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“Arnold Palmer passed away yesterday. I had the great fortune of meeting and playing golf with Mr. Palmer and being with him at a couple of social occasions. He was just an incredible, engaging human being. One of the perks of my life has been able to meet people like him, the best at what they do, learn from them and all that.”

“The left wants Lester Holt to debate Trump so that Hillary doesn’t have to. That’s what they’re asking to happen tonight. This is not the kind of thing that people confident of victory do, begging the referee to rig the game for you, essentially begging the referee to do your job for you.”

“There’s an expert in every professional field. For example, I am the expert in conservatism and the expert in radio. You just have to know how to find these experts. Well, you know how to find me.”

“Mr. Supreme Court chief justice? The IRS is gonna be reaching out to people who didn’t buy Obamacare. You don’t have to buy it, you can pay a fine, but the IRS is gonna come calling if you didn’t buy an Obamacare insurance policy. And we had to hear, ‘No, it’s not a mandate! No, it’s not violating the Constitution! No, it’s not violating the Fourth Amendment.’ Well, I’m gonna one of those people. I’m gonna be one of those 20 million, and if you didn’t buy an Obamacare insurance policy, you could, too.”

“The IRS is going to be sending letters to everybody they can find who did not buy Obamacare. Hey, John Roberts, are you listening?”

“Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams talks about Trump as a leader. We don’t hear that much. The Drive-Bys of course never will talk about Trump as leader. His surrogates do. His supporters and people who’ve known him and worked with him do. His kids talk about it all the time. But it’s not part of the general campaign resume of Trump.”

“Trump offers you a prime time slot at the convention. You have to figure, if you’re Ted Cruz, that that offer means that there’s an expectation that you’re gonna join the party, that you’re gonna endorse — and if you don’t endorse, you’re at least going to say you support, that you’re gonna vote for the nominee.”

“In order for the Republican historically, statistically, to win the White House, he or she has to win Ohio. And now Hillary’s pulling up stakes and getting out of there.”

“It’s gone on long enough now, since last summer, every Trump rally is a near, if not full, sellout. Every Trump rally is loud and raucous and is made up of people personally committed to Trump. And there’s been months and months and months of it.”

“The person in this debate who cannot tell the truth — I mean, literally cannot on two or three things and does not on most other things — is Hillary Clinton.”

“Obama said he didn’t know that Hillary was using an email server in her home until he read about it in the news. A document dump — yet another one late Friday from the FBI — contains incontrovertible evidence that Obama was emailing with Hillary the whole time she had that server in her home and he was doing so with a fake name.”

“There’s gonna be real panic out there now because Nate Silver has just announced that Donald Trump would win if the election were held today. Trump now has a 54.9% chance of winning the election. You’d better close the windows on high buildings where Democrats are in offices. It’s not gonna be pretty.”

“If Ted Cruz was going to endorse Trump anyway, as he did, then what he did at the convention wasn’t necessary. He could have avoided all of that.”

“I have never seen something so transparent. And from a supposed front-runner, Hillary Clinton, this reeks of some of the greatest fear that I have ever seen. She can’t beat this guy without stacking the deck? She can’t beat this guy without rigging it with the referee? She can’t beat this guy without the entire worldwide media piling on her opponent?”

“Man, oh, man, the peer pressure on poor Lester Holt here. And you know Lester Holt would not have this job if it weren’t for Brian Williams getting caught making things up. That’s why Lester even has this gig.”

“There isn’t any enthusiasm for Hillary outside of the perfunctory and the required, and that is there’s a Democrat running for president, and so people are gonna vote for the Democrat and are gonna show up at rallies. But it isn’t personal, not like it is with the crowds showing up for Trump. Hillary just does not have that effect on people.”

“There’s a story out there describing all of this, and the headline is, ‘Presidential Race Now a Dead Heat.’ That’s not what the headline ought to be. The headline ought to be ‘Trump Surges in Polls as Hillary’s Huge Lead Fails,’ because that’s the story.”

“What do you think of Trump’s debate prep? He’s really not doing any. I mean, not in the traditional sense.”

“One of the things I’ve often wondered — not often; always — is why does somebody need advisers on matters of your heart or your intellect? For example, give me an issue; I know what I think about. I don’t need an advisor to tell me what I think. I don’t need an adviser to tell me how to say it.”

“I’ve told the stories countless times, when I run around in public and I meet people who have never listened to me but think they know who I am because of what has been said about me in the Drive-By Media. The vast majority are shocked and stunned that I am a nice person.”

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