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RUSH:  Polling data up next, and it’s continuing to look dicey for the Democrats.  (interruption) What? (interruption) Oh, yeah, yeah. I’m gonna get to that. (interruption) Ivanka’s proposal on child care, the new entitlement?  Yeah, yeah. We’re gonna get to that.  And you don’t want to miss it, by the way, when we do get to it. But first off, this is from the Morning Consult poll.  “Concerns About Hillary Clinton’s Health Abound.”  You know how Drudge has linked to this?  You know what Drudge’s headline is?

“Thirty Percent Believe Clinton Will Die By 2020.”  That’s in the poll. It’s just not how it’s headlined by the Morning Consult people.  Their headline is: “Concerns About Hillary Clinton’s Health Abound, Poll Shows — Following a caught-on-camera health scare for Hillary Clinton over the weekend, a new Morning Consult survey reveals widespread concerns about her health among registered voters. The poll, taken September 12 through September 13, shows that eight in 10 (79%) said they have heard a lot or some about Clinton’s health concerns.”

That’s a high figure.  That’s higher than I thought it was gonna be, and that’s a testament to the reach of this program.  It’s a testimony to the reach of social media.  You know, the Drive-Bys are doing a great job in misdirection when it comes to reporting on Hillary.  They’re doing a great job.  They’re not covering hardly any of the negatives, and yet they’re getting out there. The negatives are getting out there.  And one of the reasons the negatives are getting out there…

And this is also part of the polling data. We touched briefly on it yesterday. Hillary is having big trouble coalescing the Obama coalition.  There are a significant number of Obama supporters that are just not into Hillary, and the polling data is showing all of this.  I mean, 80% say they’ve heard about Clinton’s health concerns? That’s… That’s bad news to the Drive-Bys trying to prevent this very thing from happening.  It’s a huge figure. “[N]ine in 10 said they had heard a lot or some about Clinton’s use of a private email server” as well.


RUSH:  Okay.  So in the Morning Consult poll taken yesterday and the day before, 80% say they’ve heard a lot or some about Hillary’s health concerns.  That’s not good from Hillary’s standpoint, nor is it good from the Drive-By Media, who’ve been trying to misdirect everybody away from it or trying to say it isn’t any big deal, or trying to, “Hey, yeah, she’s sick but she’s doing it for you. She’s working so hard for you.”  Yeah.  It is also revealed that 90% in the Morning Consult poll had heard a lot or some about Clinton’s use of a private email server, and that story doesn’t go away.

I have to tell you where I am on this.  And I, like you, you gotta fight through this stuff each and every day.  How long has this email story been intense?  I mean, at least since March of 2015.  And yet every day there’s something new that comes out that makes it even worse.  And every time I see one of these stories, I’m tempted to throw up my hands and toss it away because how many people really care about this anymore?  Because there hasn’t been any outcome from it.  Nobody’s been punished. Nobody’s been called to action for anything.  I mean, the stories are more and more information about what she did.

But then you look at the polling data on her, and you see that it has to be making a difference, having some kind of impact.  Her untrustworthy numbers are way up.  Her negatives are sky-high.  And it’s to the point now, when you look at commentators on TV talking about the race, how often do you hear them say, “Yeah, you know what?  The American people really don’t like either of these two.  It’s a really sad thing.  We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Why couldn’t we have found somebody that everybody respected or liked?”

Well, that’s a question for another day.  But the point is that despite the best efforts of the Drive-By Media they have not been able to protect her.  Apparently all of this news, this dribble, dribble, drip, drip, drip on the emails and on the server apparently, even though I don’t think too many people have a real specific knowledge of what went on, and I don’t think a lot of people even get what the real problem is beyond this is just not how you’re supposed to do it.  But it’s so deep in the weeds talking about classified data, sending classified secrets in an insecure way, I think it goes over a lot of people’s heads because they don’t see any damage that’s resulted from it.

But we don’t know that there hasn’t been any.  How about all these terror attacks?  How about all of the things that just seem to be going wrong for this country elsewhere around the world?  Who knows.  It may have a significant impact.  Regardless, it apparently is having an overall impact in people’s impression of her.  Her negatives have never been this high.  They’ve never been off-the-charts positive, either.  She’s never been a typical Democrat presidential candidate, loved, respected, she’s never had that kind of public image, but this is bad.  So all of these things are obviously having some kind of impact.

And now if you look in the election polls, here Trump in some of these battlegrounds, like Ohio, is up five points in a legitimate poll.  This got everybody shocked.  And now there are stories about how the Democrats who were practically making plans for retaking the Senate, here’s this headline from the AP.  And I guarantee you they’re white knuckled right now.  The AP is bamboozled here.  “Democrats Fear Their Senate Takeover Chances Dimming.”  How can that be?

They’ve been measuring the curtains for the Oval Office for how many months now, they’ve been thinking that’s over. They’ve been thinking Trump is so bad, everybody hates Trump so much that they’re gonna take the Senate, maybe even the House.  All of these things in their mind attitudinally have been a fait accompli.  And now from the AP: “Democrats are sounding increasingly concerned about their chances of retaking control of the Senate, as Republicans demonstrate a commanding fundraising advantage and Hillary Clinton’s lead narrows in key battleground races.”

There’s also something else happening out there that’s got them bamboozled on the left, and that is Republican voter registration is apparently skyrocketing.  None of this was expected.  In fact, none of what Donald Trump has accomplished was expected from the day he announced.  The establishment types and the elites continue to this day to tell themselves that Trump is going to implode.  And some of them think that he already has and is hanging on by a shoestring.  Some think that a major, major implosion is yet to happen, but they’ve all but concluded Trump is going to eliminate himself simply ’cause he’s such a boob.  He’s so incompetent, he’s such a bad candidate, now they’re even calling him a fatty.

The Drive-Bys have decided one of the ways to misdirect people away from the stories on Hillary’s health care is to start examining the health consequences of Donald Trump being overweight.  It has now become almost a talking point.  And all of this is reactionary because none of this is playing out the way they thought it was.  Or going to.  None of it is.  How many stories have we had in the past week headlined with something like:  “Democrats scratching heads over why Hillary hasn’t already closed this down.”  Why hasn’t Hillary already locked this up?

They don’t understand why she’s not at 70% and Trump’s at 30.  They don’t understand.  They really thought that this was over even before the Democrat convention, but certainly in the week after, they thought it was over.  And now, none of this is making any sense to them.  So the Republicans are increasing their fundraising, defying odds.  The Republicans are running away with new voter registration.  That’s defying all kinds of odds and predictions.

“Although most Democrats still express confidence that they will win back the Senate majority in November, they now appear to have fewer paths to victory as wins in Ohio and even Florida look increasingly remote.” Well, how can that be?  What in the world could be causing them trouble in Florida and Ohio?  “And if they do win back control,” says a hopeful Associated Press “it could end up being with the narrowest of margins, even a 50-50 Senate with a Vice President Tim Kaine casting tie-breaking votes for the Democrats, if Hillary Clinton becomes president.”

That’s what it’s come down to. That’s what they’re now hoping for. That maybe we can at least get 50-50, have Kaine in there as the deciding vote?  And a key factor in all this is, again defying odds, “the Republican money edge, which is particularly pronounced this year because some major donors … have decided to stay out of the presidential race out of distaste for Donald Trump and are pouring money into Senate races instead.” This would be the evil Koch brothers.  The Democrats thought they had dispatched with the Koch brothers when the Koch brothers said they weren’t gonna give to Trump.  The Koch brothers were just gonna go away and not play in this cycle.

But then again I might have known it would come down to being the Koch brothers’ fault.  When the Democrats can’t explain why people reject them, it has to be some big Republican money people.  And the Koch brothers fill that bill.

Another concern the AP says is Hillary’s “weak performance as a candidate, particularly pronounced over the past days as her campaign contended with questions over its handling of her health.  Her stumbling exit –” that’s how they referred to the incident on Sunday.  The seizure where she had to be thrown in the van, they refer to it here as her stumbling exit “– was followed by the disclosure that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia.”

The New York Times today is saying she just lot her balance.  Yep.  That’s all that happened.  She lost her balance.  She was getting off the curb, walking off the curb, she had a problem with the shoe, shoe came off, lost her balance, and thankfully a couple of aides were there to make sure she didn’t topple over.  But there was nothing to see here.  She just lost her balance.

Then an accompanying story from the AP again, very grim:  “GOP Gains Ground on Dems in Voter Registration in Key States — Republicans have gained ground on Democrats in registering voters in three battleground states and kept their razor-thin advantage in Iowa — encouraging news for Donald Trump eight weeks before Election Day. Republicans added hundreds of thousands of voters to the rolls since 2012 in states including Florida and Arizona.”

Now, what could explain this?  Normally when we talk about 2012, what do we hear?  We hear how many Republicans stayed home.  We hear how anywhere from two to four million didn’t vote, and we hear that had they voted, Romney would have won, but they didn’t show up.  Now, they want us to believe that it’s this much — we’re talking registration.

I’m gonna tell you, starting with Robert Costa in the Washington Post talking to Charlie Rose, there are a number of people on the left who are really worried that what is happening is that a large percentage of Trump support is coming from people who are not registered to vote, who are not recent voters.  They’re people who believe the political system abandoned them years ago, and they don’t trust any of it, and they don’t participate in it.

Trump has come along.  If this rapidly increasing Republican voter registration — and I’m not sure, nobody is yet — but if this new wave of Republican voter registration is coming from that group of people, the 50% of the people that don’t vote, there’s a lot of them, you’ve got 70% of the people that think the country’s on the wrong track, 50% of the population that’s eligible doesn’t vote, if this new Republican registration is coming from that group and there are people inside various organizations who know it, I guarantee you that they’re quaking in fear over that as well.


RUSH:  Here you go. Another headline, and this is from Bloomberg.com:  “Nervous Democrats Fret About Clinton’s Stumbles as Race Tightens — Eight weeks from Election Day, Democrats are feeling queasy about Hillary Clinton’s narrowing national and battleground-state lead over Donald Trump.” Despite the fact she’s working so hard she’s getting pneumonia for us, folks.  She’s working so hard! She is making herself perhaps mortally ill for us, to change the world, to make it a better place.

Despite all of that, the Democrats are fretting about her stumbles.  “A race some had considered a layup for Clinton on Tuesday showed Trump within 2.5 points in the RealClearPolitics average of polls. [Her] stumbles over the weekend — from a botched response to a health incident…” What do you mean, “a botch response to a health incident”?  What about “the health incident” itself?  See, this is how the media misses this stuff.

Okay, so Hillary has a disastrous display of bad health, and the media fixation, is, “Well, how did they deal with it?  How did they respond?  How is the spin?  They didn’t deal with it very well.”  What can you do with that?  What in the world can you do with what everybody saw?  You can’t lie about it with any credibility.  I mean, they’re Democrats; they can try to lie about it.  So they’re worried that she “stumbled” with her “botched response” to the “incident.”

And then they’re worried that she’s running around out there calling Trump’s voters “a basket of deplorables,” and that this has somehow “heightened concerns” that she’s just not making this happen.  By the way, we had near iPhone-type sales figures with our I’m A Hillary Deplorable T-shirt.  My gosh, the first day sales at RushLimbaugh.com… They’re right there in the EIB Store as part of the Never Hillary collection. We just added these T-shirts yesterday.

This is the fastest turnaround since I’ve been doing this program. You know how I did it?  I eliminated the 14-step test-market.  I knew what I wanted, I ordered it done, Koko got it done. We turned it around in one day; the T-shirts are in there.  They’re at the EIB Store, the Never Hillary Clinton collection at RushLimbaugh.com.  It says: I’m A Hillary Deplorable on the front and Never Hillary on the back.

Let me grab a call here in the first hour, always try.  This is Sean in Advance, North Carolina.  Great to have you, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  It’s great to speak with you.  Thank you for your time.

RUSH:  You bet, sir.

CALLER:  I wanted to propose I think James Comey knew that an Obama administration would not indict Hillary, therefore his only potential out would be to pass on his own recommendation, knowing that if Obama can’t exonerate Hillary for something she’s not even indicted for, that there’s the possibility that a Trump presidency could.  What are your thoughts, sir?

RUSH:  Well, I think this — and I think you’re somewhat close.  What we saw with Comey in that process, we never see.  If the FBI either recommends or doesn’t after an investigation… See, they can’t arrest anybody.  Well, they can’t indict anybody.  The DOJ has to do that.  And they have to convene a grand jury or they just directly charge.  The FBI does the investigation, they make recommendations.  We never see it.  That’s what was standout about this.

Comey, even though he’s gonna recommend no charges, nevertheless read the indictment.  In his press conference he detailed every illegality she engaged in that they could find.  But he mitigated it.  He said, “We couldn’t find any intent, and therefore we are recommending no charges.”  Now, as I say, we never see the results of an investigation that is not pursued, and this is an investigation not pursued. They shut it down.

So Comey goes on TV and tells everybody what she did, and then says, “But we couldn’t find any intent; therefore no reasonable prosecutor would ever pursue this.”  Well, he’s got a job. He’s got a job to protect. He knows, like you say, DOJ is not going to pursue no matter what he recommends. They’re not gonna indict her no matter what he recommends.  So he stays on their good side by calling them responsible prosecutors, “reasonable prosecutors,” and acknowledging that nobody would charge her.

So he puts it out there, and it becomes something where the voters are the jury, and therefore it’s up to the Trump campaign and whatever media that want to get involved to make the case.  Comey has spelled it out, mentioned all the times that she had not been forthcoming, all the times she’d lied. She didn’t lie to them in her interview, but all the other things that have been lied about.  So he made a good case.  That’s why everybody’s scratching their heads.

“You mean you had all of this and you’re recommending she not be charged?”  And the reason for that — I’m totally convinced — is he doesn’t want to the guy in American history who took out the duly nominated (pardon me, Crazy Bernie) Democrat candidate for president.  That’s why he just didn’t want to go there, and knew they weren’t gonna indict.  That’s looking at it in as favorable a light as possible.  You think that Trump might come along and indict her if he becomes elected?  I don’t think they’ll look backwards.


RUSH:  I remember, folks, it was August 4th.  It was August 4th that we were told that Hillary Clinton was so far ahead in Colorado that they had stopped running ads. They had something like a 12 to 15-point lead.  It was over in Colorado.  They were pulling their money out of there, the Democrats were.  They weren’t gonna spend, not gonna waste it, Colorado was in the bag.

Trump has pulled ahead in Colorado.  Republican voter registration outpacing Democrat voter registration.  Stories all over the place about how one of the main constituent groups supporting Obama is not excited about Hillary.  The Obama coalition, she needs it, not just the African-American aspect; she needs all of the Obama coalition to show up as they did for Obama.  And there’s a couple of groups in that coalition that are lukewarm to her.  They’re not at all into her.

I mean, these stories are all over the place: Democrats concerned that Hillary’s not up 70-30, 60-40. Democrats concerned that Trump’s still viable. Democrats concerned that Hillary can’t put Trump away. Democrats concerned that Hillary can’t stand up for more than five minutes at a time. Democrats concerned that Hillary’s collapsing. Democrats concerned here, Democrats concerned there.  It’s all over the place.  And I remember when this Colorado news hit, I remember not believing it.  And I can’t tell you why.  It wasn’t that long ago.  I mean, it was just a little over a month ago.

Maybe it was my instincts or something.  Nothing’s over on August 4th.  Maybe New York and maybe California, but just something instinctively told me that this is gonna come back and bite ’em.  It’s not just that they had declared it over. They publicly made a big deal out of pulling their money out of Colorado and so forth.  So this is not going the direction they thought.  It’s not going the direction a lot of people thought, on all sides of this.  But I want to tell you, I’m not surprised.  I’m not surprised by any of this, folks.

I mean, it’s easy to sit here today and say that.  If I were surprised, I would tell you, but I’m not.  And I’m not gonna be surprised if this continues.  ‘Cause I’ve seen this trend from back in the primaries.  I don’t think Trump goes screeching, scorching hot to ice cold like they want us to believe.  I don’t think that’s happened.  But they’ve tried to construct such a narrative, and they haven’t been able to pull it off.  The purpose of that narrative was to dispirit Trump’s supporters.  And if they had just listened to me, they would have learned they can’t do it that way.

There isn’t a single media operation or Hillary Clinton aide or Hillary Clinton herself that is gonna be able to separate Trump voters from Trump.  They just can’t do it.  If they don’t understand that, if they’re gonna make any effort to understand the connection — look it, I’ve said this so many times I’m blue in the face, probably driving you crazy with it.  But it stumps me still to see that the media, the Democrat political apparatus refuses to learn, refuses to see that this is different.

I mean, they know they’ve got an outsider in Trump, but that’s where it stops.  They refuse to try to look at this through any other prism but the prism they use in every presidential election, where every candidate and every issue comes from the establishment, for all intents and purposes.


RUSH:  By the way, folks, there’s a new poll out that I’m sorry, I have to tell you that — and I just know the basics here.  I haven’t had a chance to get into it, but to me this is fabulous news.  It’s something I have been hoping to see for I can’t tell you how long:  Whites and Christians are leaving the Democrat Party.  And that’s all I know at the moment.  I’ll have to dig deeper into this, but I can’t tell you how I have been hoping — that’s a sign to me that we are alive and kicking here.

One of the greatest fears that I’ve had is that the Democrat Party, all these people in it have bought hook, line, and sinker everything the Democrat Party’s out there promoting and selling. All this radical tear-up-the-culture stuff, it’s really concerning me.  And to see that whites and Christians are leaving the Democrat Party, it’s a healthy sign.  Until I get any more detail on it, I don’t have any more for you on it.

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