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RUSH: You know, at the risk of sounding deplorable, I couldn’t help it.  I’m watching Obama give his swan’s song address to the United Nations.  And, by the way, it looked just like the cantina scene in Star Wars again.  The General Assembly just does. Obama’s up there totally, totally talking about himself and how great he’s been and how great America was and is, and he limited his apologies, and it was a typical, “You know, I’ve been really good, underappreciated and y’all are gonna miss me when I’m gone.” 

That’s basically what he said.  But while he was talking, I couldn’t — and I know it sounds deplorable to say this, and I say it proudly. But I was just imagining how much fun it would be to hear Trump addressing the U.N. Can you imagine? If Trump wins, one year from now it will be Trump addressing the U.N.  Can you imagine the buildup to that?  Can you imagine the threatened boycotts?  You know, I might even… A number of people have suggested it would be better if we just closed the U.N. and take it out of business.

Trump might be able to accomplish that just by winning the presidency.  So I was having all kinds of fun imagining what that whole scenario would look like.  Anyway, folks, we have highlights — sound bites, not highlights — of Obama’s swan’s song address.  

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