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RUSH: We did manage a very quick turnaround on the brand-new edition to the Hillary Clinton T-shirt line at the EIB Store at RushLimbaugh.com.  These are the I Am A Hillary Deplorable T-shirts.  They’re blue just like the Never Hillary T-shirts are.  On the front they say I Am A Hillary Deplorable, and on the back Never Hillary.  We turned these around literally in a day and a half, and one of the reasons that we don’t do more of this — and, I must admit, people say, “You could do a lot more of this than you do.”

Well, there’s two reasons.  I really don’t like… What’s the word?  It’s not “exploit,” but I just… I don’t want to be constantly coming at you with things that we have for sale.  We do it on a limited basis when I know there is going to be this crazy demand, and this is one of those examples.  Another reason we don’t do it is ’cause normally when we get an idea and it’s a great idea, it takes two weeks before we even get a prototype, particularly when it’s something other than a T-shirt.

After two weeks, the passion’s gone; everybody’s on to something else. So we were able to turn these around in one day ’cause we already had the template for the Never Hillary T-shirts ready to go. So it was just… It was easy to change screen process, so they’re up and they’re available.

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