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We’re STILL “hearing about Hillary’s emails.” Due to the ongoing cover-up.

On Tuesday, three tech specialists who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server were subpoenaed to testify at a Congressional hearing. Two engineers from the outside firm that managed Clinton’s server showed up. And then they shut up. They invoked the 5th Amendment.

The third IT guy was Bryan Pagliano. He ignored the subpoena. Pagliano failed to show despite a grant of immunity from the Justice Department. And this guy actually worked for the State Department when he was involved with Hillary’s server. Pagliano blew off Congress which has Congressional oversight over the State Department.

The Chairman of the Oversight committee, Jason Chaffetz, promised to address Pagliano’s failure to appear. “When you are served a subpoena by the United States Congress, that is not optional,” he said.

What does all this tell us about Hillary Clinton? Here’s a State Department employee willing to risk everything to cover up what was really going on with her email server. Who is part of the stonewall hiding who gave the order to delete emails. Which should have been on government servers, not homebrew servers in a bathroom.

What we have here is just like “omerta”  the vow of silence Mafia guys take.

If there’s no criminality, just extreme carelessness, like the FBI claimed what are they all hiding? Hmmm?

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