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RUSH: Obama, by the way, in a press conference today said that there is no connection.

He sees no connection whatsoever between the Minnesota mall stabbing attack and the bombings in New York City.  Nothing to see there.  Nah, ah, ah! Not one connection.  On CNN… This was about 10:30, between 10:15 and 10:30.  Are you ready for this? (interruption)   Yeah.  That’s another thing.  They’ve caught the bombing suspect.  They captured the guy in New Jersey, and I swear I thought the picture was Cuba.  Wait ’til you see the picture, because the only thing in the picture are dented, beat-up, lime green Volkswagen Rabbits. 

Is that what they’re called, Rabbits? (interruption) Bugs!  That’s it.  The Bug.  The kind that Arlo Guthrie drove to the draft office. No, that was the bus.  He drove the bus to the draft office in Alice’s Restaurant.  These are lime green. It looks like downtown Havana where this guy was arrested. It’s actually New Jersey.  There he is on the stretcher.  Anyway, there was an “expert” on CNN — and I didn’t get the name — between the 10:15 and 10:30 who said literally, quoting, “Two or three lone wolves may have gotten together.” 

The infobabe anchor asked, “What happened, what happened?” 

“Well, don’t worry about it, it’s nothing but lone wolves, two or three of them may have gotten together.” 

How do “lone wolves” get together?

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