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“I got an email last night, ‘You’d better turn on the TV. You won’t believe what you see in Charlotte.’ So I turned on the TV, and at first I thought it was an outtake from a Beyonce video.”

“Is turning out the black vote so important to Obama and Hillary and the Democrats that they are willing to sacrifice another city to do it?”

“When you vote Democrat, you’re voting for Santa Claus. You’re voting as a dependent. You’re voting for the Democrat Party to do things for you. You’re voting for the Democrat Party to stop things happening to you. And it’s not working.”

“I’m not denying that there is legitimate racial disharmony elsewhere, but in Charlotte, there wasn’t. So the ingredients necessary for Black Lives Matter to exist are not present here. The ingredients for the angry civil rights coalitions to be fit to be tied and want to riot, they’re not present here.” 

“We’re in the second term of the first African-American presidency in the country. And they are madder than I can remember them being since Watts in the 1960s. Where’s all the hope and change? At some point do these people rioting not have to start asking their questions of different people?”  

“Hillary doesn’t think she should have to be working at all to effect a 50-point lead because Trump is such a reprobate. He’s such a bad guy and so horrible and so unprofessional and so out of it and so not an insider that Trump ought not even stand a chance. It shouldn’t matter she stays in bed four out of every seven days. It shouldn’t matter she seizes up. It shouldn’t matter that she has to go to ER.” 

“After eight years of the most power African-Americans have had in this country ever, it’s worse, it’s caused more anger, and it’s understandable.” 

“You have to admit, folks, the anger in many cases is legitimate. You’ve been voting for the same people for 50 years and you are regressing? You’ve been voting for the same people for 50 years and you have the same complaints amplified and multiplied? I’d be mad too.”   

“We are the enemy, and we are the biggest enemy Obama and Hillary face, in their minds. Not ISIS, not Iran, not Al-Qaeda, not any military opponent, not China. American conservatives and Republicans are the biggest enemy! 

“Did Obama even ask for calm in Charlotte? Most presidents, in an event like this where day two or night two is thought to be potentially even worse, you try to do what you can to tamp it down. I don’t think Obama has done that at all.” 

“I just think Mrs. Clinton has not kept up, and I think the way she sees the world and the way she sees campaigns and the way she sees Republican political opponents is almost stereotypical, with the stereotype coming from the nineties.” 

“Obama doesn’t show an interest in correcting massive misunderstandings which are easily disproved by existing facts.” 

“Is every African-American leader as radicalized now as Black Lives Matter, or is it such that they’re just too intimidated to be moderates in the face of all of this?” 

“Where’s the so-called fear of the police we keep hearing about? You know, we keep hearing that there’s massive fear of the police in these neighborhoods. The protesters seem to me to be so unafraid that they are going up and grabbing cops when they aren’t throwing rocks or fireworks at ’em.” 

“If somebody’s gonna give money to see to it that these riots continue to happen, i.e., donating to Black Lives Matter and whoever, then they must want this, because they must conclude that there’s some benefit to them.” 

“If I were African-American and living in an inner city or part of an inner city like Charlotte or wherever, I’d be mad, too, folks. So would you. Their anger is just misdirected.” 

“Hillary just can’t have these public episodes, seizures and near collapses and wandering eyes and all the others that we’ve seen. The Democrats are living in fantasy land if they think people aren’t noticing or if they think people won’t care.”

“I’m not in the crowd that is worried if Hillary is performing poorly. I applaud that. I get excited when I think that Hillary is in the process of blowing it and is fading.” 

“Hillary needs all the help she can get from people that want her to do well and from people worried she’s not doing this right. So any of you out there who know how to beat Trump, I don’t have the number to Hillary’s campaign, but I’m sure somebody could get it for you.” 

“I can’t tell how many years ago the left… When West Wing was on, it was during the Bush presidency, and they really thought Martin Sheen was president! The left engaging in their fantasyland and West Wing was the real government to them. That’s how they stayed sane.” 

“Trump has been talking a lot about unifying lately. At the same time, he talks about the need for law and order. I hope that he means that we have to unify on the need for law and order.” 

“The Carolina Panthers are scheduled to face the Minnesota Vikings at one o’clock on Sunday at Bank of America Stadium. That’s a reason to protest right there: The name of the stadium is bank, an evil bank! Bank of America to boot. Ooh. Double reason for getting mad. Double reason for hatred.”






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