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RUSH: Try this.  I’m going through show prep today and run across this headline:  “Hillary Clinton Vows to Speak ‘Directly to White People’ to Stop Racial Police Shootings.”  It’s a Breitbart story today.  The subhead:  “Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton vows she’ll tackle the racism in the nation’s law enforcement system.

“‘We gotta tackle the systemic racism, this horrible shooting again, how many times do we have to see this in our country?’ she said [on a radio] show. Clinton was specifically referring to the police shooting of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, saying he had his ‘hands in the air’ when he was killed. ‘This is unbearable and it needs to be intolerable,’ she said. Clinton [said] that if the African-American community came out and voted for her, she would work to stop racial shootings by police officers. ‘Maybe I can by speaking directly to white people and say, “Look this is not who we are,”‘ she said.”

How would she do this? 

We know how she speaks when she goes to Selma.  I’m sorry.  When she goes to “Sel-muh.”  “I ain’t no ways tired.”  She gets that black African-American dialect — well, as good as she can.  How would she speak to “white people”?  “Hillary Clinton Vows to Speak ‘Directly to White People’…” There are no statistics, by the way, anywhere that support any of this that she is citing.  The Fraternal Order of Police have endorsed Trump, and here she is.  Hillary, if you wonder why you can’t shake Trump, if you wonder why you’re not at 70% and Trump’s at 30%, this is why.

You know, it’s patently obvious that the establishment types still to this moment do not understand why Trump’s supporters support Trump.  They don’t understand what the primary objections that people have to them are, but the worst thing is they don’t care.  In the establishment and the bubble, in the elite circles you can get away with not caring.  But it’s still… Oh, speaking of that.  Yes, yes, yes.  I got an email.  The first thing I saw when I woke up this morning I had an email about the situation with Kathleen Kennedy. She was at the home of George H. W. Bush last night.

What it was, is he started the Thousand Points of Light Foundation.  That was one of his campaign slogans in his first term.  I, of course, am Point of Light No. 773 in the thousand points of light, and there was a — I don’t know — a reception, cocktail party of sorts at the Bush family home in Maine, I believe it was, last night.  And it’s intended to be a bipartisan effort that demonstrates the ability of disparate groups of people to work together toward solutions to a common goal. 

So a Thousand Points of Light is what you would think a bipartisan Republicans and Democrats, leftists and rightists, can come together and show that they can agree on helping people through poverty or whatever.  Ostensibly, what happened… There’s no witnesses to this. Apparently, what happened is Kathleen Kennedy was talking to George H. W. Bush.  She posed for a picture with him and then the next thing you know she posts the picture on Facebook and claims that 41 told her that he’s voting for Hillary. 

Now, there’s nobody that saw it.  I have it on good authority there are no witnesses to this.  All we have is Kathleen Kennedy (last name Townsend) and her assertion.  Of course, the Bush family spokesman, when asked about it, said (summarized), “His vote is private. He’s never intended to announce who he’s going to vote for and isn’t going to now.”  So they’re taking that as, “Hey, it’s a nondenial! They would have denied it.” 

So now the word’s out there that George H. W. Bush told Kathleen Townsend Kennedy or Kennedy Townsend that he’s gonna vote for Hillary, and there’s really no way of knowing.  You just have take it on faith one way or the other.  What do you think about this, though?  What do you think of Kathleen Kennedy…? I mean, this is a… I know it’s a Thousand Points of Light Foundation-type meeting.  And trust me on this: You can assume that everybody that shows up at these things considers it an off-the-record kind of event. 

It’s not really supposed to be political, so Kathleen Kennedy thinks she hears something or makes it up or he did say it (we don’t know), but then she goes to Facebook and puts it out all over the world. What do you think of that? (interruption) I know. I know. (interruption) Look, I know she’s a Kennedy and she may not have known the guy. I understand this.  But the likelihood is that she knew exactly what she was doing. 

So he’s in the living room of the former president of the United States, and they’re having a chat, I guess, and she decides to divulge part of what was said.  And so I… No, I can’t give you any insight over what the truth is; I wasn’t there.  And I’m not gonna play the game of guessing based on how I know… I mean, I know George H. W. Bush.  He’s in his nineties.  There’s a lot of things you could say but all of it would be speculation. 

So I don’t think it’s gonna matter anyway.  This is the bottom line: Even if he did say it and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend’s out there saying it, it isn’t gonna matter.  I think if something like that is something that Hillary needs, then she’s in bad shape.  If Hillary needs the so-called endorsement… Although we can’t call it that.  That’s not what it was.  If Hillary Clinton needs for her to be successful, for it to be known that George H. W. Bush is gonna vote for her, she’s gotta be in some big trouble. 

That ought to be a nonevent. In the real world, Hillary Clinton would reject that.  If this were any other time, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t want any part of the support of a Republican.  It would give the left too many fears and concerns about her.  I mean, these leftist freaks and extremists would say, “Oh, my gosh, George Bush is supporting her?  See, we told you! We told you! Bernie’s the guy.”  It would create a ton of problems for her in a normal cycle.  The fact that she needs it or that Kathleen Kennedy Townsend thinks that she needs it…

We have the polling data from yesterday that we shared with you that Hillary’s in deep doo-doo with Hispanic voters, is not being greeted enthusiastically by African-American voters.  In fact, how about this?  Where was it that Obama…? It was at a fundraiser.  It was that fundraiser with 65 people where Obama blamed me and Fox News for Hillary’s problems.  You note that that hasn’t made a lot of news, by the way.  And the reason it hasn’t made a lot of news is precisely because Obama said it to a bunch of donors, 65 people that paid a lot of money to be there. 

And let me briefly explain how these things work, because I went to one of these here in South Florida with George W. Bush.  If you heard this story yesterday, please indulge me.  So Bush is coming in for an appearance for donors, and these things are events where Bush — the candidate — thanks the donors, extends to them his appreciation, lets them inside.  I mean, these people are giving a lot of money.  So they have to get something in return.  Not all of them are gonna get what they want policy-wise. 

So the president — and I’m sure Obama did the same thing in his. Bush came in and spent 45 minutes going around the world telling these donors the lay of the land, who he was dealing with, what he was doing, and there were a couple of times when he was addressing us… In 45 minutes, not one stutter, not one pause, not one moment of appearing not knowing what he was gonna say next.  It was totally unlike the George W. Bush that you all saw on television. 

He was decisive, was confident, and a couple of times during his remarks to the donors he looked right at me and said, “Don’t you dare say any of this on the radio!”  And I put my arms up and said, “Who, me?”  “Yeah, you.  You don’t say a word about this.”  ‘Cause this is stuff… This is for the donors. These are things you don’t say in a speech.  This is extending this insider status to the donors.  They’re paying a lot of money; you gotta give ’em something back. 

Well, that’s what Obama was doing.  He had 65 people within and he’s out there and he’s telling these donors — they’re all worried why Hillary Clinton appears to be in the sewer.  They can’t get her out of the sewer.  She’s in big trouble.  They think she should have been at 70%.  She’s barely, barely ahead of Trump in some polls, losing in others. It looks like a dead heat right now including the Electoral College and they’re panicking and these donors want to know from Obama what’s going on.

So Obama tells them that the reason Hillary is looked at the negatively by so many people is because of Fox News and me.  (impression) “Yeah, people… People, if all they do is watch Fox News and — and listen to Rush Limbaugh, then they’re gonna have distorted view!”  Now, why single us out?  Because we’re the only two that you can’t control.  You can’t control Fox. You can’t control what happens on this program.  That didn’t make broad news.

You know, the news networks didn’t spend a lot of time on it because it wasn’t publicly stated.  And, as such, it was a fundraiser that took place in coordination with Hillary being in trouble.  Well, just like this Points of Light Foundation thing at the home of George W. Bush last night, the donors, when they leave these things it, they don’t talk.  It’s a traditional thing that you respect the privacy, particularly in this case because of the host, the former president. 

So I think that Kathleen Kennedy Townsend running out there and posting this, and the fact that this is done because Hillary needs a boost tells us quite a lot about the Democrats’ assessment of Hillary campaign.  You know she’s taking the day off today?  She had a rally, I guess she had 300 people show up somewhere…  Where was it?  North Carolina? Three hundred people show up.  That’s an exhausting rally for Hillary. That’s a lot of people.  That’s about a hundred people more than show up for a book signing.  So she taking the day off.  


RUSH:  So you stop and think how much the Clintons and the Democrats hate — well, not the Clintons — mainstream Democrats, how much they hate Bush.  Now, you might think it’s George W. Bush they hate, and they do.  But it’s not just him.  The Democrat Party spent seven years destroying George W. Bush with the help of the media, and the last four years of his term, the second term, they destroyed Bush. They destroyed the War on Terror. They did everything they could to destroy the success of the war in Iraq.

And then all of a sudden here comes, supposedly according to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, saying George H. W. Bush is saying he’s gonna vote for Hillary?  In the normal flow of things, they would have problems with this, but they apparently don’t.  It’s looked at it as a positive for Hillary.  And, by the way, her rally was at Temple University, Philadelphia. It was 200 people, not three.  I was exaggerating. 

She only had 200 people show up.  And no, I didn’t donate any money to go to the George W. Bush fundraiser.  I’m a powerful, influential member of the media and was invited to be there by the hosts of the event, which are people who live part of the year here.  Well, I was invited with the knowledge of the presidential advance team and so forth.  I was even in the reception line when the president arrived and the donors showed up.  But, no, no, no, no. I didn’t have to donate any money. 

Not everybody that shows up donated.  I mean, you’ve got some stragglers and so forth, but, no, no, no, no.  If I had donated, believe me, the Drive-Bys would have told you.  If I had given money to anybody, they would ferret out those records and they would be publishing every bit of information, ’cause I’ve done it a couple of times way, way back in the nineties, and it happened, and they found it and they made a big to-do about it.  


RUSH: Coronado, California.  Hey, Bob, great to have you here, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush. I just wanted to expand on the point that you’ve been making that we need to be very skeptical in believing anything we hear.  I would just remind people that we’re in a window of six to eight weeks in front of an election, and if we go back four years, on September 16th, Susan Rice went in front of the Sunday shows and told one of the biggest lies. 

Obama then came out on the 25th of September 2012 — again, five weeks before an election — and said that there’s no video that justifies an attack on an embassy.  Harry Reid was making up the story about Romney not paying his taxes.  And apparently he’s even speaking on the Senate floor today saying that Trump doesn’t really have all this money that he claims and that’s why he’s not releasing his taxes.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  I’d even add one more.  Hillary’s team that released the birther issue in March of 2012. That was right in the thick of the Super Tuesday primaries, literally weeks before the end of the primaries.  So this is a very desperate time for them, and I think you are very correct. We should be very cognizant of everything that’s said and probably be a skeptic, and it may just be a blatant lie and then they’ll deal with later.  Harry Reid will… Well, he won’t apologize. He’ll laugh and say, “Well, we won, didn’t we?”

RUSH:  No, no.  No.  What will happen is Harry Reid said what he said, and the media will go to Trump and ask, “Is Harry Reid right?  Do you really not have all this money?”  That’s what they did to Romney. Harry Reid said, “I got a friend who says Romney hasn’t paid his taxes in ten years.” “Well, who’s your friend?”  Reid said, “Screw my friend!  You need to go ask Romney if it’s true.”  “What?” “No.  You need to go ask Romney why he hasn’t paid his taxes in ten years,” and that’s what the media did. 

They didn’t demand any proof whatsoever from Dingy Harry. 

So Dingy Harry’s out there now saying Trump doesn’t have all this money; that’s why he won’t release his tax returns.  You need to follow that up.  The media, they don’t even need to be told on this. They’ll just go do it.  But you’re right. It was March 2008 when Sidney Blumenthal in the Hillary camp got the birther movement against Obama going.  This is… He’s responding to this idea that Kathleen Kennedy Townsend was told by George Bush 41 that he’s voting for Hillary at a Points of Light gathering at the president’s home in Maine last night. 

Nobody heard Bush say this.  So nobody really knows.  And the Bush team, they’re not gonna deny it or confirm it because they’ve already stated that they’re not gonna announce how Bush is gonna vote.  Now, people assume, “Well, if he’s not gonna announce it, that means he’s not supporting the nominee.”  Not necessarily.  But the larger point here is — and it always boils down to this — do you realize what the media was able to do? 

You have McCain. We might disagree with McCain on a host of issues, but he’s not a reprobate, he’s not a bad guy, and they made him into one. They turned him into one that people believed.  Mitt Romney is as squeaky clean as one of the squeegees that Rudy Giuliani got off the streets in Manhattan back in the 1990s.  Squeaky clean.  They turned Romney into a guy who didn’t care about dogs because he put it on the roof of the station wagon for the family vacation.

He didn’t care about the wives of employees even when they died of cancer, and he routinely participated in mean hazing stunts at prep school.  Now, it took ’em a long time, but they were able to convince a majority of Americans that these two men who were so squeaky clean they were boring… To turn them into the two of the biggest villains in American politics.

Now, they’re having trouble doing this with Trump.  They have been trying for months.  They’re not gonna stop trying.  They’re gonna continue to ratchet it up, and they don’t know what they’re dealing with in Trump, because it isn’t working.  It’s not diminishing Trump.  It’s the first time they’ve tried this, and it isn’t working.


RUSH: Here’s Julia in my adopted hometown of Sacramento, California.  How are you doing, Julia?

CALLER:  Great, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  Fine, dandy.  Thank you el mucho.

CALLER:  I just wanted to mention the first part where you were speaking about George Bush Sr.  I can’t even believe that a Republican would even consider or even vote for Hillary, a person that can’t even defend the Americans we had in Benghazi. She couldn’t make a decision. How could she possibly be qualified to be president?

RUSH:  That’s such a great question.  And, unfortunately, sadly, I can answer it for you.  I wish I wasn’t able to, but I can answer it for you.  That’s simply not how Hillary and Bill Clinton are seen by most of the Republicans in the blue-blood, moderate wing of the party.  That’s not how they see the Clintons.  They don’t see Benghazi.  They don’t see Lewinsky.  If they do see those things, they write them off as one offs, not the kind of things you should judge these people on, because there is a mutual respect for the membership in this clean up that has happened by virtue of merit. 

If you get elected president, if you get elected senator, and if you run for president, you are an accredited, accepted, qualified member of the establishment.  And if you’ve been a president, you’re at the upper echelon of it.  So it’s a small club, it’s rarefied air, and it comes first before any criticism or party loyalty or what have you.  And if you doubt me, just check.  How many Republicans are you seeing willing to sign on with the Democrats for amnesty, for example?  So you’re sitting there; you can’t imagine somebody who’s been president and look what Bill Clinton did in eight years ago or what Obama has done and Hillary wants to continue. You can’t imagine a Republican not opposing it.  Right?  You can’t envision —

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:   — you cannot imagine that.  Well, they don’t.  They have an entirely different set of parameters in which they define this. It’s not that they don’t condemn the stuff, able to acknowledge it, but you can redeem yourself.  If you’ve been doinking bimbos in Chappaqua, you can redeem yourself from that, if you travel around the world and make it look like you’re giving money for AIDS, because that brings this aura of respect to other members of the establishment. 

It’s a different world.  I’ve got a headline here. You… (chuckles) I hate to give you this at the end of the program.  “Republicans Advance Obama Judicial Nominees with Weeks to Go.”  This is a story about how the Republicans in Congress are preparing to Help Obama Get His Judges confirmed, before he leaves office, as the polite and decorous and gentlemanly thing to do. 

It’s the Republicans behaving as what they think the people of America would like them to do, be respectful of Obama, he’s president, and in turn they will get the same kind of respect from the Democrats if they ever end up back in the White House.  Ha-ha! But there you have it.  I debated not even doing this story today ’cause we’re on a roll on other things within didn’t want to ruin your day.  Now look what I’ve done.

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