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RUSH:  Uh-oh.  There’s gonna be real panic out there now because Nate Silver has just announced that Donald Trump would win if the election were held today.  Trump now has a 54.9% chance of winning the election.  Nate Silver.  You’d better close the windows on high buildings where Democrats are in offices.  It’s not gonna be pretty.


RUSH: Just to reiterate here, I had to squeeze the information in in a flash as the previous hour was ending.  Nate Silver’s website, FiveThirtyEight.com, has adjusted its projections ahead of the debate tonight, and this is it, if the election were held today, Trump leads with a 54.9, basically 55% chance of winning the election, according to Nate Silver, who is the left’s guru in analyzing polls. 

Now, this projection stems from Trump winning Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Nevada.  The same projection shows Clinton winning Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Virginia.  However, Pennsylvania and Colorado are in play for Trump, much to the disbelief and chagrin of many.  The last time that Trump was in the position of if the election were held today he would win, was July 29th, in this poll.  July 29th, that was after the Republican convention and before the Democrat convention and the bump that Hillary got out of that. 

After the Democrat convention in this poll — and by the way, it’s not a Bible here, but it is to the left, which is why I’m sharing the data with you, because this is suicide inducing.  I mean, this is nail the windows shut.  This is grab the sharp objects and keep ’em away, especially for leftists in places like LA and San Francisco and Chelsea, SoHo, you name it, this is not good news.  Clinton had a 92% chance of winning in this poll the first week of August.  She has been in a steady decline ever since.  The electoral count right now on this basis has Trump 275, — 270 needed to win — Hillary at 263. 

Now, the election is not today, so this is just a snapshot.  But you fold this in with everything else happening today, it explains the panic on the left.  You know what I’m beginning to think?  You know that pickle jar stunt that Hillary did with Jimmy Kimmel?  I’m beginning to think that wasn’t a stunt.  I’m beginning to think that was really intended as a genuine display of Hillary’s strength.  It looked like a stunt to us ’cause it was Kimmel, you know, it looks like a comedy bit.  But I’m beginning to think that was it — they’re in trouble — they were — Hillary hasn’t been seen. 

Now, a couple of things.  You hear what Obama’s advice to her is?  He gave her the worst advice anybody could give her.  He told her to be herself.  President Obama told Hillary, “Just be yourself and explain what motivates you when you hit the stage on Monday night.” 

Well, if she is herself and explains what motivates here, she has to say, “I will do anything for money.  I will do anything to get rich.  I will make a series of 20-minute speeches at $250,000 a pop for two years straight in order to earn $22 million.  I will sell influence as secretary of state and as a potential president.  I will take contributions to a charity run by my husband and me, which donates practically nothing to charity.  I will do whatever it takes to get filthy rich like the people we hang around are.  I will do whatever it takes.”  That’s being herself and that’s being honest.  Is that gonna happen?  No way.  Still, not the best advice I would think from Obama, just be yourself.  

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