonna fact check Trump during the debate on the screen at the bottom with a crawling graphic that’s supposedly gonna call out every lie Trump makes.  Now, of course, the irony here is that the liar in this debate is Hillary Clinton. 

The person in this debate who cannot tell the truth — I mean, literally cannot on two or three things and does not on most other thing — is Hillary Clinton.  By the way, we now know, folks, why the FBI never seriously investigated Hillary Clinton and her emails, and the short version of it is because it would have nailed Barack Obama.  Hillary Clinton lied about so many things, so many times about her email server, but so did Obama. 

Obama said he didn’t know that Hillary was using an email server in her home until he read about it in the news.  A document dump — yet another one late Friday from the FBI — contains incontrovertible evidence that Obama was emailing with Hillary the whole time she had that server in her home and he was doing so with a fake name.  He was using a pseudonym.  They were passing out immunity to people involved in this. 

They couldn’t convict anybody if there had been a serious investigation. But all this time when there was a little news all last summer and last spring? If you recall when every week it seemed like a new little tidbit about Hillary’s server would pop up, I remember saying — and a lot of people thought it — that Obama was doing a little water torture. Just drip, drip, drip, drip. Every week something new about Hillary making it very, very hard for her to keep going and making us think that there might be something really to find here in an investigation. 

It turns out to be all bogus. 

We were all dead wrong.

Obama was doing everything he could to protect himself.  There was never going to be a serious investigation of this because it would have nailed Obama as having done exactly what Hillary did by virtue…  Everything the president does (there’s a term for it) is “born classified.”  Meaning if the president writes you a note, it’s classified.  It could be about his picks for the NCAA tournament, could be anything.  It’s classified.  Every email Barack Obama sent Hillary Clinton was classified.

So everything she said about not knowing this or that was classified? It’s all lies. Everything about it was lies.  Obama was sending her things, by definition, “born classified.” They lied through their teeth about all of this, and we had our chains yanked I can’t tell you how many different ways, how many different times during this whole investigation being led to believe that there might be something to it. When in fact, the entire objective was to cover this up and make it look like a serious investigation was going on.

Make it look like there might be some really serious consequences handed down, when all along everybody that was involved with the investigation knew that it was nothing more than a cover-up because they were not gonna nail Obama.  Obama runs the DOJ; he’s not gonna allow himself to be nailed in this investigation.  Quite the opposite.  I mean, they even went so far as to grant Cheryl Mills, who is Hillary’s assistant, immunity on the basis of lawyer-client, attorney-client privilege.  Claiming she’s one of Hillary’s lawyers. 

She’s not Hillary’s lawyer!  She’s one of her advisers. But they converted her to a lawyer in order to grant immunity and do a number of other shenanigans here, and when that happened that raised a lot of eyebrows. But we didn’t know until Friday how badly Obama had been lying about this to go along with how badly Hillary had been lying about it.  And the suspicions that a lot of people had that there was never gonna be anything coming — and I’m one of those, by the way. 

Not to do a nah-nah-nah but there was no way that the Democrat Party’s nominee was gonna be taken out by the Democrat Party.  There was no way the DOJ was gonna take her out, meaning Loretta Lynch or Barack Obama. No matter what the personal animosity the Clintons and Obama’s, it was not gonna happen.  Yet people kept hoping, they kept thinking, because there’s residual trust in these institutions.  Well, these people have corrupted everything that they have touched.  The FBI’s been corrupted now — which, what a shame. 

The DOJ’s been corrupted, because it’s all been politicized for the express benefit and protection of Obama and anybody else he deems necessary protection.  So the big lies, folks — I mean, the whoppers, the just unacceptable, egregious lies — Hillary Clinton owns them.  But they are going overboard in the preparation and the lead-up to this by trying to portray Trump as never telling the truth.  And I’m telling you, it’s making me wonder what in the world they are so afraid of.   It’s got to be that they are afraid.

This is not the kind of thing that people confident of victory do, begging the referee to rig the game for you, begging the referee to do your job for you, essentially.  They want Lester Holt to debate Trump so that Hillary doesn’t have to.  That’s essentially what they’re asking to happen tonight.  And it’s not as though this is happening in a vacuum where Trump doesn’t know how they’re setting him up.  He most clearly does know how they’re setting him up, and he most clearly does know what their tactics are, and he’s gotta figure that there’s got to be some…

Oh, Robby Mook.  This is back to the email story.  When this whole thing broke, Robby Mook, the chief campaign adviser for Hillary Clinton, campaign manager, Stephanopoulos yesterday or CNN, Jake Tapper… I forget which.  Jake Tapper asked him about all this, and he blamed the Republicans.  He blamed the Republicans for the fact everybody knows now that Obama was using a fake name, communicating with Hillary on her email server. Obama used a pseudonym, a fake name, to hide his involvement. 

He had lied early on, claiming he didn’t know about her server until he read about it in the news.  So Jake Tapper is asking Mook about it. “Well,” Mook says, “hey, this is all the Republicans’ fault, they leaked this.”  Oh, really?  It’s the Republicans? They didn’t do anything.  They just came across documentation, and they’re supposedly who made it public.  And that means all of this, the fact that you know what Hillary and Obama lied about in this whole email shenanigan is the Republicans’ fault because they leaked it.  And that’s how they play it and of course the media picks that up and runs with it.  It’s the Republicans’ fault.  So if people are willing to drill holes in their brand-new $800 iPhones because they can be led to believe that Apple forgot to put the hole in there (I don’t know how many people it is) then what are we really doing here?


RUSH: I don’t think it’s possible to overemphasize the fear that must be percolating throughout the Clinton campaign and what they are doing to poor Lester Holt.  This guy can’t win tonight. 

And note, by the way, there is no pressure being brought to bear on Lester Holt by anybody, not Trump, none of Trump’s surrogates. Nobody on the Republican side is demanding that he fact check Hillary.  Nobody’s trying to tell Lester Holt how to do his job, but on the left we have a bunch of quasi-totalitarians who think the media is theirs, because it is, and they’re handing out marching orders now for poor old Lester.  They’re telling him what he has to do, same thing they would do if they were in his chair tonight, and that’s basically take Trump out. 

And when people point out that this is not the role of the moderator, that is what the debate is for, the candidates should fact check each other and make each other prove their claims and all of that, these people say, “This is too important. Trump is too unfit. Trump is too dangerous. Trump is too unsuited. Trump is too intemperate. Trump is too whatever.  It’s incumbent on Lester Holt to take Trump out.  It is not something we can risk.  The country can’t risk it.” 

Well, what is Hillary up there for, then?  Isn’t it Hillary’s job to beat him?  Isn’t it Hillary’s job to convince everybody that Trump’s whatever she thinks he is?  Man, they’re really establishing a high bar for her.  Look at all that has to happen tonight.  Lester Holt has to act like he’s like on the Hillary campaign.  He has to act like he’s a Hillary campaign aide or even campaign manager.  He’s gotta debate Donald Trump.  He’s gotta softball Hillary Clinton.  If he doesn’t do that, he’s gonna get the Matt Lauer treatment and the Jimmy Fallon treatment.  And he knows it. 

He knows his own side will throw him overboard if he doesn’t mistreat Trump.  That’s basically what he’s gotta do.  In other words, what they’re demanding of Lester Holt is that he put on public display the bias that they all claim they don’t have.  The Drive-Bys are still out there insisting, “Ah, there’s no liberal bias in the media, no, no, no, no.  We are were fair, we are objective, we are hard-hitting.” They’re throwing all that out and they’re demanding, essentially, that Lester Holt demo the bias they constantly deny exists. 

Here’s the Breitbart story: “As NBC News debate moderator Lester Holt gears up for the biggest night of his journalistic life, anti-Donald Trump voices are pressuring him to intercede in the Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton debate to ‘fact-check’ Trump’s statements. … The Clinton campaign is making a concerted last-minute push to pressure Holt. Communications director Jennifer Palmieri told reporters on a conference call that Trump will have an ‘unfair advantage’ if Holt does not step in to play judge and jury in the debate. Trump said that the media are ‘trying to intimidate Lester.'”

They are.  But what is this?  Hillary’s own communications director says that Trump will have an unfair advantage if Holt doesn’t step in to play judge and jury?  How’s that?  What gives Trump an unfair advantage if Lester Holt does not single him out to debate and argue with?  What unfair advantage?  Does it mean Trump lies?  What are they trying to say, that Trump lies so well that unless it’s pointed out, nobody’s gonna know he’s lying?  I think what we’re seeing here is projection. 

These people are the known liars.  Hillary Clinton can’t tell the truth from the source of her name to sniper fire to the email server to what was on it to anything, to Gennifer Flowers, to the vast right-wing conspiracy, to Benghazi, Hillary Clinton cannot tell the truth.  So is what these people are doing is trying to shift what they know is true about Hillary to Trump in advance so that as many viewers as they can reach before it airs start out thinking that everything Trump says is a lie.  No question what they’re doing and how they’re going about it. 

But, man, folks, what in the world must they be afraid of and how afraid must they be.  You know what else the Hillary camp’s out there saying?  They’re out there, they’re trying to push the idea that they always knew that this is gonna be a close election.  They always knew.  This is not a surprise to any of them.  No, no, no.  Hillary’s camp: We always expected to have to abandon Ohio before we even got to October.  Yeah, yeah, that was always in our plan.  We knew it was gonna be nip and tuck.  We knew that we were gonna have to get out of Ohio before we even got to October. 

What was it last week, Hillary was speaking to some union guys, shouting at them, “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?  Why aren’t I?”  Does that sound like somebody who thinks the race is going to be close all along?  It’s just another lie.  They’re scared to death.  They are scared.  They know that they’ve got a problem.  They’ve got a multifaceted problem in Hillary.  They can’t begin to know what’s gonna happen tonight.  They don’t know what Hillary’s gonna show up.  They have no idea what her stamina is gonna be.  You know, everybody’s waiting. 

It’s amazing, folks.  Go back to last July when Trump announced, every day since then people from all points on the political spectrum have been waiting for Trump to say the one thing that causes the implosion that takes him out of the race.  And he said a number of things that many people said, “There it is, there it is, that’s it, Trump’s done for now,” and he is not done for. 

So here we are just a few hours from the opening of the first debate and another narrative that has surfaced, “What will Trump do tonight to blow it?  What intemperate remark, what insult, what uncalculated error will Trump make to cause the memorable moment in the debate that everybody realizes that’s when he lost it.”  That’s what they’re trying to soak up. It’s what they’re trying to put out there, and in truth their fears are actually focused on that’s the kind of thing they actually worry about happening to Hillary tonight.  What gaffe, what physical problem, what unpredictable, unknown thing might she do or say that they can’t predict and they can’t control might happen to force everybody to write her off?  They’re projecting that onto Trump. 

I have to admit, I’ve always thought, from last summer into last fall that Trump could win this.  I’ve always thought that that could happen, because anything can happen in politics.  And I always thought that Hillary could lose it, too.  I mean, they’re two different things, Trump winning, Hillary losing, it’s a combination; but I’ve always thought, too, that Hillary could do some things. She’s not the greatest candidate.  She’s not charismatic; she’s not enigmatic — well, she is enigmatic.  She’s not attractive.  She’s not energetic.  She’s not charismatic.  She’s doesn’t make you want to do what she’s doing.  She doesn’t make you want to join her. 

But she does have that capital D next to her name, which is good for who knows how many electoral votes just out of party loyalty alone, but still there are things she could do to lose this, and she’s in the process of doing them.  And they are in a panic.  They expected a coronation; they expected a cakewalk; they expected this was going to be a breeze because, like everybody else in the establishment, they just never took Trump seriously. 

So here we are with the race in a dead heat; in some states, battleground states, Trump’s even ahead. Hillary Clinton’s campaign now saying Ohio, may have to vacate and get out, not worth the money in Ohio, trailing miserably in the white vote.  This is not the way it was supposed to be in anybody’s wildest imaginations.


RUSH:   So we have clueless people that just bought brand-new iPhones drilling a hole in the bottom of the phone after being told that Apple forgot the hole and they had to drill their own to find a headphone jack, and people are doing it. And there’s another scam out there, and this one involves the IRS.  Apparently, a 20-year-old woman began getting phone calls the first day of college that claim they were from the IRS.  They had her name and home address. 

They claimed she owed back taxes and taxes for school and that she needed to pay up now or be arrested.  And she said, “How?”  And they said, “Go to Kroger and put $1700 in gift cards on an iTunes account ,” and she did it!  The guy claimed to be from the IRS, had her name and home address, and said she owed back taxes and taxes for school. He said she needed to pay now or be arrested.  He said, “You’re gonna be getting a call from 911 and if you pick that up, you’ll be arrested.” So she got the call, and “911” appeared on her phone.

So she drove to a Kroger store, and she put $1700 of her money into iTunes gift cards just like the IRS imposter said, which turned out to be on his account.  Now, I know people have fallen for scams for ages. (interruption) Well, yeah, she made it into college.  That doesn’t mean anything anyway. I mean, NFL players went to college, too, and look at them.  They’re all college men.  At any rate, that doesn’t hit me, and I know people have fallen for scams from time immemorial.

I mean, I’ve run my share of ’em.  Harmless, creative, great theater, radio theater scams. But telling people drill holes in the bottom of their iPhone? And see, folks, it’s on television.  (It’s like Wag the Dog.  They put it on TV.) It’s a YouTube video, it must be true! The guy actually… I saw him do it to his phone, and he plugged his headphones into that hole and he — and I could hear the music.  You really you.  So what else do people believe? What else can they be made to believe?  It doesn’t matter though if you stop to think about it. 

Here’s Bob in Coronado, California.  Bob, it’s great to have you up first today on the EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi.  Thank you, Rush.  I think if Lester Holt aggressively starts to fact check Donald Trump, I think Donald Trump — in a very nice way — should invite Lester Holt up onto the stage and say, “If you want to debate me why don’t you come up here? Maybe Hillary would like to ask the questions.”  It may seem sort of harsh, but I’ve been to two Trump rallies, and the most vigorous cheers doesn’t occur when Trump says build a wall or any other of his slogans. It’s when he gets on the press. There’s literally an explosion in the room.

RUSH:  Oh, I know.

CALLER:  I think there’s room for that.  I think even if he says, “Look, I know…” In a nicer way, he could say, “Lester, I know the Democrat press has been all over you to fact check me, but isn’t it ironic that 65% of the people think she’s dishonest and you’re supposed to do that to me?”  I would just turn the tables and leave it out there as a question, even in a nice way.

RUSH:  Yeah.  Stop and think.  Imagine a whole debate of what Candy Crowley did to Romney, and I don’t think Trump will have to do much.  People were outraged at that. Well, again, I don’t know how many.  Obama still won the election.  There are other factors.  But a whole debate of that?  At some point this stuff, it’s prime to backfired.  It’s too public.  It’s a secret plan they’ve got that’s not secret.  You know, if they did all this behind the scenes and we didn’t know that any of this has happened and Lester starts doing this stuff tonight, well, it’s just Lester taking the heat, but it would still have the same effect.  Anyway, I will ponder your suggestion, have comments on it as the program unfolds.

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