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RUSH:   So what we’re gonna see here, we’re gonna see an increased media presence in Charlotte.  Even when we reach the time where tensions have subsided a bit, there are planeloads of Drive-Bys even as I speak probably on the way to Charlotte now with their cameras. They can’t wait to get there because this is all about black turnout.  And in a specific sense it’s about winning North Carolina for Hillary. 

They can’t believe it, folks. They can’t believe where they are. They can’t believe this is happening. They can’t believe that Hillary isn’t running away with it.  In fact, grab audio sound bite number one.  Here we go.  The effort to keep things organized has already begun.  This is Mrs. Clinton last night in a video conference with the Laborers’ International Union of North America.

HILLARY:  Why aren’t I 50 points ahead, you might ask?  Well, the choice for working families has never been clearer.  I need your help to get Donald Trump’s record out to everybody.  Nobody should be fooled.

RUSH:  Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?  Can you believe she said that?  I mean, they are all thinking that.  Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?  She doesn’t think she should have to do a job.  That’s the point.  She doesn’t think she should have to be working at all to effect this 50-point lead because Trump is such a reprobate, such a bad guy and so horrible and so unprofessional and so out of it and so not an insider that Trump ought not even stand a chance.  It shouldn’t matter she stays in bed four out of every seven days. It shouldn’t matter she seizes up. It shouldn’t matter she has to go to ER.  It shouldn’t matter any of this.  Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?  You gotta get the word out. 

How much money has she already spent trying to get the word out?  Who in the world doesn’t know about Donald Trump?  Donald Trump’s got more name recognition than she’s got, or at least as much as.  There isn’t anybody that doesn’t know about Trump.  If I might succinctly remind you of something.  All the way back in the primaries I tried to tell everybody opposing Trump that you can’t do it by trying to tell people who he is.  They already know.  Trump is more well-known than anybody else in the Republican field.  He’s as well-known as Hillary, as well-known as Obama. 

In other words, that’s not ammunition for you, telling people who Trump is.  They already know.  And yet what’s Hillary want to do?  And of course it doesn’t matter.  She’s continuing to run this playbook that is decades old, that does not account for the fact the specifics of her opponent.  It really is fascinating, folks, to watch this, to watch the Democrats and all of their super consultants like Bob Shrum, they really don’t know what to do.  They build their campaign playbook as do the Republicans based on time-honored experience and tradition and focus groups and marketing and demographics, all kinds of historical references, and none of that applies here. 

But they don’t know how to adapt to it.  They’ve never seen a game plan like this.  Trump doesn’t even know from day to day what the game plans is, although he’s getting a little more disciplined about it lately.  They don’t know how to go up against this, and Hillary is displaying this with her shrieking plea to these union guys, “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?”  And part of that is she’s blaming them.  But mostly she’s plaintively asking, “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?  Don’t they know this is mine?  It’s my coronation.” 

None of that applies.  But let me take a stab at this nevertheless.  Hillary wants to know why she’s not 50 points ahead.  I’m sure you could help her as well.  Let’s see if I can help explain it to her.  Benghazi.  Four Americans dead and your reaction was to lie about a video being responsible and then to say, “What difference does it make now?” that four Americans died.  People heard that.  Libya, absolute disaster.  Syria, where Mrs. Clinton wants a hundred thousand additional Syrian refugees pouring in the country. 

By the way, are you ready for this?  A little trip back down memory lane before I tell you.  Remember the negotiation period when Obama was working with John Kerry, working with supposed moderate Iranians on a great deal with the Iranians that ultimately was going to allow them nuclear weapons.  Remember the Corker Bill, and remember the original thought of the Corker Bill, most people like you and me thought, “Ahd, the Corker Bill, that’s the Republicans, they’re gonna step in there and they’re gonna stop this from happening, ’cause there’s no way, it doesn’t make any sense.  Why would we facilitate the world’s state sponsor of terrorism getting a nuclear weapons arsenal?”

The Corker Bill did the exact opposite.  The Corker Bill actually, by the way it was written and functioned, facilitated Obama and John Kerry getting a deal, and then we found out why.  We found out why, that Republicans and members of the establish wanted sanctions raised against Iran.  Iran’s infrastructure was dilapidated, collapsing, their national airline was a disgrace.  We learned that Boeing, as part of the process of contributing to Republicans, had advocated for the lifting of sanctions so that the Iranians would have money to buy Boeing jetliners to replace their aging commercial fleet. 

Just today or last night — I just got the news story — Obama has given the ultimate green light for Boeing to accept contracts from Iran for the purchase of new jetliners to modernize their national air fleet.  And that’s one of the many reasons why the Iranian nuke deal happened, because donors wanted the Iranians to have enough money to be able to buy jets.  And that was just green-lighted by Obama today. 

People know this, people understand it.  They may not be totally up to speed on things like that, but they don’t know why in the world we are helping the Iranians nuke up.  It doesn’t make sense to ’em.  Hillary’s hidden email server.  This could be another thing Mrs. Clinton, why you aren’t 50 points ahead, dealing in classified material that you didn’t seem to care whether it was private or not, lackadaisical, plus you’re trying to hide things from people.  You’re not honest about your shockingly ill health, Mrs. Clinton.  You just can’t have these public episodes, seizures and near collapses and wandering eyes and all the others that we’ve seen.

The Democrats are living in fantasy land if they think people aren’t noticing or if they think people won’t care.  I actually saw a little blurb, I think it was yesterday in advance of today’s release of the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.  And the blurb was that voters didn’t really care about Hillary’s sickness episode, didn’t bother them at all.  And, by the same token, they weren’t bothered by something Trump said or did.  It was a bipartisan, “The American voter didn’t care,” and I looked at it, and I said, “Frankly, I’m sorry, I don’t believe this.” 

I do not believe that people paying attention during a presidential year are not going to factor the health of one of the two nominees, particularly if it’s as bad as Hillary’s is.  How about Mrs. Clinton saying that Trump’s voters can be put into a basket of deplorables?  How about all these riots in the streets, smearing of local police, open borders, sanctuary cities?  Her voice: “I ain’t no ways tired.”  She can’t attract flies. 

She had another rally yesterday or the day before.  Folks, the number of people were in the hundreds.  The number was somewhere in the hundreds.  She just can’t draw flies.  There is no magnetism, there is no excitement to her rallies.  People don’t care.  She’s not likable.  She’s not trustworthy.  I could go on and on.  Why aren’t you 50 points ahead?  There are a whole lot of reasons.

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