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“At the EIB Store yesterday, we had near iPhone-type sales figures for our I’m A Hillary Deplorable T-shirt. They’re flying off the shelves.”

“You young people, 25 and 30? You’re thinking that when you’re 65 or 70 that you’re not gonna have any interest whatsoever in sex? You have no idea. It’s not gonna change, Millennials. It isn’t gonna change an iota.”

“Even after a 30-year public career, we still have to be treated to Hillary Clinton as basically being cheated against because our culture is rigged, because our society is rigged, because she’s a woman, and, as such, it just isn’t fair. Despite all the progress, it doesn’t mean anything, because the decks are still stacked against Hillary Clinton.”

“The Drive-By Media are doing a great job of misdirection when it comes to reporting on Hillary — they’re not covering hardly any of the negatives — and yet they’re getting out there. The negatives are getting out there.”

“Mrs. Clinton, who’s working so hard that she contracted pneumonia for us, practically took the whole month of August off, except for a couple of fundraising dinners. Man, I guess she’s run herself ragged trying to prove that she’s as tough and has the same stamina as the 70-year-old Donald Trump.”

“There are a significant number of Obama supporters that are just not into Hillary, and the polling data is showing all of this. I mean, 80% say they’ve heard about Clinton’s health concerns? That’s bad news to the Drive-Bys trying to prevent this very thing from happening.”

“When the Democrats can’t explain why people reject them, it has to be some big Republican money people. And the Koch brothers fill that bill.”

“I’m totally convinced Comey doesn’t want to the guy in American history who took out the duly nominated (pardon me, Crazy Bernie) Democrat candidate for president. That’s why he just didn’t want to go there, and knew they weren’t gonna indict. That’s looking at it in as favorable a light as possible.”

“According to General Powell, Hillary Clinton is sick, she is tired, and she hates Obama because he beat her in 2008. And I have no doubt about that.”

“On Benghazi, I don’t think that this is a mystery. The Democrats, the Obama administration, I don’t think was prepared at all for what happened.  And, as such, they had no contingency.  And when it did happen, their instincts are one thing: self-preservation, political self-preservation. And that’s what they got in gear to secure their political self-preservation.” 

“Do you think the argument over big versus small government’s still going on, or do you think it’s over? And if you think it’s over, who won?”   

“Colin Powell is primarily interested in maintaining good standing with the people that run the establishment inside-the-Beltway and New York. The Boston-New York-Washington corridor, the social status. You’ll notice where all these leaks happen. They happen at parties in the Hamptons.”

“There’s ideology and there’s politics. Sometimes they intersect, and it’s a beautiful thing. Sometimes the ideology guides the politics. Other times the politics and the ideology may get close but they don’t intersect, which is what we have with the Donald-Ivanka Trump child care proposal.”

“There is a steady decline in respect for a whole host of institutions and traditions that people used to rely on that kept everything together. Rule of law. Things that were the glue that kept the culture and the society together and going forward.”

“The Drive-Bys are just beside themselves trying to change the narrative from Hillary’s bad health and whatever is wrong with her, to Trump being a fat slob and lying about his health.”

“Democrats concerned that Hillary can’t put Trump away. Democrats concerned that Hillary can’t stand up for more than five minutes at a time. Democrats concerned that Hillary’s collapsing. Democrats concerned here, Democrats concerned there. It’s all over the place.”

“There isn’t a single media operation or Hillary Clinton aide or Hillary Clinton herself that is gonna be able to separate Trump voters from Trump. They just can’t do it.”    

“The thing that you need to know about Benghazi is, Hillary, Obama, whoever, they didn’t care enough to even allow defensive forces or retaliatory forces to be sent to Benghazi. They didn’t care enough. Anything of the sort, any American involvement.”

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