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RUSH: I think people are stealing from me. Do you remember last week? It was last week… Last week was the week after Hillary had the seizure and the near collapse, being thrown into the van at the 9/11 ceremony. Yeah.  I offered an idea to Trump.  I said, “You know, at the first debate you should show up with a surgical mask because they said she had pneumonia and pneumonia is contagious.” 

Well, they said hers was “noncontagious, mild bacterial pneumonia.”  And I said, “Trump, you should show up in a surgical mask.”  Of course, the outrage over that will just be incalculable.  Well, guess what? Jimmy Fallon did it when Hillary showed up on the show last night.  This was on The Tonight Show.  We have the audio of this.  Jimmy Fallon interviewing Hillary Clinton, and here’s his introduction…

FALLON:  Give a warm, Tonight Show welcome to Hillary Clinton!

AUDIENCE: (applause)

FALLON: Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome.

HILLARY: Aaaaaah.

FALLON: Welcome.  Thank you so much.  It is —

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

HILLARY: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaaaaaaaa!

FALLON: Let’s talk about… heh heh heh.

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

HILLARY: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

FALLON: Thank you so much for being here.

HILLARY:  You’re so welcome.  I am not contagious.

RUSH:  All right.  So he’s got the surgical mask on. So she’s obviously in on the joke.  So my idea has been purloined before Trump could get to it.  But, anyway, she would not have been in on it had it been Trump’s idea, and the media would not have been in on it.  Can you imagine?  I know some of you detractors say, “Is that all you want to do, Rush? Is that all you want to do is you want to continue to shock and outrage?”  No.  That’s not all I want to do.  As I say, I’m fantasizing.

I’m thinking about some of these things that could well happen based on, you know, experience guided by intelligence, that you know will never happen but you’d still love to see them happen.  

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