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RUSH: So I got an email last night, “You better turn on the TV.  You won’t believe what you see in Charlotte.”  So I turned on the TV, and my first thought, I looked and I thought it was an outtake from a Beyonce video. And then I figured out it was more rioting that was going on.  Ah, it’s just amazing. 

The thing that amazes me about this is that it’s predictable.  Like I said yesterday, these are not protests.  These are riots.  Riots have now become the new norm!  We now expect them.  With expectation comes tolerance, and I don’t know how far down the road we are on that.  But, folks, none of this — well, a lot of this doesn’t make any sense if you don’t have a foundational understanding of what’s driving these things.  Some of this isn’t gonna make sense.  We’ll get to it all in due course. 

I want to make some observations here right off the bat.  Trump is in Pittsburgh, just finished making a speech. In fact, may still be making it, networks have bumped out of it.  But he was talking about a theme, he was speaking about a theme that he has been on a lot lately: We need to fix our wounded country.  That is very succinct; it’s very true.  And it’s even possibly a unifying message. 

Trump has been talking a lot about unifying lately.  Same time he talks about the need for law and order.  And I hope that he means that we have to unify on the need for law and order.  And of course unify means we all need to come together, but I don’t know where the commonality is here.  This has always been my beef with people who say that we need to come together and work together.  Okay, well, what do I have in common with some of these people on the left?  Where does our different worldviews overlap?  Where is the commonality? 

You look at what’s going on in Charlotte here.  A black police chief. You have a black cop. You have a largely African-American city council. They’re all being hung out to dry by the civil rights community.  Well, now I should say the rioters, the protesters, the Black Lives Matter.  They’re running around talking about how white people are the devil.  White people are not involved in this one.  This particular police shooting didn’t involve white people. 

You see, it doesn’t matter.  But it should because when this stuff first started, what they wanted us to believe, white cops were, in essence, murdering innocent young black men, like in Ferguson, don’t you know, which of course now we know was a total lie. Everything about that was a narrative that wasn’t true.  They even went so far as to have to call the guy down in Florida, what was his name, the “white Hispanic.”  George Zimmerman.  Yeah, in order to make it racial they took this Hispanic guy and called him a “white Hispanic.” 

So the narrative they have built is, this is a white power problem.  White power as exemplified in the police departments.  White power as exemplified, illustrated in city governments.  But we’re talking about the South now where many of these states and large cities are run by African-American governors and mayors.  And in this instance, that has turned Charlotte into a — well, whatever you want to call it.  We now have no racial component at all.  So what is driving this? 

Well, there you get to the real answer of what this is really all about, and you see that race is the pretext, but even when race isn’t a factor, it doesn’t stop any of this, does it?  So everybody pushing for racial harmony, well, there wasn’t any racial disharmony here.  Not in this specific incident.  I’m not denying that there is legitimate racial disharmony elsewhere, but in this specific incident, there wasn’t.  So the ingredients necessary for Black Lives Matter to exist are not present here.  The ingredients for the angry civil rights coalitions to be fit to be tied and want to riot, they’re not present here. 

These clowns even went in and they looted or raided the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  You know, according to Hillary, the people that go in there are the deplorables.  This is why I think this kind of thing is gonna end up backfiring on Hillary and the Democrats ’cause when you get right down to it, folks, we’re in the second term of the first African-American presidency in the country. We’re in the last year, so we’re in eight years of the first presidency of an African-American.  And they are madder than I can remember them being since Watts in the 1960s.  How?  Why? 

Where’s all the hope and change?  At some point do these people rioting not have to start asking their questions of different people?  Because, you see, folks, when you get right down to it, I can understand some of the rage these people feel.  I damn well can.  I can understand I can understand why a lot of these people are mad, but I think their anger is misdirected particularly as illustrated by this incident. 

If I were African-American in this country and if I lived in an inner-city neighborhood like a lot of these people, I would be fit to be tied, too, because I would have been voting Democrat all these years on the premise that those people are gonna help me outta here. That these people are gonna get even with the people that put me here. That these people, the Democrats, are gonna get even with the people that won’t let me outta here.  And after eight years of the most power African-Americans have had in this country ever, it’s worse, it’s caused more anger, and it’s understandable. 

You have to admit, folks, the anger in many cases is legitimate.  You’ve been voting for the same people for 50 years and you are regressing?  You’ve been voting for the same people for 50 years and you have the same complaints amplified and multiplied?  I’d be mad too.  They’re not mad for the reasons I would be mad.  They’re mad for made-up reasons.  But it doesn’t take away the fact that they’re mad.  And it doesn’t take away from the fact that in many cases the anger is legitimate.  What’s Hillary Clinton done for anyone?  What has Barack Obama done? 

Did Obama even ask for calm yesterday?  If he did, I missed it.  Most presidents, in an event like this where day two or night two is thought to be potentially even worse, you try to do what you can to tamp it down.  I don’t think Obama has done that at all.  It’s just like we’ve asked about Ferguson and elsewhere, we have to ask, “Where is Obama? Why hasn’t Obama spoken out and actually told the facts about what actually happened in Charlotte?” 

You know, the president could have shut down Ferguson if he would have just come out and said, “Look, ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ didn’t happen.”  Folks, I know he wasn’t gonna do it.  I’m making a point here.  I’m not longing for what could have been.  I’m trying to illustrate a point to everybody here.  Obama isn’t interested, apparently doesn’t show any, in stopping any of this stuff.  He doesn’t show an interest in correcting massive misunderstandings which are easily disproved by existing facts. 

All Obama had to come out and do — there wasn’t a white cop involved here.  Black Lives Matter, what’s going on?  Who you mad at? You mad at cops? You mad at white cops? You mad at white people?  The brother of the victim in Charlotte claims all white people are devils.  There wasn’t a white person involved here. 

The Nation of Islam guy came out yesterday and said everybody needs to start boycotting white businesses.  Well, fine, but they don’t have anything to do with this.  There’s not a white person involved in this incident.  Is turning out the black vote so important to Obama and Hillary and the Democrats that they are willing to sacrifice another city to do it? 

And therein, ladies and gentlemen, lies the answer.  Hillary Clinton’s having trouble mobilizing the African-American voting constituency that has showed up for Obama.  The Democrats, particularly Hillary, can’t win…  Is it…? How about Obama going out there and imploring black people to vote for Hillary for him? (impression) “You know what?  You gotta save my legacy.  My legacy’s in deep trouble ’cause nobody likes it.  Well, you know what? 

“I’m really worried that my presidency isn’t gonna amount to anything in the history books if you don’t vote for Hillary.  You gotta do it for me.” (scoffs) Really?  What has he done for any of these people whose anger is legitimate?  You see the black unemployment rate, the black teenage unemployment rate?  I mean, it’s nothing to brag about here.  These are serious questions.  So another city on the ropes, another city’s police department being gazed at from afar by the Department of Justice so they can go in and take over another one. 

And while we’re asking questions, where are all the moderate black leaders decrying the rioting and the looting in Charlotte?  Or is that like asking where are all the moderate Muslim leaders decrying Islamic supremacist terrorism?  Seriously!  Is every African-American leader as radicalized now as Black Lives Matter, or is it such that they’re just too intimidated to be moderates in the face of all of this?  Where’s the so-called fear of the police we keep hearing about?  You know, we keep hearing that there’s massive fear of the police in these neighborhoods. 

The protesters seem to me to be so unafraid that they are going up and grabbing cops when they aren’t throwing rocks or fireworks at ’em.  Did you see the U.K. Daily Mail has a story that a guy drove through one of the protests armed?  He had a gun.  He was white; he had a gun.  His left arm is out the window with the car. The gun’s hanging down. He’s got it in his hand and the story is they let him through.  Now, there’s an open-carry law in Charlotte but not during a protest or a riot.  You cannot carry when there’s a protest or riot going on. 

Strangely enough, that law seems to largely be obeyed.  There’s some exceptions, but this guy in his little car goes right through, just drives right through. Nobody did a thing to him.  They backed out of the way, they made a pathway, and on he went. (interruption)  What are we to make of that?  (interruption) You mean the fear of the gun is what let the guy…? (interruption) That’s what you mean by…? (interruption) You think common sense prevailed, and the common sense here is, “Uh-oh. That guy’s got a gun! We don’t want to mess with this. Let him go”? 

That’s what you think? 

So you mean it’s yet another sign of how the gun control attitudes of these leftists is also made pointless, because here’s a guy with a gun, and nothing happened to him, and nobody made a move on him?  They backed out of the way and let the guy drive through? Now there’s some arguments on social media that he was really black, by the way.  There’s an infobabe that posted this, and she’s not a regular tweeter.  So now they’re coming after her for, “Well, You only saw his arm.  You can’t possibly know what color he was,” and she’s insisting, “Yeah, not only was he white, but the other guy in the car with him was, too.” 

No, there isn’t any fear of the police.  What’s going on here is the total lack of respect for police.  But we have a black police chief. We have a black city council.  Wasn’t that supposed to mean something, too?  I mean, in the sense of demonstrating, “Hey, progress is being made here. Real positions of political power are being legitimately won by African-Americans.”  The mayor’s being thrown under the bus. The mayor is a white woman.  But the city council, the police chief, they’re all being thrown under the bus. 

The black cops, they’re all being thrown under the bus here in a supposed racial riot.  So what really is at work here is that truth is not what matters.  Black Lives Matter is what is going on.  And what’s driving this is the need for outrage in the black community because of the need for black voter turnout.  That is why Obama hasn’t made move one to tamp this down.  This is why Hillary hasn’t made move one to tamp this down.  They need the chaos. “Que bono?” Who benefits?  They need the chaos, they need the rage, they need the anger, they need all of this.

The playing of the race card is to generate black turnout for Democrats.  I know it isn’t gonna happen, folks. I’m just saying if I were one of these people, if I were one of the African-Americans living in these inner city neighborhoods and I had been voting Democrat all these years — seriously — my anger might not be directed a bunch of people I don’t know and cops and this kind of things, because voting Democrat comes with a lot of things. 

When you vote Democrat, you’re voting for Santa Claus. You’re voting as a dependent. You’re voting for the Democrat Party to do things for you.  You’re voting for the Democrat Party to stop things happening to you.  And it’s not working.  And, meanwhile, as I say, Trump’s out there literally talking about unity and literally reaching out to elements of the African-American population all over this country, in inner city Democrat churches as well. 

And then we learn that George Soros and the usual Democrat suspects are funding all of this.  Oh, that’s another bit of evidence that this is desired.  I mean, if somebody’s gonna give money to see to it that this continues to happen, i.e., donating to Black Lives Matter and whoever, then they must want this, because they must conclude that there’s some benefit to them.  So turning out the black vote is so important to Obama and Hillary and the Democrats, they’re willing to sacrifice another American city to do it.


RUSH:  So one of the legitimate questions here about what’s going on in Charlotte and a number of other cities — since there’s not a white cop involved here. A white cop did not shoot an innocent young black on his way to college walking down the street reading a book.  Black Lives Matter and this entire movement is based on white racism and prejudice, and there isn’t any here. So what’s driving this?  Well, when I have puzzling questions like this, I realize that it might be wise to visit certain leftists websites to find a way of thinking that totally escapes me, and I succeeded. 

I went to Salon.com, and I found the story that is devoted to this very subject.  The headline of this column… I don’t know who wrote this piece.  Doesn’t matter.  They’re all the same at Salon.com except for Camille Paglia.  Anyway, the headline:  “Why Are Cops Okay with Killing Black People?”  Now, it doesn’t say “black cops,” but the point of this is everybody knows this is a black cop. Even though he went to Liberty University, he is a black cop. 

This piece wouldn’t be written if there’s a white cop. 

The headline wouldn’t be written, if a white cop had been involved, “Why Are Cops Okay with Killing Black People?”   Okay, you ready for the answer? “Because American history teaches that we aren’t fully human.” So whoever wrote this is African-American. For those of you confused, “Why are African-Americans protesting when there’s not a white cop involved here?” Ah, Salon can tell us.  Cops of all races are cool with killing black people because American history has taught everybody that black people are not fully human.  That’s the justification for it.  Once again, America at large at fault. America as founded at fault. And there’s no way to change or fix that, folks.  

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