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RUSH: Apparently, ladies and gentlemen, you know, this doctor that Hillary has? What is her name?  Bardekas, Bar…? Anyway, she has told everybody she’s diagnosed Hillary as having bacterial… Lisa Bardack is her name. She’s diagnosed Hillary as having bacterial pneumonia.  Now, I must admit, I had never heard of bacterial pneumonia.  This whole diagnosis that this doctor repeated, sounded… I’d never heard of it before.

Now, I’m not a pneumonia expert.  I don’t sit around studying pneumonia, but I’d never heard of bacterial pneumonia. She said it’s “noncontagious, limited, bacterial pneumonia,” when it turns out there’s no such thing.  It turns out there is no such diagnosis as “noncontagious bacterial pneumonia.”  Apparently, Hillary’s doctor made it up — and if that’s made up, then practically everything else in this report could be made up.

This report doesn’t even deal with the one thing that everybody saw, and that’s the seizure! She  had a major seizure.  And they report, “Oh, yeah. Eh, she was dehydrated and, yeah, she tripped and fell out of her shoe getting off the curb. She stumbled getting into the van and she’s been weak for a long time. It’s noncontagious bacterial pneumonia.” Well, there is this website called the International Classification of Diseases, and it turns out that this place…

The ICD, the International Classification of Diseases, is the bible for Obamacare medical coding.  This place is what Obamacare uses in coding — c-o-d-i-n-g — coding various medical maladies, diseases, and sicknesses in the process of diagnosis and treatment.  And it doesn’t  exist there.  “According to ICD-9 codes, and the more current ICD-10 coding, there’s no such diagnosis as ‘non contagious bacterial pneumonia.'”

But Hillary’s doctor said yesterday in a letter that she had diagnosed Hillary with “mild, noncontagious bacterial pneumonia.” Since then a lot of doctors have pointed out that there isn’t any such thing.  Now, the Drive-Bys are not finding those doctors.  Other media are finding doctors. They say, “There no such thing. I’ve never heard of it.  ‘Mild, noncontagious bacterial pneumonia’?  There is no… Mild pneumonia?  Noncontagious?”

Isn’t this convenient?

Hillary has the kind of pneumonia that doesn’t affect anybody else and it could be cured in an hour and a half, and after that you can hug a little girl and not have any fear of spreading the disease. Why, it’s a miracle! Hillary has a miracle disease, a miracle strain of pneumonia that doesn’t hurt her or anybody else.  The problem is, nobody’s ever heard of it.  And in this classification website — this coding website that the Obamacare plan uses practically exclusively in coding and tracking diagnoses in medicine, it doesn’t exist.

Apparently Hillary’s doctor just made it up — and, if so, what else in this report is made up? But if that’s made up, it means she doesn’t have pneumonia.  Her doctor’s report makes no sense.  Her doctor’s report raises more questions than it answers, and her doctor doesn’t even address the primary thing everybody saw and the primary thing everybody’s curious about, and that’s the seizure.  She had a seizure! It was patently obvious on this video.

It’s not the first time, and that wasn’t even addressed.  So let me ask you this: What do you prescribe for a nonexistent disease?  What, as a doctor, would you prescribe for “mild, noncontagious bacterial pneumonia” that many doctors have pointed out, there isn’t any such thing?  What would you prescribe?  A placebo?


RUSH: We got a guy… We’re gonna get to him.  He says there is such a thing as bacterial pneumonia.

Now, the Obamacare site that codes diseases says there’s no such thing as “noncontagious bacterial pneumonia.” We got a guy… Remember, now, anybody can call here and say anything — and as host, I can say anything.  It’s up to you to trust who’s who.

Isn’t the Drive-By Media just great, folks?  You’ve seen the story, by the way, that American trust in the news media has fallen to its lowest level in history? This is according to the Gallup poll.  “Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media ‘to report the news fully, accurately and fairly’ has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media.” Well, let’s look at this.

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton seizes up.  She started bopping up and down. She started wavering there back and forth. She literally seized up trying to get into a double-wide door van, after having had to leave the 9/11 ceremony early because of supposed “overheating” and dehydration. She had to be literally thrown into the van, and two people had to move in quickly to keep her from collapsing to the ground.

She started convulsing.  What’s the big story today in the Drive-By Media?  The big story today is the health of Donald Trump and his appearance on The Dr. Oz Show.  Has Trump collapsed?  Has Trump had to suspend campaigning?  Has Trump disappeared for days at a time?  Have doctors diagnosed Trump with any disease whatsoever that would explain erratic physical behavior?  Does he have to have people hold on to him and help him get up flights of stairs?

Does he need a Secret Service agent or doctor rubbing his back, telling him, “Just keep talking, everything’s fine, we’re gonna get through it”? Does he need that like she does?  Does he have a health care worker on standby taking his pulse simply walking down the sidewalk?  Is Donald Trump chronically dehydrated?  Have we heard stories about how Donald Trump hates water, doesn’t like to drink water, has to have water forced in him?

She’s the Smartest Woman in the World and doesn’t drink water, doesn’t like it.  Yet the Drive-Bys are so concerned that Trump’s 15 pounds overweight and he gets criticized for eating junk food! I think a lot of 70-year-old guys would love to have Trump’s weight-to-size ratio, they would love to have the amount of hair he’s got. (They might do something different with it.)  But I know a lot of 70-year-old people would love to have Trump’s energy and stamina.  He sleeps four or five hours a night max.

He’s one of these people, by the way, he loves getting up.  I don’t know how many of you do.  He loves it.  He loves waking up.  He loves getting out of bed. This is the news about him, the stories, anyway.  Speaking of overweight, have these Drive-By Media people actually taken a moment to look at the size of the pants Hillary wears in her pantsuits?  I know it’s sexist to talk about things like women being overweight and all that, but, come on!

This is just one of any number of examples I can give you to explain why the news media’s trust and believability is at an all-time low.  Audio sound bite time.  This was PBS Charlie Rose last night. They had a fill-in host Andrew Ross Sorkin, and he was speaking with little Brian Stelter.  Little Brian, he’s the media analysis guy at CNN.  He’s the Howard Kurtz of CNN.  He’s got a show on CNN called Reliable Sources.

They have him on during the day to opine and explain to everybody what’s happening in the media and how the media is treating people, why they’re treating people certain way and how some people do well in the media and why some people don’t.  He’s the media expert.  And so the guest host last night, Andrew Ross Sorkin, said, “There was a lot of speculation about Hillary Clinton’s health in the news media prior to her disclosure about [mild, noncontagious] pneumonia. Now, you called some of the speculation back then ‘reckless.'” He assigned it a bunch of conspiracy wackos and kooks.  “Now that the news is out there,” that she does have pneumonia or something, “was it still reckless” for people to talk about her health this way?

Get this answer, folks…

STELTER:  “Baskets” are a popular phrase. Let’s use, uh, “baskets” for this.  There’s a basket of legitimate questioning about Hillary Clinton’s health, and some conservative commentators and media figures fit into that basket.  They’re right to wonder a-a-about her health in some cases.  Then there’s this other basket, the truly deplorable basket.  Sean Hannity fits into it.  So does Rush Limbaugh.  These are people who bring up rumors and innuendo about Clinton’s health, and they’ve been doing it for years.  I’m not saying Hannity or Limbaugh fit into this necessarily, but they… Some of these figures want her to be sick.  They want her to be dying.  They want her to be on her deathbed.  It’s wishful thinking!

RUSH:  Do you believe that? This is Little Brian Stelter at CNN.  I don’t think… You’d have to correct me on this.  I don’t think I ever weighed in substantively on Hillary’s mythical illnesses or not.  I simply reported what I saw, the seizure-like behavior and all that.  There are other people that were really, really focusing, really, really trying to point out she was really, really sick, and they were being attacked as conspiracy kooks — and they’ve all been vindicated.

And so since there’s vindication, what now happens?  “Well, they — they — they really want her to die.  They want her to get sick.  They want her to be on her deathbed.  Yeah!” And that is I guess CNN thinks this guy is a responsible commentator. I have to ask the office: Has Brian Stelter ever called her once to ask to speak to me for clarification on any of this? (interruption)  You’ve never gotten a call from CNN saying that…? He contradicts himself here.

He says, “[S]ome conservative commentators and media figures fit into that basket.  They’re right to wonder about her health in some cases.  Then there’s this other basket, the truly deplorable basket.  Sean Hannity fits into it.  So does Rush Limbaugh.  These are people who bring up rumors and innuendo… I’m not saying Hannity or Limbaugh fit into this…” Yes, you are.  You’re specifically alleging, Brian, that we want her to be sick and…

Brian, you really need to research the transcripts of this program.  If you do, you will find that I am the one person who started expressing concern for Mrs. Clinton in a number of areas, the most recent time when she had that four-minute coughing spasm. It was I who asked, “How could her staff do that to her and not send somebody out to rescue here?  Who left her out to dry in that episode?” I was also the one who came to her defense when people started making snarky comments about who wants to watch an aging woman in the White House/Oval Office.

I don’t know how I get lumped… Well, I do know how I get lumped in.  These people are lazy and they just assume that conservative leaders are reprobates or whatever they think of conservatism.  Look, I know Sean Hannity.  He doesn’t want anybody to die.  What is this?  This is… You know, it’s bottom-of-the-barrel stuff.  Stelter doesn’t really know what to say.  He doesn’t really know how to categorize what I think or Hannity.

So just (impression), “You know what? They’re deplorable! Hillary is right. They want her to die. They want to see her on her deathbed. They want her to get sick.” How do you know that?  And just make a blanket statement like this!  Brian’s the guy… Little Brian’s the one sounds like a basket case.  What rumors have I talked about for years about Hillary’s health?  What rumors did I create and spread?  I don’t recall any.  For years?  My problem with Hillary Clinton has to do with what she believes.  My problem with Hillary Clinton has to be totally and 100% policy related.

But I guess Brian’s at home.  I mean, these are the people that also blamed me for the Oklahoma City bombing.  Let’s not forget that. Bill Clinton himself, in all of his glory. So I guess these people must idolize the Clintons.  Now, here’s another bite totally unrelated.  It’s Jeff Zeleny.  Turns out to be another CNN reporter, formerly of the New York Times, and this was on their Newsroom program this morning, and he is explaining the objectives and the goals of the Clinton campaign as it relates to her health.

ZELENY:  Hillary Clinton is going to leave her home in Chappaqua today in just a couple hours or so and return to the campaign trail.  The Clinton campaign knows that it has some ground to make up after she’s been off the road for a couple days.  So she’ll be going to Greensboro, North Carolina — one of those key battleground states — and then on to, uh, Washington, DC, for a speech tonight.  With that first debate some 11 days away, the top priority for the Clinton campaign I’m told is to keep their candidate healthy for that night for that first debate.

RUSH:  Whoa.  Now, stop and think about that for a second.  “The objective of the Clinton campaign … is to keep their candidate healthy” for 11 days.  Right there it was on CNN.  That’s the objective.  Yep, they gotta keep her healthy for 11 days.  It must be a tall order.  It must be a very challenging objective here, if it’s make news that their objective is to keep her healthy for 11 days.  It maybe sounds like they’re not sure they can do it?

By the way, what does the campaign have to do with keeping her healthy?  How does the campaign keep her healthy?  Does it mean limit her time in public?  Does it mean make sure she stays in bed a certain number of hours every day?  Does it mean limiting her travel?  What does it mean?  If I were Trump, you know what I would do in the first debate?  I’d show up wearing a surgical mask.  Well, I mean, if she’s got pneumonia and they’re saying it’s noncontagious, and I’m Trump, I’ll show up in a surgical mask.

Just saying, “Hey, I want to protect myself.  They say it’s noncontagious, but I can’t take the chance.”  Oh, I’m kidding.  I know what they would do with him.  But there’s more to this than just that.


RUSH: Here’s Mike in Jackson, Michigan. You say that there is such a thing as bacterial pneumonia.

CALLER:  Yeah, there is.  In fact, it’s the leading cause of pneumonia in people over 30.  I’m looking this up in the doctor’s handbook.

RUSH:  Are you a doctor?

CALLER:  No, I’m not.

RUSH:  Okay.  Well, I’m not, either.

CALLER:  I can read you a line out of this book.  Maybe that’ll convince you.

RUSH:  Go ahead.  Go ahead.  I’m looking for what I’ve got on this, too, from the Obama… Here it is.  What I’ve got is something called the ICD10Data.com website.  This is an internal classification of diseases website that Obamacare uses as their bible of medical coding when they are assigning coverage and payment/treatment for various diseases.  It doesn’t exist on this site, and site says a lot of doctors have pointed out, “There isn’t any such thing.”  So what do you have?  What does you have say?

CALLER:  I have the Merck Manual.  That’s a book put out by the drug company.  They’ve been publishing that for over a hundred years.

RUSH:  The Merck Manual, okay.

CALLER:  Yeah, you can look that up online.  They have a version of that also.

RUSH:  Big Pharma. Okay.

CALLER:  It says, “Causes, symptoms, treatment, preventive measures, and prognosis different depending whether the information it bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic.” So there’s a lot of different causes that can cause pneumonia.

RUSH:  So because it says “bacterial,” you’re assuming that there’s such thing as “bacterial pneumonia”?

CALLER:  Well, yeah. That’s really why penicillin got to be such a big drug back when that was invented, ’cause that got rid of a lot of pneumonia.  Pneumonia used to be one of the leading causes of death.

RUSH:  Well, no, no, wait.  But nobody’s saying there isn’t pneumonia.  It’s that these doctors are saying they’ve never heard of, quote, “noncontagious bacterial pneumonia.”  In other words, Mrs. Clinton’s doctor is saying she’s got a version of pneumonia that’s almost just like a cold. Like her husband said (impression), “She had the flu! They had the flu out there,” and they said, “No, she had pneumonia.” “Oh, that’s right! The flu, pneumonia, what’s the difference?”

CALLER:  It just means she got bacteria in her lungs and got infected.  That’s all that means.

RUSH:  Oh.  Okay, so —

CALLER: You can get viral pneumonia also.  How the virus gets in there, I don’t know, but —

RUSH:  So viral pneumonia would be a virus, and bacterial pneumonia would be, what? An infection cause it’s a bacteria?

CALLER:  They say streptococcus is the most common.  It’s a bacteria.

RUSH:  Streptococcus.  Okay.  So the Merck, Big Pharma drug manual alludes to how to treat various cases of pneumonia and mentions the word “bacterial” so you’re assuming that there’s obviously such a thing as bacterial pneumonia, then.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  Okay.  All right.  Are you a Hillary supporter?

CALLER:  Oh, absolutely not.

RUSH:  Okay.  Who are you supporting?  Gary Johnson?

CALLER:  No. Well, I was supporting Trump, but with this day care thing, I’m beginning to wonder now.  Don’t have a lot of choices left, so I’ll probably have to stick with him.

RUSH:  Yeah, the day care thing, it’s a… (sigh)


RUSH: Here’s Karen in Durham, North Carolina.  Great to have you, Karen.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi.  How you doing?

RUSH:  I’m good.  I’m good.  Thank you much.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Well, I was calling in regards to the discussion you were having about pneumonia.

RUSH:  Yes, ma’am.

CALLER:  I’m actually a physician here in Durham, North Carolina.  I’m surprised there hasn’t been a physician (chuckles) call in before this. But there’s absolutely bacterial pneumonia and the reason you’re having trouble finding it in the ICD-10listing is that you’re not being specific enough.  It will list it by the various organisms, like the pneumococcal pneumonia.  You probably have received the vaccine for that yourself to prevent pneumonia as you get older.  So the bacterial pneumonia, there’s a large number of organisms that can cause bacterial pneumonia, the most common being the streptococcal.  That would be responsive to antibiotics as opposed to viral pneumonia.

RUSH:  Doctors… I have heard doctors in the email, but my problem is that anybody can write and say they’re anything to me and I don’t know who’s who.  But what I’m hearing from most people is not that there’s no such thing as bacterial pneumonia, that what people are telling me now there’s no such thing as “noncontagious.” What about that?  Is that true or not?

CALLER:  Well, if it is a bacteria, it’s absolutely contagious. So it means that she… If you’re talking about Hillary Clinton having a bacterial pneumonia, she has to have caught the bacteria from likely another person, either through someone coughing on her or eating or drinking after someone. So it’s likely that if it is a bacteria or a virus, she definitely caught that from someone else.

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  It’s contagious in that that’s how she caught it.

RUSH:  But can she spread it, then?

CALLER:  Well, if she is coughing on other people, she certainly can.

RUSH:  Okay, that’s the rub, because her doctor is specifically saying it’s “mild, noncontagious bacterial pneumonia.”  That’s in quotes.  That’s what her doctor is saying, and what I’m told by people claiming to be doctors is that it’s contagious.  To say that it’s not contagious is not accurate.

CALLER:  Essentially every time she coughs, she’s coughing out particles either viral or bacterial.

RUSH:  Okay. That makes sense.

CALLER:  Now once she’s been on an antibiotic for a period of time — probably 24, 48 hours — she probably isn’t contagious anymore because she’s being treated.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  I don’t know if her doctor is speaking to the fact that she’s on that antibiotic.

RUSH:  Isn’t it also true that it may take two or three different times to get the antibiotic correct?

CALLER:  Well, if it’s resistant, but if it’s something like pneumococcal, it will tend to be pretty sensitive to the antibiotics that you’re normally being treated with.  I think people are familiar with a type of organisms in their particular locale and they’ll send to treat their patients with what’s gonna be most effective.

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  So it may be resistant, it may get, you know, she’s not getting better, they may have to change her antibiotic.  But if she’s been on an antibiotic since Friday — which is what we’ve heard on the news — then she may well not be infectious or contagious at this point.

RUSH:  Okay.  Well, Doctor, I’m glad you got through.  I appreciate it.  The reason this has come up, is pneumonia is pneumonia. It’s contagious; she’s hugging a child an hour and a half after her seizure and incident in New York, and now her doctor conveniently says, “Oh, it’s a mild case of noncontagious bacterial pneumonia.” Anyway… As always, the thing you can’t get away from with these Clintons is it’s never just cut-and-dried.  There’s always some mystery to it, because there appears to be some misdirection.  But Doctor, Karen, Durham, North Carolina, I appreciate the call.  Thank you very much.


RUSH:  I’m not even sure that it’s pneumonia.  I mean, with these people, folks, you never know how much misdirection that we’re getting.  Time will tell.

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