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RUSH: Here’s Marie, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Glad you waited.  You’re next.  Great to have you.  Hi.

CALLER:  It’s such an honor to speak with you, Rush.  I’ve listened to you forever, long before Rio Linda. (laughing)

RUSH:  Long before… Rio Linda, oh.

CALLER:  Rio Linda in California that you were talking about.

RUSH:  Oh, my gosh, you do, you go back to the mid-eighties, then.

CALLER:  Yes, I do.  I’m an older lady and I’m afraid I feel that this country is just about hopeless.  I don’t think people realize what a lawless country it has become, with the standards, I think on the Democrat Party especially, but a lot of the American people, have been so lowered and so dumbed down, they don’t even expect anything anymore.  And they don’t care if somebody lies, that’s okay, as long as they’re a member of the Democrat Party.  But with Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, the highest law officer in the country, selling her soul to the Clintons and Jim Comey, FBI director of all things, who laid out a plan that should have indicted Hillary, but he didn’t, and I just think it’s almost hopeless.

RUSH:  Well, wait a minute.  Now, on this Comey business, I just want to make sure everybody understands. Comey can’t indict anybody.  All he can do is present the results of an investigation and recommend.  And his recommendation doesn’t have to be followed.  He knew she wasn’t gonna indict —

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH: — Hillary Clinton.  He knew that Loretta Lynch wasn’t going to.  That’s why he went public.  I think he did what he could to make known everything his investigation uncovered.

CALLER:  But there was one more thing.  I thought, “Now I understand why Hillary failed so miserably at Benghazi.”  As secretary of state, she was so busy doing the pay-and-play, I think she just blew it off, a lot of it, even though she knew it, she was aware of some of it, and it was her fault that everything happened.  I think she was too busy with pay-and-play.  It takes a lot of time to set up those —

RUSH:  I don’t think that’s it at all.  I think what happened in Benghazi is far worse than that.  I don’t think that she was occupied doing it.  They knew what was going on.  They actively decided to ignore what was going on and try to capitalize on it politically rather than have it hurt them politically.  So they had to totally change the story, the narrative about it.  It became this poor slob that made a video that caused everything.  But it is even worse than that, as far as Benghazi.  Anyway, appreciate the call, Marie.  We’ll be back and continue.  I’ll expand on this when we get back.


RUSH:  Okay, look, just a couple of things here, back to Comey.  Comey lays out the case, then he recommends no indictment because he says no reasonable prosecutor would indict.  Well, that’s where people, “Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, why’d you lay it out, then?”

What he could have done is lay it out as he did and then say, “We are recommending that charges be pursued,” knowing full well they would not have been pursued.  That would have been put Loretta Lynch on the spot.  Comey didn’t want to put her on the spot.  That’s not where he wanted to end up in all this.  If the decision to indict were his, I think he would have made it.  But at some point self-preservation enters the scene and his perception of reality being, “Look, there isn’t anybody else here that’s gonna take out the Democrat nominee using the legal system, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be the guy that does it.  I don’t want to be the one guy in the history books known for this.” He didn’t want to go there.

So I think he rolls the dice.  And he tries to do two things at the same time:  list everything that he thinks that she did that is bad, wrong, all the lies, all the violations, and then, “But we’re not recommending” ’cause he knew there wasn’t gonna be an indictment.  So he stays on the good side of the DOJ and Lynch and Obama, by the way, while documenting the case.  He could have recommended an indictment, and fireworks would have — ’cause there would not have been an indictment, and that would have turned the focus on Lynch and the DOJ and kept the focus on Comey.  “Why did you do this?  Why did you do it?  No FBI director ever does this publicly.”  And that would have been true.

So they would accuse him of partisan political behavior and supposedly nonpartisan FBI director.  There was no other way this was gonna go.  And I think he did as much as he could to facilitate those who wanted to make a case against her politically by documenting the case.  That never happens, folks.  If the FBI investigates and finds nothing prosecutable, we never hear it.  They gave the results the indication to the assistant prosecutor over at the U.S. attorney’s office or the US attorney him- or herself, and it’s done.  And we never hear about.

The only time we hear of this is if the decision is made to indict, to charge.  Then we have the details of the investigation leaked out.  Prosecutors are really, really good at that by trying to factor jury decisions in advance and influencing juries and the public impression of the person to be accused or indicted.  But in this case that he wasn’t gonna happen.  So Comey did as much as he could.  A lot of people still have a problem with it.  Principle is principle; no matter what happens to you, you do the right thing, and that’s the reputation or kind of guy he supposedly was.

Now, on Benghazi, I don’t think that this is a mystery.  The Democrats, the Obama administration, I don’t think was prepared at all for what happened.  And, as such, they had no contingency.  And when it did happen, their instincts are one thing:  self-preservation, political self-preservation.  And that’s what they got in gear to secure their political self-preservation.

It wasn’t that Hillary was too busy selling access and all of that.  In fact, it may even be worse than I think, because if you go to Cairo the same day where our embassy is, don’t forget, we issued an apology before anything had happened.  And it turns out that we had intel that there was going to potentially be a terror attack in Benghazi or on the embassy in Cairo.  The decision had to have been made at some point that if that happened, we were not going to react to it because Obama’s election was coming up in eight weeks, and there wasn’t gonna be anything that made it look like we were reentering a new war.

Not after these people made their bones opposing Iraq.  They got elected lying about Iraq. They got elected and stayed in power, and their personal approval numbers stayed high by continuing to lie about Iraq.  The last thing they were gonna permit to happen was a war breakout anywhere in the Middle East, but much less Libya, which at that point was a Hillary Clinton success story.  Her policy of gotten rid of Khadafy, don’t forget.  That was the story they were running with.

Now, to have everything go to hell over here, that just wouldn’t do.  They just weren’t gonna permit that.  And there was some other mission going on. There’s a reason Stevens, the ambassador, was sent over there during this time frame that had nothing to do with diplomacy and Libya.  I’m convinced it had to do with whatever our policy and strategery in Syria, of all places, is.  So when it blows up they scuttle around. They had a list of potential explanations ready to go. And there it was, Nakoula al-Nakoula, this pathetic little filmmaker that nobody had ever heard of became the villain.

In fact, there’s a story about this guy in the news today about how he’s homeless and wandering aimless and doesn’t know who he is anymore.  He was arrested. He was imprisoned. He’s been destroyed by this administration after having used him as the fall guy for what all happened in Benghazi.  They didn’t do anything about it because they put their own political futures ahead of security for people on the ground in Benghazi.  It’s no more complicated than that.  And then when it all went to hell they had to hustle, get in gear, and construct a story that blamed everybody but them.  They knew they would have media support and they were able to pull this off for enough time so there was no damage to them in the 2012 election.

The thing that you need to know about Benghazi is, Hillary, Obama, whoever, they didn’t care enough to even allow defensive forces or retaliatory forces to be sent to Benghazi.  They didn’t care enough.  Anything of the sort, any American involvement.  That’s why if you’ve seen the movie 13 Hours they make a big deal of the fact that there were many requests for help during the entire ordeal and at no time was it coming because it was made clear that the administration, United States, State Department, did not want to do anything to make it look like a war had broken out.

They wanted to do everything they could to make it look like this was a random terror attack taking place on the anniversary of 9/11 that was nothing more than that.  And they couldn’t do that if they fired back.  If they sent additional forces, if they sent helicopters, if they did flyovers, if they dropped a few bombs, that would be retaliating, that’s escalating.  They weren’t gonna go there no matter what because they had made their bones stopping that kind of stupidity, as in Iraq.

Now, one other point that she made — and it’s fascinating — depending on who you talk to, if you talk to young people, obviously their attitudes on where our culture is from where it has come and how far it’s descended is gonna differ from somebody who is her age.  And she’s been listening to the program since I was in Sacramento in 1984.  That’d be pre-Rio Linda days.  Even in 1984 I had not heard of Rio Linda for six months ’til I did a drive-around out there, and I saw the place and said, “Whoa.”  But that’s another story.

A great example of what she’s talking about, she’s talking about people lie, there’s no consequence, there seems to be no respect for the rule of law. Somebody her age, it’s abundantly clear that we have deteriorated greatly.

Yesterday there was another congressional hearing over Hillary’s emails, and it was run by Jason Chaffetz, and a bunch of Hillary support people — actual tech people — refused to testify!  One of them didn’t even show up after having been subpoenaed.  He just blew them off.  That does not happen.  Nobody, NOBODY tells a House committee, a Senate committee, after they’ve been subpoenaed –nobody tells a judge, nobody tells a court — “(Raspberry) you,” and live to tell about it without being cited in contempt, for contempt or what have you.

These people were taking the fifth. These people were not answering any questions.  They did tell some falsehoods and some lies, and one guy just refused to even answer the subpoena.  It got so bad that Jason Chaffetz even served a subpoena during the hearing itself yesterday! Now, since the media is aligned with the Democrats, that is a nonstory.  In fact, the coverage of that story is (clapping) almost applause for the people who thumbed their nose at the Chaffetz committee.  It’s a striking example.

You don’t have to go back very many years where you could say without a shadow of a doubt, “That just wouldn’t happen,” and if it had, there would have been universal condemnation for whoever had refused the subpoena, who did not show up, or for people who were taking the fifth or behaving the way these people were.  They were… I don’t know if you’d call it being disrespectful or whatever, but it’s a marked deterioration.

There is a steady decline in respect for a whole host of institutions and traditions that people used to rely on that kept everything together.  Rule of law. Things that were the glue that kept the culture and the society together and going forward.  Everybody now… Not everybody. So many people now just spit on it or ignore it or what have you, because nothing that anybody does ends up shaming anybody anymore.  Celebrity is such that the more outrageous you are, the more attention you get, which means the more interest people will have of you.

There are exceptions to that, of course.

If you happen to be a Republican, you can be shamed; the media will take care of it.  But I mean in general, there is a great deterioration.  But to a young person who doesn’t know of these great traditions and has no knowledge and haven’t been taught — they certainly didn’t live through any of it — nothing’s that odd.  In fact, it’s just par for the course.  Somebody tells you to do something you don’t want to do, “Screw you!  I have my rights!  You can’t make me show up if I don’t want to.  Who do you think you are?”

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