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RUSH: I want to see if I have something straight here, ladies and gentlemen.  We’re now being told that Hillary Clinton got pneumonia.  Hillary Clinton got pneumonia because a woman has to work harder than a man, because, as a woman, the playing field for her is unlevel.  Even, at this stage of her career, she’s the smartest woman in the world, she’s been secretary of state, she’s been first lady, she’s a defeated candidate the first time for the presidency.

But, even after a 30-year public career, we still have to be treated to Hillary Clinton as basically being cheated against because our culture is rigged, because our society is rigged, because she’s a woman, and, as such, it just isn’t fair. Despite all the progress, it doesn’t mean anything, because the decks are still stacked against Hillary Clinton.  And there are people out there saying she got pneumonia ’cause she’s working so hard.

Even General Powell in one of the emails talks about, my God, she’s working so hard. She’s working so hard she can barely climb the steps to the podium.  You know how General Powell defined working hard?  Going to three fundraisers in a day and having to fly to two of them.  She’s just burning at both ends. She’s gonna have to slow down.  But that’s why she’s getting pneumonia.

Now, folks, don’t laugh here.  I know it sounds humorous.  But this is what they’re trying to sell.  And it will sell to a certain segment of our population.  She got sick, she is sick because the nation is structured in an unfair way.  The nation is still sexist. The nation is still bigoted, the nation, our culture, our society is still biased.  And it doesn’t matter that she’s the smartest woman in the world. It doesn’t matter that she is more competent and more qualified than anybody who’s ever been president. It still isn’t fair, because she has to work so hard just to level the playing field, she’s making herself sick for all of us.

She got pneumonia for all of us.  Well, now, wait a minute.  This doesn’t kind of wash for me because I remember the first WikiLeaks email dump.  And what was that about?  It’s about how the Democrat National Committee had basically rigged the whole outcome for her.  Remember that?  This led to Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz having to quit. In the middle of the convention she had to quit and head home back to Boca because it had been discovered that Democrat National Committee, as we told you, had structured the Democrat primary so that no matter what happened, Bernie Sanders wasn’t gonna win anything of consequence.

The whole thing was rigged, so how about that unlevel playing field there?  It sounds to me like if there was an unlevel playing field in the Democrat primaries, it was victimizing Crazy Bernie.  And it seems like the unlevel playing field existed and in fact was created to benefit Mrs. Clinton.

This is the line they’re trying to sell. It’s driving her to illness, and she’s doing it for us.  They want to change the world.  That’s the latest thing.  Why did the Clintons subject themselves to this torment?  Why do they subject themselves to the endless public flogging they get?  Why do they subject themselves to the allegations and the accusations they’re a bunch of cheaters and whatever else?  Because they want to change the world for us, and we simply don’t have what it takes to understand how much they love us and how much they care about us and how they are willing to get sick. They’re willing to contract diseases. They are willing to work harder than anybody’s ever had to work in order to make the world better for us.  That’s what they’re trying to sell.

So let’s see if that holds up.  Hillary Clinton has to work harder than Trump — he’s a man — she’s had to work harder than Trump because the deck’s stacked for Trump because Trump is a man.  Is that why she’s having so many fewer campaign events than Trump?  Is that what working harder than Trump means to level the playing field?  Is that why when she does show up at a campaign rally, her speeches are almost so short, if you blink you miss them?  Is this why she never does press conferences because she’s working so hard to level the playing field?

What is she doing?  What work is she doing that is so hard she’s getting pneumonia for us?  She doesn’t do campaign appearances very much.  When she does, she doesn’t speak much at them, and she certainly doesn’t do press conferences.  In fact, Mrs. Clinton, who’s working so hard that she contracted pneumonia for us, practically took the whole month of August off, except for a couple of fundraising dinners.  Man, I guess she’s run herself ragged trying to prove that she’s as tough and has the same stamina as the 70-year-old Donald Trump.

Even though she says, “I ain’t no ways tired,” apparently she very tired.  Apparently she willing to get tired and pneumonia for us because she wants to make the world a better place.  Now, the Drive-Bys don’t seem to have made much notice of this or mention of this.  Robby Mook, who is the Hillary campaign manager, I guess, he was talking with Jake Tapper on CNN.  He said that Hillary’s doctor did not catch up with her until she got home to Chappaqua on Sunday after she had that event.  She’d left the 9/11 memorial, she’s standing out there waiting for the exit vans to arrive, the vans pull up, and you’ve all seen the video now, she barely made it. They had to shove her in there.

She practically collapsed. She looked like she was having a seizure.  We made note yesterday they made an active decision not to take her to the hospital. They didn’t take her to the ER because they don’t trust the doctors there. They don’t trust doctors they don’t know.  So they willingly subordinated her health to privacy.  And then we have Clinton saying (imitating Clinton), “She falls on her face all the time out there.  It’s not a big deal.  She does it frequently — I mean infrequent — uh, well, reason why they did that ’cause we see it, you know, bunch times a week, no big deal, trust me.”  But everybody else is scratching their heads.  This is a serious, serious episode. You would think you’d go to the hospital. The doctors all think you’d go to the hospital.

Well, the screen savers just came on on the TV. We got these idiot TVs here!  I’m about ready to mention a brand name.  Why are they going into screen saver?  We turned the screen saver off.  (I’ve not lost my place here.)  So she didn’t see the doctor ’til they got home to Chappaqua.  She spent whatever was it — an hour and a half — at her daughter’s emergency room and apparently revived fully, completely, in an hour and a half in there from dehydration and whatever it was that she had.

Whatever was done to revive her at Chelsea’s ER is gotta be some kind of magic, because she didn’t see a doctor ’til they got back to Chappaqua.  So here come the various mechanisms the media is using to cover for whatever obviously is a serious problem, and now the new twist:  She’s working so hard because she has to because it’s so unfair because America’s so sexist and the playing field is so un-level that she has to do twice the work of a guy just to stay even!

And it’s driving her to pneumonia and who knows whatever other kind of illness, and she’s doing it for us.  Now, there is a story here. Where does this run?  This runs in the… This is TheHill.com, and I want to read to you the headline here: “Democrat Apologizes for Remarks about Clinton and Sex.”  It wasn’t long ago that I would have seen this headline and read this story and concluded that this is just hilarious, and I would have been thinking of various ways to have fun with this.

To poke fun, to be creatively hilarious with this and have people say, “Wow, this Limbaugh guy is really, really sharp.”  But I look at it a different way now.  Let me give you the details in this story.  “Former Rep. Joe Garcia (Democrat-Florida) apologized [yesterday] for ‘poorly worded’ comments he made over the weekend, when he said … Hillary Clinton ‘is under no illusions that you want to have sex with her.'” So here we have another sensitive Democrat.

Another very much in support of women’s rights and women’s equality, very much opposed to the bigotry and sexism that supposedly exists in America. Here’s a former Democrat representative essentially saying, “Heh, Hillary?  Don’t worry; she knows there not a soul in the world wants to have sex with her,” and so he has apologized.  He said, “My comments were intended…” Get this, now. “My comments were intended to speak to Secretary Clinton’s relentless focus on getting the job done…”

Yes.  Nobody wants to have sex with her, and she knows it, because she’s working so hard, it repels any Don Juans out there.  Don Juans don’t want women that work real hard.  No way!  Don Juans are not interested in hardworking, achieved, accomplished women, and that’s what he’s trying to say.  But he didn’t say that.  He said Hillary Clinton’s under no illusion you want to have sex with her.  What in the world would prompt that?

He said, “My comments were intended to speak to Secretary Clinton’s relentless focus on getting the job done, despite the unjust gender stereotypes and biases women in public life are frequently subjected to.” Now, as I say, it wasn’t that long ago we’d be yukking it up, and I imagine some of you are.  I imagine some of you are imagining, if you were sitting where I’m sitting, some of the things you’d say or do. But how old is Hillary, 70? She’s 69.  I have to think that this is probably one of the scariest…

I mean, I would bet you if she heard this, it probably made her mad, but I’ll bet it really hurt her feelings.  Nobody wants to think that this is how people see ’em.  Now, look, we have the ugly and the ugly know who they are.  But even them, even they, they don’t consider themselves shut out in this area.  And they’ve demonstrated that they’re not shut out; they all have kids.  But the idea… You know, it’s like a woman said to me recently who just turned 50, and she was…

You would consider she was a looker.  She was a head turner.  She knew it.  But when she turned 50, she said, “You know, nobody notices anymore. Nobody cares.”  It’s as though they know I turned 50.  My point is that this is a really cutting comment.  This is the kind of thing that a woman Hillary Clinton’s age — probably men, too. This is one of the biggest fears they have about growing old.  The libido doesn’t suffer.  I mean, you young people, you people out there 25 and 30? You’re thinking that when you’re 65 or 70 you’re not gonna have any interest whatsoever? You have no idea.

It’s not gonna change, Millennials.  It isn’t gonna change an iota.  In fact, it’s gonna get worse because the older you get, the more accomplished you actually think you are, the more attractive you think you are. But this kind of thing with women, this is real… My point is, this is really unkind.  This is really insulting.  And this is the kind of thing, if a lot of women hear of this guy’s comment, they’re gonna really… Even though he’s a liberal Democrat, supposedly sensitive and so forth, you can’t win going to that — even though, in this case, it’s no doubt true.

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