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The Patriots Do It With Great Coaching

RUSH: We’ve got a big NFL weekend coming up. The ratings, will they continue to plummet?  (interruption) How do the Patriots do it? Good coaching.  The Patriots do it with excellent, excellent coaching.  A great way to look at the Patriots, they changed the kickoff rule.  This is something your average fan would not know, but I being an expert in so many things am fully aware of this. 

You look at the new kickoff rule, the NFL tries to limit concussions and therefore contact at high speed so they have changed the kickoff rule. A touchback, you get the ball out on the 25 yard line.  The objective was to encourage more receiving teams to take a knee, let the ball go to the end zone and with no contact, no potential injury, nothing, you get the ball at the 25 yard line, not the 20. It used to be the 20. 

So Bill Belichick says, “Oh, yeah?  I’m not giving people the 25 yard line.”  So he’s instructed his kicker to kick short.  He’s forcing the teams to return kicks, and his kick team, I think it’s like eight or nine times — every kick that’s been returned there hasn’t been a kick yet in three games that’s even gotten to the 25 yard line against the Patriots.  It’s coaching, and the uniforms.  I think the uniforms intimidate people.  Like the Cowboys uniforms used to intimidate people way, way, way back, sixties and seventies.  

Hillary Proposes 65% Death Tax

RUSH: Trump just tweeted something out also, that in his opinion Hillary’s just blown every chance to pick up any voters voting — she’s come out, I meant to mention this earlier.  She has proposed a death tax or estate tax, 65% estate tax.  When I tell you she’s stuck in a time warp that’s in the nineties and even the eighties, she really is.  This is a tax-the-rich — there’s a word that rhymes here I’m not gonna use — she is a tax-the-rich babe. Obama is, too, but they don’t talk about it.  They just do it.  They’re not talking about it.  She is taxing the rich, punishing the rich, punishing the achievement, she is into that, and it is gonna hurt her.   

Cruz Endorse Trump?

RUSH: There is breaking news out there, folks.  Mr. Snerdley told me he just saw the crawl go by on CNN, but it isn’t there now, but apparently the breaking news is that Senator Ted Cruz is expected to endorse Trump and that it could happen as early as today.  Politico has rushed a story on their website about this.  But there’s not much more to it than that.  There will be eventually as more information is made available and if it’s accurate and if it happens today, then this is going to set off I’d say some fireworks in the Never Trump sector, wouldn’t you think? 

And the Never Trump sector may — I mean, can you see ’em turning on Cruz?  If they turn on Cruz, who else do they have?  I don’t know.  We’ll have to watch this one and remember whatever you hear about it, wait until my commentary on Monday to put it in complete and perfect focus for you.  

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