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RUSH:   Did you see it has gotten so bad, so desperate in the Hillary campaign, that some of the cast of the old TV show The West Wing are campaigning for her? Did you see that?  My friends, do you realize what you have in me?  I can’t tell how many years ago the left… When that show was on, it was during the Bush presidency, and they really thought Martin Sheen was president!  The left engaging in their fantasyland and West Wing was the real government to them.  That’s how they stayed sane. (chuckles) So now, Hillary has gone and gotten the cast from a TV show from 13,000 years ago to run around out there and campaign for her.  “Yes, we can!”


RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I think The West Wing is where a lot of liberals actually got the idea of how government works about when liberals run it.  It was complete fantasyland for them.  It was how they stayed sane during the Bush administration.  They literally pretended that Martin Sheen was the president and everything going on in that show was what was actually happening and that they were helping to beat Bush back and so forth. 

And I think a lot of adult leftists today and adult Democrats have their idea of what government is and how presidents ought to be from that show.  Now, the primary writer on that show was the radical liberal lunatic, Lawrence O’Donnell.  He was one of the main writers on that show for the longest time.  He has or had a show at PMSNBC.  You know who Lawrence O’Donnell is, right? (interruption) You didn’t know that?  Lawrence O’Donnell was…

Now, they had a lot of writers, but he was one of the lead writers, head writers, primary writers for a long time on that show.  Not the whole duration.  But, I mean, that’s one of the only things you really need to know about that show.  Lawrence O’Donnell. I know some people in LA who also know Lawrence O’Donnell, and he sends me messages through those people. (interruption) Yeah, I can repeat ’em.  They’re messaging attempting to convey respect but that he thinks I’m full of it. 

“Yeah, was talking to Larry the other day,” is the way it starts. A mutual acquaintance. “I talking to Larry. He has deep admiration for what you said. He thinks you’re full of crap, but he wanted me to be sure and tell you, hello. He really admires what you’ve pulled off here, but it’s one of the biggest scams he’s ever seen.” You know, stuff like that.  I’ve never actually met the guy.  I’ve just seen him.  He’s also been a campaign aide for some people, I think. 

Maybe it’s just the TV writer credits.  I don’t know.  Anyway, just to get that squared away. The West Wing.  Now, that cast is gonna be campaigning for Hillary.  I’m telling you, I’ve focused on this a couple of times here in recent days, but I really do look at Hillary Clinton, and I see somebody in a time capsule, and I made in observation last fall back during the primaries.  She seems stuck in the nineties.  She seems stuck in the nineties in terms of the criticism she gets.

She still treats it like the same criticism she and her husband got back in the 1990s vis-a-vis Lewinsky and the vast right-wing conspiracy.  Same enemies, same people, same issues.  And everything about her seems stuck way, way back in the past.  And it’s a challenge.  You know, Hillary’s an elderly person now, and she’s one of these people that does not age well.  And I don’t mean physically.  I’m not talking about in terms of health.  I’m not saying anything that isn’t obvious.  It is a challenge. 

It is a challenge for people as they age to not stay young — nobody can pull that off — but to stay… What is it? Not hip, but relevant.  I mean, to… You know, a lot of elderly people, as they age, distance from the younger generation on purpose.  “Okay.  I had my time when I was their age.  They’re doing what they’re doing now.”  And there’s no effort here to… No, that’s not true ’cause there is effort.  Let me just say it. 

I just think Mrs. Clinton has not kept up, and I think the way she sees the world and the way she sees campaigns and the way she sees Republican political opponents is almost stereotypical, with the stereotype coming from the nineties.  Many of her staff, I think, are the same, and many of her fundraisers are from the same bailiwick.  I mean, to go before a group of union thugs and demand, “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?” 

Well, now, you know to ask that question, you must have to honestly believe you should be 50 points ahead.  Now, who believes that in any campaign that they are going to be 50 points ahead?  But she does.  And the primary reason she does is because of what they think of Trump, and by extension, what they think of Trump’s supporters.  And she’s already told us:  deplorables and idiots and ignoramuses who believe the economy and the country has passed them by, doesn’t really care.

And they may be right, but we’re not gonna do anything about it ’cause they’re not gonna vote for us, so screw them.  So we’re just gonna lump them all into this giant basket of deplorables.  The left is not tolerant, and they’re not compassionate, and the attitudes they have toward people that don’t support them, don’t vote for ’em, is not compassion and a desire to change minds.  It’s the enemy.  We are the enemy, and we are the biggest enemy Obama and Hillary face, in their minds. 

Not ISIS, not Iran, not Al-Qaeda, not any military opponent, not China.  American conservatives and Republicans are the biggest enemy, because, the way they look at it, the ChiComs may be dangerous, but the ChiComs are not trying to take the White House from ’em.  And the Iranians aren’t trying to take the White House from ’em. But we are.  And that makes us… Plus, we stand for a different cultural norm than they do.  So it’s really enemy combatant time.  

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