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The Homeland Security Inspector General just issued a shocking report. Turns out, over 850 people who were ordered deported, or had actually been removed, were granted American citizenship. By mistake.

They’re blaming this snafu on the lack of digital fingerprints. The FBI and Homeland Security are supposed to check the fingerprint records of those applying for citizenship. But there is a “gap.” A loophole. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, admits that about 150,000 fingerprint records of illegal aliens who are criminals and fugitives aren’t in the system.

This IG report only focused on illegals mistakenly granted citizenship. That’s just a tiny percentage of those “living in the shadows.” God only knows what else is lurking in that “gap.”

So. In the wake of the latest Islamic terrorism in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota, Trump has again called for temporarily suspending immigration from unsafe regions of the world until we can screen them properly. That’s outrageous, say Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democrat party.

They insist that we accept thousands upon thousands more immigrants, without question and without foolproof vetting. From countries where ISIS terrorists are active and recruiting.

This isn’t about so-called xenophobia or so-called Islamophobia. This is about terrorism. Here. In America. It’s about national security. And it’s time to stop Democrats from playing politics with it because lives are really at stake here. Not political fortunes. 

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